Eintracht Frankfurt reached the quarter-finals


As outsiders started the last German hope in the race: Eintracht Frankfurt football-Europe mixed. After a
strong game in Milan there are only two hurdles to the final of the Europa League.

Inter Milan – Eintracht Frankfurt 0:1 (0:1)

(First leg: 0:0)


DFB-Cup winners Eintracht Frankfurt reached the quarter-finals of the football League in Europe. The hessians were victorious on Thursday at Inter Milan 1:0 (1:0) and after the goalless first leg for the first time since 1995, again in the round of
Eight of the international competition. In front of around 50 000 spectators striker Luka Jovic (6 provided. Minute) after the goalless first leg for the decision. The Team of Milan suspended Coach Adi Hütter is the Champions League of Champions FC Bayern Munich for the last German representative in the European Cup. The draw for the quarter-final games (11. and 18. April) will take place this Friday in Nyon.

Game missed? Then again all the highlights of the match Frankfurt at Inter Milan, to Read in the live Ticker.



The final WHISTLE

90. Minute, + 4: And now, you can probably be sure of: Eintracht Frankfurt reached the next round. Because: A SGE-counter is only stopped by a Foul and that brings me a lot of time for Eintracht Frankfurt.

90. Minute + 2: Yellow card for gonçalo Paciencia (Eintracht Frankfurt).

90. Minute + 1: again, forgive Frankfurt a einhuntert % counter chance.

90. Minute + 1: There will be six minutes of added time displayed. The appears but then a minute or two too long.

89. Minute: exchange Eintracht Frankfurt: Goncalo Paciencia coming in for Sebastian Rode

88. Minute: Hasebe lies on the ground after a striker foul of Inter Milan. The brings time, but the Japanese has done really hurt.

86. Min: Sebastian Rode, perhaps the best man on the field, binds to a Milanese attack.

Danilo DAmbrosio (I) and Luka Jovic (r) in the fight

84. Minute: It will remain the home team, only eight minutes (including stoppage time) to the game.

83. Minute: So slowly but surely seems to be the residual optimism of the inter players and the Inter Fans to wane.

81. Minute: A free kick on the Frankfurt lands in the arms of the Inter Keeper.

80. Minute: exchange Inter-Milan: Davide Merola for Matteo Politano.

80. Minute: for the First time in many minutes can the Eintracht now the Ball longer and the Ball in their own ranks. This brings valuable time and the player can finally huffing and puffing a bit again.

78. Minute: We don’t want to jinx it, but if the Frankfurt more so negligently, with the best opportunities work around, then can so quickly take revenge. So Inter can hope for more.

75. Minute: corner kick for Inter – can be clarified. Here is yet decided anything for a long time – a quarter-hour, Milan still has time to turn the game.

73. Minute: Also Inter-changes. It is a 16-Year-old! Esposito, the young man’s name. It is his debut as a professional. Valero is from the field.

73. Minute: exchange Eintracht Frankfurt’s Marc Stendera comes on for Jetro Willems

70. Minute: It is a blow – well, perhaps the best Chance for Inter. Skriniar draws for Inter from the penalty area edge, Hasebe the ball from the fakes, almost hard, but the Ball skims just wide of the left post.

68. Minute: a completion of the Frankfurter – but again the Ball into the goal – now is the almost negligently, like Frankfurt, with good options and deals.

66. Min: Milan have to risk more and risk more and more. Thus, Frankfurt comes to a lot of good chances, but ran all of them so far, into the void. Hopefully this doesn’t take revenge later.

63. Min: Sebastian Rode under the binds with a Foul in a promising attack of Inter – and conceded a deserved yellow card.

62. Minute: exchange of Inter Milan Andrea Ranocchia comes on for Cedric

61. Minute: Half An hour still to play. Reminder: Milan still need TWO goals for more to come. The is in football, especially in their own stadium – but in the area of Mach.

59. Minute: exchange Eintracht Frankfurt: Jonathan de Guzman comes on for Mijat Gacinovic.

58. Minute: Haller sees the yellow card. The warning comes after a over hard getting perfectly in order

57. Minute: Now is a good degree of Inter -. The shot misses, but the edge of the box on the Frankfurt.

55. Minute: class counter of the harmony – it also comes to the shoots, but the goalkeeper is on the hat.

52. Minute: inter’s Valero received a yellow card, because he Jovic of the legs.

50. Min: Da Costa comes after a air duel, unhappy and needs to outside to be treated.

49. Minute: And the harmony plays exactly as it in half of one. Boldly to the front! And promt, there is a possibility: Gacinovic is on the right of the penalty area and then thinking over in the mid-to Jovic. The disturbed at graduation. The resulting corner brings nothing.

47. Minute: On both sides there is no exchange.

46. Minute: 45 minutes Eintracht Frankfurt, then would be the harmony in the Europa League quarter-finals.

Kick-off 2. Mid-term

Eintracht Frankfurt leads to a highly deserved 1:0 with Inter Milan, and this establishes that There will be no extension – and Inter now needs at least two goals. Super how self-aware the harmony occurs here. Much better, you can play a first half at Inter Milan. The only thing that must Frankfurt be accused of is that it is after so many good options, only 1:0.


45. Minute: Still time, watch out Frankfurt! Dangerous free-kick from Inter -, but Eintracht can hit the Ball out.

45. Minute: a Short review: nearly three years Ago, played Frankfurt in the Relegation against relegation from the Bundesliga. And now? You stand with one leg in the Europa League quarter-finals.

43. Minute: Unbelievable how self-aware the harmony here occurs. Much better, you can’t play a first half with Inter Milan, actually. The only thing that must Frankfurt be accused of is that it is “only” 1:0.

39. Minute: a great Chance for 2:0 for Frankfurt. Gacinovic goes through and is then invalidated and a half left in the penalty, apparently, something. From a short distance it closes too weak. The margin of Haller is prevented just by the goalkeeper.

37. Minute: The team pressed very early, and makes inter-building game extremely difficult.

34. Minute: On the lawn, it is now a little quieter in the stands, on the other hand, it is insanely loud, and exclusively by the Eintracht Fans. Just super in the mood!

Frankfurt’s Fans cheer after the goal from Luka Jovic to 1:0.

30. Minute: Milan twice in quick succession to a corner – but both nothing to contribute. Anyway – it is for the first time, a kind of pressure phase of the house of lords. But the is not yet.

27. Minute: After a super attack wriggles the Ball in the Inter-network. The goal does not count, but, quite rightly, for Offside.

24. Minute: A shot-attempt of the Inter-player Candreva goes miles over the goal from the Eintracht Fans mocking Laughter to be heard.

21. Minute: After such actions are already players of the field has been referred: inter’s D’ambrosio holds against Frankfurt, Gacinovic the foot of it. Only on the Ball, but then on the Frankfurter. The Serb may initially play more – D’ambrosio gets “only” a yellow card.

18. Minute: It is for the first time, a little hectic on the lawn, in the end, but all as sweet as can be. What had happened? Candreva with a slight push against the Rode, which then falls. Referee Hategan admonished both of them. Right Decision.

15. Minute: After a quarter of an hour we can say: The Concord is the clear better Team, had two really good chances, and one of them is ice-cold. Frankfurt plays as if it were a home game.

12. Minute: Clever out-played corner for the Eintracht. Which is not to scoring chances, but a second corner, and thus valuable time.

10. Minute: This is fixed: It is now no extension – and Inter now needs at least two goals.

The 1:0 for Eintracht Frankfurt after a strong line of Jovic

7. Minute: And, in the case of the gate helps a Inter player neatly with: Central defender De Vrij heads the ball back towards his goalkeeper, and then Jovic just completely overrun. The attacker then makes it really strong and überlupft Handanovic. Super Hit!

6. Minute: ⚽ GOAL for EINTRACHT FRANKFURT by a wonder goal from LUKA JOVIC.

4. Min: What a start to the Bundesliga. The had the 1:0 for Frankfurt can be – perhaps even must.

3. Minute: The first big opportunity for the Concord. Haller brings the Ball to the cross bar.

1. Minute: The Ball rolls and the Eintracht Fans are right at the beginning for a creepy mood.


20:58 PM: The obligatory high fives, the player means It is done.

20:57 PM: Definitely a clear disadvantage for Frankfurt, is the fact that the coach of the Eintracht not active during the game. Adi Hütter is locked after his tribune reference in the first leg, despite the objection of the Association. He is represented by Christian Peintinger.

At 20:55: The opportunities after the 0:0 in the first leg? We say it like this: The Positive is: A hit of Concord today, and Inter must win.

At 20:50: For the matriculation examination at the San Siro announced world Cup participants Trapp: “We show every Time that we are not here for nothing.” The Eintracht had made it clear since the start of the season, to the Europa League completely seriously and never double strain sued.

At 20:45: “It makes us proud that we are still in the international business are represented. We’ve earned it,” said goalkeeper Kevin Trapp. The chances are after a 0:0 in the first leg, badly. At the time of the press conference in Milan, Trapp was on a Bavaria, but after the Total elimination of the Bundesliga, in the German-English weeks, all the rest are resting hopes on the German Cup winner.

At seven positions Spalletti has changed his Team. In addition to the with the club divided Mauro Icardi, among other things, the banned best scorer Lautaro Martinez is not here today.

A glance at the list of Eintracht Frankfurt shows: The hope to use in the important Europa League game at Inter Milan and has smashed Eintracht Frankfurt’s captain, David Abraham. The 32-Year-old was with traveled to Milan and was completed on Wednesday evening, an individual entity, is not now, but in the squad. Abraham, who was last at the end of January against Werder Bremen, has struggled with calf problems. The three chain form is now the least-played Evan Ndicka, Makoto Hasebe and Martin Hinteregger. In the midfield, Jetro Willems replaced on the evening of the blocked Swiss Gelson Fernandes.

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