The year balance sheet: profit at Renault plummeted


The French car maker has earned under his now retired head of the group, Ghosn last significantly less. The disappointing for several reasons.

The operating result for the Renault group fell by 2018, up nearly 22 percent to 2.99 billion euros. The car manufacturer in Boulogne informed-Billancourt. As reasons, among other things, the withdrawal from Iran were mentioned, the economic crisis in Argentina and exchange rate pressures. In addition, provisions would be knocked out for a program for the voluntary retirement of older staff in France-to book.

For 2019, the group is anything other than confident and a lower profit target. As the operating margin of Renault for the coming year, now a brand of around six percent. In the past year, it had reached 6.3 percent.

Former group chief in custody

Renault is currently experiencing turbulent times. The previous CEO Carlos Ghosn was entered at the end of January, his responsibilities were divided between then. Jean-Dominique Senard took over the presidential post. Ghosns previous Vice-Thierry Bolloré as a Director-General responsible for the operational business.

Ghosn was taken around three months in Tokyo, together with his previous right Hand to Greg Kelly for violation of stock Exchange rules and the accused. In addition, he should have private investment losses on the Japanese Renault Partner Nissan transfer. Ghosn said in court that he was innocent.

dpa/afp (djo/rb)