Controversial middle East conference in Warsaw


The U.S. is looking for allies in Eastern Europe and have been invited to Poland to a conference on the middle East to Warsaw. In the run-up to exile-Iranians demonstrated against the Regime in Tehran. From Warsaw, Monika Sieradzka.

US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo spoke to the poles from the soul, as he said, that the Americans have held for a long time in the Region, and that the Russians had filled the resulting “vacuum”.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, Pompeo has promised in front of the press and before the in Poland, stationing U.S. soldiers in the country, one of the biggest allies of the USA in Europe, of a growing danger on the part of Russia is spoken and the increased cooperation with Poland. This meets perfectly the political mood in Poland. For several years Warsaw sought to reinforce the U.S. military presence on the Eastern flank and aims for closer political cooperation with the United States.

The middle East without Iran

This is also the reason why Poland is now organized the middle East conference proposed by the United States. The “Ministerial meeting for the promotion of a future of peace and security in the Middle East”, invited 70 countries. It is especially Eastern European countries are sending their foreign Ministers. Germany is represented by the Minister of state at the Federal foreign office Niels Annen. Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu not to come, Russia and Iran was not invited.

Shaking hands for the press, I: Oman’s foreign Minister Yusuf bin Alawi, and Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (r)

According to Poland’s foreign Minister Jacek Czaputowicz, the conference in Iran. On the official Agenda, issues such as containment of the rocket armor, the cyber security and the fight against terrorism. But Iran’s Ambassador in Warsaw, said that Poland “will bear the consequences” if the conference participants should try, to Iran “pressure”.

Demonstrations against the conference

That you do not “want to discuss about a country on its head,” in Poland, both the left and far-right nationalist groups agree. Robert Winnicki, the Deputy of the party of national movement, was received in the run-up to the Warsaw conference by the Iranian Ambassador in Warsaw, and criticized the Polish government to organize a “of America forced conference”.

The left movement “stop the war” demonstrated in front of the Warsaw castle, as guests from around the world gathered on Wednesday for dinner. “We are against the subjugation, which shows Poland to the United States. We used to have Soviet missiles on our territory, why do we have to now American missiles to endure? We don’t want that Poland is constantly on the Front lines”, shouted the protesters.

Demonstrations against Tehran

In front of the national stadium in Warsaw, where the conference begins on Thursday, gathered hundreds of exiled Iranians to protest against the government in Tehran. The Transparent is directed against the “Iranian interventions in the Region”. The organizers of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), headquartered in Paris, have ensured the presence of Iranians in exile in various European countries. The organization sees itself as the true representative of the Iranian people, and calls for a change of power in Tehran.

Shah Reza Pahlavi led Iran with an iron Hand, and the blessing of the United States – his son is the Idol of these protesters

“The international community should have an understanding that we are against the Regime in Iran and a democratic government with respect for human rights want to have,” said Shahin Gobadi, head of the International Committee of the NCRI, the DW. The Iranian Opposition was in favour of an exit of Iran from the nuclear program. Iran to the conference was not invited, not looks Shahin Gobadi as problematic. “Iran is the source of all problems in the Region. Tehran needs to understand it at last.”

Trumps lawyer in Warsaw

As a prominent guest is encountered in the Demo Rudi Giuliani. “There is no better place to talk about the freedom than Warsaw,” said the Ex-mayor of New York, for some time attorney for the U.S. President Donald Trump. He was alluding to the many years of “oppression” of Poland by Russia.

For him, it is clear why Iran has not been invited to Warsaw. “He would make a great spectacle of lies. For 39 years, they are lying. Lie about US Americans that you’ve killed, on the financing of terrorism, about the enrichment of uranium,” said Giuliani of the DW. Of the Federal government, which will be represented in Warsaw, expect it “support of a free and democratic Iran”. Every country, including Germany, is now in the Clear, that Iran was the number One the financing of Terrorism and that one should do with such a country “no shops”. Giuliani stressed that he had no political role and as a private person outside.

Military strengthening of the Eastern flank

Even if many high-level European politicians, including the EU representative for Foreign Affairs and security policy Federica Mogherini, the invitation is not followed, after Warsaw, has entered the Polish government, the conference in advance as a success, because it sees the TRANS-Atlantic ties strengthened.

Shaking hands for the press II: US Vice-President Mike Pence and the President of Poland, Andrzej Duda (r)

Warsaw sees Washington as the guarantor of security in the Region. Poland’s government is proud of the directly in front of the conference has signed a purchase contract for the supply of 20 US-rocket launchers of the type HIMARS. They are supplied according to the Warsaw Ministry of defence with ammunition to 2023 successively to Poland. US Vice-President Mike Pence insured when the contract is concluded in Warsaw in the presence of Polish and American soldiers, the U.S. would “stand in the Poland side”.

According to Poland’s defense Minister Mariusz Blaszczak, the weapons deal to the value of 414 million US dollars, is an important step in the modernisation of the Polish army, what the country is doing also safer. Since the Ukraine crisis, Poland is worried about his safety. To deter Russia, the United States route since the 2014 units in the rotation there. NATO has also strengthened the deployment of troops in the four countries of its presence on the Eastern flank of the military Alliance.