In London to move something


EU negotiators Michel Barnier will meet again with Brexit-Minister Stephen Barclay. It’s more about avoiding a hard limit in Ireland. Which solution would be for the EU and the house of Commons acceptable?

Jean-Claude Juncker and the EU-a Brexit-dealer Michel Barnier said: no fatigue show

The Brexit negotiations, turning in circles. And although everything has already been said many times, of all, should EU-negotiator, Michel Barnier, no fatigue. It is not just about avoiding an impending hard Leaving without an agreement, but also to the future of blame. The Black Peter and the game is on the British side, already in full swing. And both sides insist on their red lines, what makes a way out of the cul-de-SAC next to impossible to appear.

Hardly any time for agreement

“The time remaining is very short”, there are only 46 days until the Brexit, says Michel Barnier said prior to his Meeting with Stephen Barclay. “The clock is ticking”, was already in the previous year, his favorite phrase, because the British side had a lot of time. Meanwhile, the room for manoeuvre is really hard to make even basic Changes. And: “Theresa May wants no extension,” explains the Frenchman.

With completely empty hands, the Prime Minister was driven in the past week after their Visit to the EU leaders Jean-Claude Juncker and Donald Tusk back home. Their only announcement was that The exit agreement is not brought up. Although the British Parliament had voted previously with a majority to cancel the so-called Backstop for the Irish border it and replace it with “alternative solutions”, but Brussels said quite clearly “no”.

Also no support for May: Arlene Foster from the Northern Irish DUP comes

Also in Northern Ireland, and in the case of your colleague Leo Varadkar in Dublin, May had no luck. Nowhere is the willingness to give in to, or the glimmer of an idea, such as the reinsurance could be replaced against the Emergence of a hard limit on the island of Ireland. The hope for new technologies, border surveillance by drones and number plate recognition, the EU considers to be an Illusion.

However, the third Brexit-British government Ministers have to try with Michel Barnier once more be in luck. Stephen Barclay is an advocate of a hard line: One must threaten the EU, only convincing enough with a Brexit, without agreement, then you will give in. The Brexit Poker goes on and who has first lost winks.

But that is exactly what the EU is, as Long as the house of no clear majority in favour of the opt-out agreement is apparent, apply more concessions than useless. Brussels is waiting until the last Moment, up in London, finally, but a feeling of panic.

The government has changed its mind

Again and again, the EU stress-negotiator, the now so hated by the Irish Backstop was actually been one of the Europeans come on the basis of British claims. The scheme provides that the entire Kingdom after the expiry of the transitional period, first of all, in a kind of customs Union, in order to avoid a hard limit on the island of Ireland.

The citizens and parties in the UK are divided in terms of Brexit deep

“The Backstop was not our idea of the future,” stresses Michel Barnier once more. The British had him so wanted, and now your opinion changed. More precisely, the devastating defeat of Theresa Mays had said in the house of Commons, where a third of their own party had voted against the opt-out agreement, the situation changed. Since then, it sits in the cul-de-SAC.

He had read with interest the proposal of the leader of the opposition Jeremy Corbyn, says Barnier. He offers to support Jan at the Brexit, if you would switch to a permanent customs Union and future close ties to the EU. So the Irish Problem could of course be the easiest to solve. But May gave the Labour party leader, in the meantime, a cancellation, if you also promises more talks with the Opposition and other compromises.

Strategy games in London

Already on Tuesday, the Prime Minister wants to inform the Parliament about the state of the negotiations. It does, however, tell nothing New. And on Thursday then want to debate the deputies returned to the house of Commons and the new Amendments.

Meanwhile, opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn and the Prime Minister Theresa May perhaps seek a cross-party solution

By the end of the month, the Parliament Theresa May, well most of the time, to wrest from the EU concessions. This does not work, the Deputy is likely to vote on the ripcord. This could prohibit the lower house of the government a hard Brexit without agreement, an extension to impose or at the end of a second Referendum request.

Until then, both party leaders will do everything in order to preserve the political strategy game the Brexit your Position. Theresa May needs to prevent the Hardliner split in the conservative party and other Cabinet members to run. And Jeremy Corbyn is facing a similar Dilemma. He supports may’s Brexit against the majority of its members, would fly apart the Labour Party. In Brussels, it is stated only in a succinct way: It was the British that wanted the Brexit, now you need to provide a solution.