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Saudi Arabia has appointed his Ambassador to Germany. Prince Faisal bin Farhan, most recently as a Diplomat in Washington, is not yet accredited. But now there is a dispute about his Person.

In Germany can be heard on official channels, but on Twitter, the of king Salman appointed new Saudi welcomes cal Ambassador in Germany, Prince Faisal bin Farhan, already friendly. “Our sincere congratulations to the nominated new Ambassador to Germany, Prince Faisal bin Farhan”, tweeted in Arabic Jörg Ranau, German Ambassador in Saudi Arabia, on the official Account of the mission abroad.

Prince Faisal bin Farhan, born in Germany, thanked him kindly, and in good English.

Experience in business and diplomacy

Prior to his diplomatic career primarily in the aviation and weapons sector was Faisal in leading positions of Saudi and international companies, he is today a member of the Board of Directors of the armor group, the SAMI. Most recently, he acted as a consultant in the environment of Saudi king Salman reign. Then he stood up to the Saudi Ambassador in the United States.

While the Saudi Embassy and the Foreign office were officially to change to the message, it seems that the change at the top of the diplomatic representation to be already a done deal.

Diplomatic Tensions

Now, apparently, upcoming changes a few hectic months were gone ahead of. In November 2017, Saudi Arabia had withdrawn its then-Ambassador, Prince Khalid bin Bandar bin Sultan,. The UK protested against a Statement by the then foreign Minister, Sigmar Gabriel. Two weeks earlier, the Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri, had declared in a Saudi-financed Arabic channel his resignation from the office of the Lebanese Prime Minister.

Observers suspected that Hariri, who also has the Saudi nationality, was forced by the Saudis to the Declaration of withdrawal and in Riyadh has been determined. Then Gabriel had declared, in the direction of Saudi Arabia, together, must come from Europe the Signal, “that we, the adventurism, what has been done in the last few months there wide, are not ready, simply speechless”.

Diplomatic tensions eased: foreign Minister Heiko Maas and his Saudi Arabian counterpart, Abdel bin Ahmed Al-Jubeir, New York, September 2018

Change the message tip

After a nearly year-long diplomatic crisis of the Riad had sent its Ambassador back to Berlin. Now this gives his Post again. In its place, it seems, will come in a few days, Prince Faisal.


Many Saudi Twitter users Prince Faisal’s move from Washington to Berlin was welcomed.



Also, the Saudi writer and Journalist Hani Naqshbandi sees the appointment of Prince Faisal’s positive. “The importance of the new Ambassador is great. But more important are the common interests of the two countries. You will be helping to bridge the recent conflict,” says Naqshbandi in the DW-Interview. In addition, the Saudi leadership would implement the Reform-Vision 2030. Also, you’ll want to the differences between the countries to resolve.

In Germany live dissidents

Very worried about living in Saudi dissidents, on the other hand in Germany. The critics of the regime, Prince Khalid bin Farhan al-Saud, a remote, under police protection of a Relative of the future Ambassador, fear, the fresh sent a Diplomat could also put representatives of the Opposition under pressure. He does not exclude that Prince Faisal bin Farhan had been sent to Germany to track the Opposition. “I feel myself to be followed,” said Prince Khalid in the DW-Interview. Also, the intimate relationship of the new Ambassador to the new strong man of the country, crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman, who is suspected of a role in the assassination of the Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi ready for him to have last October, played in Istanbul.

Ali Aldubisi, Director of the Berlin-based “European Saudi organization for Human Rights ESOHR”, shares the Concerns: “One of the tasks of the Saudi Embassy in Germany is to have the Opposition and to weaken you. The Saudi government has the Opposition in the world,” Adubisi in the DW-interview. “That’s why the German government should take care of who is here.”

Multiple requests from the DW to the Statements of the dissidents left the Saudi Embassy went unanswered.

Voices from the Bundestag

What do the messages? For the Bundestag members Ulrich Lamp (FDP), member of the foreign Affairs Committee, the answer is obvious. It was one thing when the embassies to collect information on the civil society in the host country. This would include the activities of their compatriots. “But it must be clear that we do not tolerate Salii, disappearances of dissidents, or worse Urge,” said Lamp of the DW. “All the people in Germany are under our protection, the protection of the basic law and our liberal democracy.”

On the call of the Kingdom: the murder of the Saudi journalists Gamal Khashoggi, here’s a portrait during a rally in Istanbul, November 2018

Extremely critical of the deputies of the party sees The Left, Sevim Dagdelen, the appointment. “The change in the Saudi Embassy in Berlin Worst fear,” said the opposition politician of the DW. With Prince Faisal bin Farhan – Dagdelen literally – come “not only a Confidant of the Khashoggi-murder client’s crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman” to Germany. As a member of the Board of “from the düsseldorf-based Rheinmetall group with built-in” Saudi arms holding SAMI Prince Faisal will have “all” the task is to pave the way for more arms deals. Dagdelen talks of a “head-to-dictatorship” in Saudi Arabia, in the face of those also living in Germany in opposition to your safety need to be afraid of.

About the lack of interest of the Person and the nature of its administration, Prince will not be able to complain of Faisal. This is already kindled, even before he took office.

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In the wrong hands – Yemen and the arms trade

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In the wrong hands – Yemen and the arms trade