Brexit and the Highway to Hell


Theresa May is a world champion in Procrastination, Brexit on the Highway to Hell, evacuated, and rescue the Queen, if a goose for Christmas votes, and how the British are again heroes.

“Now we must all keep calm, in order to get the Changes to the Parliament”, – stated the Prime Minister on Tuesday in the lower house. In the end you will force the EU to Relent. Theresa May calls on the team to their Titanic even more unbearable. When the captain and his Sailors stare at the iceberg long enough, he will Dodge, guaranteed.

45 days prior to the Brexit-date is definitely a good tactic. Theresa May is, in fact, win on its way to a gold medal in the “advanced prokrasti kidney” and postpones a decision. Really in urgent need of Brexit is, after all, only a few days in advance and until then there is still time.

“Somewhere must be yielded to”, had EU negotiators Michel Barnier said on Monday. But the Prime Minister, he has to be expected since, for the time being.

Theresa May was able to pull a rabbit out of your hat, the way conjured up, but the reinsurance of the Irish border

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If nothing else, is still magical Thinking. After Theresa May had lost in January, their first vote on the withdrawal agreement so dramatic, she had to be creative, to draw the deputies to their side. And so they landed directly in the current cul-de-SAC. Because she had a magic Hat, but no rabbit.

What May suggested, namely, was an imaginary Brexit Deal. Would votes the members are ready for an agreement, which would contain no reinsurance for the Irish border? Would you say Yes, when the notorious “Backstop” would be replaced by magic, to disappear, and by “alternative measures”?

The Best part is, of course, that under “alternative measures” anyone can introduce something different. It was a great strategy, and the Prime Minister have won their vote. Quite inspired, she promised to go immediately to Brussels and to ask for the promised Change. Nothing could be easier.

The hard rockers of AC/DC and Highway to Hell

Brexiteers on the Highway to Hell

In the European capital, the President of the European Council poisoned the diplomatic water. Which part of hell would be provided for Brexiteers wanted to leave without a Plan, the EU, mused Donald Tusk in front of the press.

In the case of the British, the hell broke loose and Tory politicians are indignant about the outrageous insult. It is for the Polish Catholics as Tusk is not so unusual, and about heaven and hell thinking. Maybe he had read before falling Asleep, Yes Dante and was pushed to the circle of Hell of the eternal ice, which is provided for “traitors of the Fatherland”.

Anyway, the cool tone was set for the Meeting with Theresa May. The two EU leaders in the Commission and the Council found only one word: “no.” No, the opt-out agreement will not be more broken up. No, the Irish Backstop is not deleted. No, there is no unilateral exit mechanism. Where is this magical Thinking, if you need it urgently.

The Queen and her family should be brought in the case of unrest due to the Brexit to a safe place

God save and evacuate – the Queen

When Leaving, you must prepare yourself for everything. That’s why you responded in the Royal household, but also nervous at the message, it could be due to scarcity of food and medicines to the EU exit to the turmoil. Riots on the streets of London, but would bring the Queen in danger. History shows that angry crowds tend to storm palaces.

The court officials were awarded, therefore, the old evacuation plans, which were still from the cold war. You’d have to modernize just to bring in case of doubt, the Queen to a safe place outside of the British capital.

Only the question of the means of transport. The original plans had placed on the Royal Yacht, and a slow Trip to the Scottish Islands. Unfortunately, the “Britannia had been placed” in 1997, still. The special train of the Royals would be out of the question, because the traffic is already in good times, unreliable. And a convoy on the highway to the North, especially with Prince Philip at the controls, would be no solution. Only a pilot of the Royal air force remains, in order to protect Elizabeth II from the wrath of their citizens. Probably the limited hand means of Luggage, and not all of the crowns.

The Nissan plant in Sunderland, where 20016 voted in a strong majority for Brexit

If geese vote for Christmas

Sunderland, in the North of the country was one of the Brexit-inclined cities in the UK. 61 percent of citizens voted in 2016 for the withdrawal from the EU. Whatever the reasons, the people must have thought that they would endanger their Jobs.

Unfortunately, it came that way. Because the Japanese car manufacturer Nissan saw its UK branches always as a gateway to Europe. In the economically weak North-East but the group is the main regional employer. Now, the company pulled the ripcord. Differently than planned, Nissan will manufacture its new SUV model in Sunderland. The management of the company made it clear that, in addition to the Diesel crisis, the uncertainty due to the Brexit for this decision was the deciding factor.

The government in London was embarrassingly exposed. Because in the Parliament it was revealed that Theresa May, Nissan had promised £ 60 million in government aid, in order to protect the company from Brexit. The man had been holding back a secret, because in the case of the Tories, no one wanted to admit that the exit from the EU could have negative consequences for the British car industry.

Hard Brexiteers refuse to today to admit and blame Nissan now, to only fuel Fears. Unfortunately, it is stupid, if the economic reality of their own beliefs by crosses.

The experience shows that in the end mostly a bloodbath, when a goose for Christmas to decide. There seems to be a penchant for self-injury. Maybe I shouldn’t ask you such questions better.

The British defence Minister, dreams of more war ships on the world’s oceans, after the Brexit

Ferries to warships

“The Brexit has led us to a great Moment in our history,” was the enthusiastic Minister of defence, Gavin Williamson. He feels almost larger than life and wants to take now with the biggest guy in the schoolyard. The Minister, therefore, proposes to send a British warship to the South China sea, in order to show the Chinese where the Hammer hangs. They probably tremble in Beijing, but not from fear, but from Laughter.

At the same time, this light will increase in may’s Cabinet, the British “lethality”. Imagine how the Minister comes home and his wife whispers into your ear: “darling, today I feel so deadly…” Enough of it.

In addition, Williamson ferries wants to upgrade to frigates, so to speak, in a reverse process of the “swords to ploughshares”. You just have to screw a little armor on it and a couple of cannons on Deck mount – ready for a new war vessel, which may increase the lethality of the British Navy. Admiral Nelson must be turning in his grave, if these heroes of the Brexit report to word.