Paris goes against Airbnb


From the point of view of the Paris mayor, Anne Hidalgo, the agent for the apartment Airbnb offers 1000’s of illegal properties in the French capital. She pulls in front of the court and calls for a record fine.

“Illegal tourist accommodation, the rents increase, and the inhabitants of bother: It is enough!”, the Paris mayor tweeted on Sunday. “I have decided to move the sites to the responsibility,” says Anne Hidalgo. Airbnb risking a fine of 12.5 million euros. Airbnb rejects the allegations.

“European rules”

The Online housing intermediary is a regulated profession in Paris is strictly a private people who rent in the French capital, occasionally rooms or apartments through platforms such as Airbnb, need a registration number from the municipality. The maximum rental period is 120 days per year. Hidalgo accuses Airbnb now, 1000 non-registered apartments to his side. On each of the unregistered offer of a penalty payment in the amount of 12,500 Euro, which leads to the mayor’s projected total void according to law.

There had already been measures taken to ensure compliance with the rules in force in Paris to ensure, it was said of Airbnb. “However, we are of the opinion that the Paris of the provisions adopted, of which only one fifth of Paris is concerned, are ineffective and disproportionate, and against the European rules,” it said in a company statement.

Airbnb as an accomplice

“It is enough”: The Paris mayor, Anne Hidalgo asks Airbnb to Fund

Hidalgo said the newspaper “Le Journal Du Dimanche”: “I have nothing against Paris, the rent for your accommodations a few days in the year, to make ends meet.” The Problem owner, the rent for the whole year apartments for rent to tourists without registering it. Platforms such as Airbnb would be “accomplices”. Therefore, you now ask for a “record fine”. She warned against a development like in “Venice, or Barcelona, where the inhabitants turn against visitors.”

With reference to the housing shortage in Paris, the city hall has been trying longer, the rental over to regulate Online platforms. Already in April 2018, Paris was taken against Airbnb and the platform Wimdu legally. By summary proceedings, the city had not asked the two providers to publish Advertisements without registration number.

Airbnb sees itself in a number of cities around the globe increasingly strict rules suspended. In many places, the Portal must meet extensive requirements to be able to rooms, apartments and houses. Given the housing shortage in big cities, many state governments and cities in Germany have adopted similar provisions.

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