Jiri Pavlenka is Bremen’s anchor


Jiri Pavlenka has earned a permanent place in the goal from Werder Bremen. In the national team of the Czech Republic, he also wants to go to the train. The 26 needed-to-Year but more international experience – with the Hanseatic League?

This is the opening Game, missed completely. In the middle of the first half of the match Werder Bremen against FC Augsburg the Ball from Jiri Pavlenkas feet flew with a lot of side cut and directly to the sideline. The people in Bremen’s Weser stadium groaned, but neither, yet they let their horror in any other way. For one, your club against de FCA has already led 3:0, on the other, the Czech has earned in his one and a half years at the Weser such a large Standing that he may not allow a careless mistake.

Pavlenka is the undisputed number one in the Werder Team, and he is, the old goalkeeper-Tradition at Werder to continue. In the North-club continuity has a high priority – also in the Torleuten. Dieter Burdenkski, Oliver Reck, Frank Rost, Tim Wiese are all Keeper, made in the 120-year history of the club a name and is a high priority, and even legend status in the club have developed. Now Pavlenka is the best way then – if he remains to the people of Bremen still longer.

Strongly against Dortmund

Last summer, FC Barcelona should have thrown an eye on the 26-Year-old and wanted to sign him as a replacement for goalkeeper Marc-André ter Stegen. There’s no question that Would have Pavlenka accepted the offer of the Catalans, he would earn probably a lot more than in Bremen. However, he said last November: “I read that I should be for such a big club interesting. But I’m just concentrating on Werder Bremen, and am not interested in any headlines.”

Last Pavlenka had put in the DFB Cup game at Borussia Dortmund, again, clearly its significance for the Werder family. Two held shots in the penalty he helped shoot his Team to the quarter-finals. And despite the clear 4:0 victory Pavlenka had to show against the FC Augsburg on several occasions, in order to prevent a counter hit.

Lack of international experience

At the latest after this season Pavlenka, in Bremen a contract to 2021 is likely to be once again confronted with the question to see if he wants his success story to the Weser, or whether his journey is going somewhere at a top club in Europe. To Offered it is not likely to lack for Pavlenka anyway, even if its market value has increased in the meantime from 1.5 to 10 million euros. The Czech feels the stated well in Bremen, but is likely to depend on his decision-making much of it, whether Werder will be represented in the coming season in an international competition. Because international experience Pavlenka is still missing on his personal Agenda.

His big goal is to stand in the gate of the Czech national team as number one. Pavlenkas competitors Tomas Vaclik of FC Sevilla and Tomas Koubek from Stade Rennes. Pavlenkas international experience is limited so far to eight games and four games with Slavia Prague in the Europa League-qualification. In this area wants to and he needs to improve. Well, he has to a large extent even in the Hand, whether he is allowed to play in the coming season with Werder Bremen, international.