Hundreds of thousands protest in Rome


The protesters followed the call of the Italian trade unions, and have demonstrated for a more ambitious economic policy of the government. For the past four years, there have been no comparable Protest.

Under the Motto “A future for the work” demanded the demonstrators, massive public and private investments and ambitious reforms. It was the largest such rally in Italy for four years.

For the protests, the unions had organized twelve special trains and 1300 buses, ferries and cheap flights. In sunshine and in a relaxed atmosphere, the protesters marched through Italy’s capital. Also, company representatives and high-ranking members of the social-liberal Democratic party (PD) and the delegations of other left-wing parties took part in the protest rally.

Many unions had called for the Protest

The trade unions, the investment plans of the government of the populist Five-star movement and radical right-wing Lega Nord party are to be careful. In addition, the planned pension reform, you’re not far enough. In the basic monthly income for the poorest Italians, the workers ‘ representatives see an erosion of the struggle against poverty and unemployment.

“With one foot in the recession”

“The government needs to change direction, we stand already with one foot in recession,” said Annamaria Furlan, the Boss of Italy’s second-largest Union CISL. She thanked via Twitter the protesters for their use. It had been an “outstanding” Initiative.

Italy’s economy shrank in the fourth quarter of 2018 due to the decline in exports. This increases the already significant budgetary problems for the government.

Meanwhile, the heads of the Italian government coalition, announced a tag at the tips of the Central Bank and the CONSOB. The recent banking scandals had arisen, because the competent Authorities have not complied with their duty of supervision, said Matteo Salvini of the Lega in Vicenza. A spokeswoman for the Central Bank declined to comment.

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