Dortmund playful victory against Hoffenheim


What a game: The leader takes up a quarter of an hour before the end of the Game scores with three goals. However, the TSG does not give up and is rewarded for his fighting spirit with a point.

BVB – TSG 3:3 (2:0)



Without the injured captain Marco Reus and the diseased coach Lucien Favre, Borussia Dortmund lost in the Bundesliga in a 3:0 lead. The table leader led against TSG Hoffenheim already clear – but then lost completely orientation and had to give a 3:3 (2:0). Thus, the General rehearsal for the eighth-final first leg in the Champions League at Tottenham Hotspur on Wednesday (from 20:45 clock in the DW went wrong-live Ticker).

In the first passage strong Jadon Sancho (32.) and Mario Götze (42.) met already in front of the break for Borussia Dortmund, has been taken care of in Favre’s absence from the wizard Manfred Stefes and Edin Terzic. In the second half, Raphael Guerreiro (66.) to 3:0 to. Ishak Belfodil (75./87.) and Pavel Kaderabek (83.) compensated but for Hoffenheim, the great morality. The TSG prevented with a strong chase their first away broke since the 1:2 in Düsseldorf, Germany, last September.

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The final WHISTLE

90.+2 Minute EXCHANGE: Dortmund’s WOLF comes for Guerreiro. Dortmund pressed here. TSG brings the draw over time? Bicakcic has a cramp in your calf. Corner for Dortmund, but the goalkeeper Baumann down to pluck the Ball.

90.+2 Minute: violinist, loses the Ball, the BVB’s counters, but in the penalty area, the Ball is expired. It is hectic in injury time.

89. Minute – YELLOW CARD: hope home GEIGER is a Foul a yellow card. Free kick occurs in the Central area of Dortmund, the Guerreiro. But the TSG gets the Ball first. Again Foul, again from a free-kick. This time a long Ball, but the Ball can not utilize Alcacer.

87. Minute GOAL ⚽: there’s not. Compensation: BELFODIL threw himself head first into the relatively flat free-kick by Geiger.

84. Minute: Flat in gift of Dortmund in the penalty box. Joker Alcacer deflects the Ball with the tip of your foot towards the goal, but the Ball is deflected wide, corner.

83. Minute GOAL ⚽: There is the Anschlusstor. After a long pass from the left looks Hakimi obviously KADERABEK not, the powerful from a short distance einköpft. Impressive as the TSG fighting here again, despite the 0.3-residue.

82. Minute CHANGE: One of the scorers, Götze leaves the place. TOPRAK is allowed again for the last few minutes ran.

80. Minute: About Guerreio runs a good move for Dortmund, the Portuguese also concludes, but the Ball flies into the arms of goalkeeper Baumann. Alcácer complained that he should have him play earlier, before he was standing in an Offside position.

76. Minute GOAL ⚽: Now may also Hoffenheim once cheer. BELFODIL reduced to 1:3 from the point of view of the guests. Kaderabek with the gift. The Dortmund defense sleeping and Belfodil is out of five meters successfully. Shortly before Sancho had pressed on the other side of the Ball, while Baumann is over but then the post.

74. Minute: Long Ball to Nelson, of the pulls, but the Ball is deflected. Shortly after, goalkeeper Bürki prevented the first goal, he deflected a Header from Geiger about the goal. The next corner for the TSG, the next head to the ball, this time from Hübner – but the Ball clearly goes past the gate.

70. Minute CHANGE: What a Bank. In the case of Dortmund comes ALCACER for Phillip. And in the case of Hoffenheim replaced NELSON Bittencourt. Shortly thereafter, Sancho sets on the right and Alcacer in the scene that comes with the toe also in front of goalkeeper Baumann to the Ball, but can’t bring him in the gate.

66. Minute GOAL ⚽: Again wonderfully played out. This time includes GUERREIRO . Dortmund come over to the right. Götze on Sancho, who plays with the hoe back to the world champion of 2014. Fits almost from the base line back in the middle of the penalty area, where the Portuguese comes as a free shot. The sick coach Favre will be home very satisfied with the performance of his team. Joker Alcácer.

61. Minute: Hoffenheim is stronger, only the financial statements are not necessarily enough. This time, Belfodil succeed out of the rotation only a Cannoned. That is why, from a very short distance with a shot the goalkeeper still fast enough at the bottom. On the other hand, Dahoud lays back on idol. But the Ball is not placed enough, no Problem for goalkeeper Baumann.

59. Minute: free kick for Hoffenheim Bittencourt enters the Ball to the far post, where, however, no player comes out. Shortly after, the TSG via Bittencourt comes again with the Ball in the opponent’s penalty area, but the playback is a little inaccurate.

56. Minute: Good action in the Hope Heimer’s Joelinton: The sets against the three, hope Heimer players but then goes Diallo in between. the Ball flies nevertheless, the direction of the goal and forces the Keeper with a shot of a good Parade.

53. Minute: Bittencourt with a bad pass. So he prevents a counter – unnecessary this loss of the ball. Something like this will annoy coach nail man.

52. Minute: Hoffenheim and Nico Schulz gets on the left of the penalty area, half of the Ball and pulls with the left, right flat down just past the far post.

49. Minute: Hoffenheim with the loss of the ball, and Sancho makes the same pace, in the penalty area. But he is playful. Shortly thereafter, the 18-Year-old with the next Chance, with the pass, but the Ball goes past the far post.

46. Minute CHANGE: hope home Caoch nail man brings in two new players. GEIGER for Demirbay and BELFODIL replaces Kramaric.


HALF – Impressive performance by Dortmund. At the beginning of the hope station, the team was stable and made the rooms good. But, above all, by the rapid advances – especially Sancho – has found the BVB then more into the game and leads earned with two goals (Sancho, 32. Minute/Götze, 43.).

45. Minute: it was a little too much small-small in the hope Heimer penalty area. Of course, Sancho and Götze were again involved.

43. Minute Goal ⚽: Hakimi. Witsel. Sancho goes from the left side of the penalty area, tried again half the long corner. TSG goalkeeper Baumann the Ball to fend off, but GÖTZE is gone, and presses the Ball into the goal.

42. Minute: Dortmund make it now from time to time in the hope Heimer penalty area. The TSG has not the luck to come further and further behind.

40. Minute: The sun suddenly comes out. Maybe Sancho makes you laugh, because the young Englishman makes here a great game: His dribbling and forward runs and eye for goal, the TSG brings again and again in distress.

36. Minute: As it is elegant Hakimi is a tricky Situation, left rear loose. Impressive.

35. Minute: what is the reaction of the TSG now? To the front of the man came from the Nail-Eleven bisherzu little, because the Team with the Defensive unit was very busy and is.

32. Minute GOAL ⚽: The lead for Dortmund. SANCHO manages to be the gate itself. After a throw-in and some Play it will fit right on Piszczek, match directly back to the Englishman, shoots flat, in the far corner. Beautiful goal – his seventh in the League.

28. Minute – GELKBE CARD: The hope Heimer GRILLITSCH after a Foul on Phillip shown a yellow card.

26. Minute: free kick for the TSG from the left side about 35 meters. Demirbay curls the Ball into the penalty area, turning but to late to right, to grape the Game, so a goalkeeper Bürki gets hold of him. On the other hand, is a whistle after the corner, the situation of the game: Offside.

22. Min: Witsel on Piszczek, a few meters of running and in front of the crossbar in the middle to Philip fits. The warp flat to the left and the Ball goes narrowly wide of the post. Good Chance for the hosts.

19. Minute: Hoffenheim makes the rooms very good seal, so that Dortmund are difficult to the gap. The conditions for fine short passing game but are not the best. Pouring rain, cold – but this is so for both Teams.

11. Minute – video proof: The Ball wriggles in the net of the guests, Dortmund cheers. First of all, referee Fritz the gate, but then he looks at the images on the Monitor. And he is repulsive for the TSG, the goal counts. What had happened? It’s ping-pong-football in the hope Heimer penalty prevails, while Sancho adds stubbornly. The Ball engages jumps happen in the direction of idol, and not the Ball, but previously in an Offside position standing now in the game, because it interferes with the opposing player. Therefore, the referee gives the goal.

9. Minute: Hakimi takes Kaderabek on the left side of the Ball, the Czech after that fouls the Moroccans. Hakimi, a loan from Real Madrid, plays here so far, a good season, especially offensively, the 20-Year-old to Dortmund again and again, important accents.

4. Minute: Dortmund with a lot of possession, but the TSG is good, so that Dortmund is still not an Offensive on the opposition’s penalty area could start. Shortly after Piszczek tries as the last man in a Ballanahme with the hoe magic, playing himself, and not luck that the opponent has the Ball. But there is a corner for the guests.

1. Minute: It is quite stormy and now it starts to rain. Adverse conditions here in Dortmund.


15:29 PM: There is a memorial minute for the late player, coach and Manager Rudi Assauer, especially through his Work in the area rivals Schalke remains in memory.

At 15:23: Today in focus: the Dortmund Fans. In Games against Hoffenheim supporters of the TSG-patron Hopp offended on a regular basis. Finally, the DFB sports court sentenced the Borussia to a fine of 50,000 and suspended a away barrier on probation.

At 15:19: Werder Bremen on Tuesday in the DFB-Pokal quarter-finals, pre-power, as against Borussia Dortmund can win. Nevertheless, Hoffenheim-and-white, of course, the qualities of the opponent: “Dortmund has a dynamic, a Tempo, as the Team in Europe, top is,” said the nail man. Offensively, the TSG has to offer, Yes, in the back, however, it to get easy goals against.

At 15:15: The TSG Hoffenheim has the last five away games in Dortmund all lost. The current eighth place in terms of his own claims, namely, to the end of the season a rank that qualified for the Champions League. “We have set ourselves realistic goals. And at the Moment our target is a Europa League place,” explains coach nail a man to the television channel Sky. The List
Baumann – Bicakcic, Posch, B. Hübner – Kaderabek, Grillitsch, N. Schulz – Demirbay, Bittencourt – Joelinton, Kramaric.

15:08 watch: The coach’s caught: BVB-Coach Lucien Favre looked after today, not his team. He must cure the common cold. His assistants Stefes and Terzic take now the chest of drawers. Also, captain Marco Reus is not today. For Sancho, Bürki, Hitz and Schmelzer, were cold as Favre and, most recently, missed, had, in the squad. This also applies to the from a foot injury recovering Piszczek. The List:
Bürki – Piszczek, Weigl, Diallo, Hakimi – Witsel, Dahoud – Sancho, Philip, Guerreiro M. Götze.

15:03 p.m.: The League leaders from Dortmund, receives the attention. Two offensive joyful Teams meet here – we hope to have a fast-paced and entertaining game.

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