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Pension, minimum wage, civil money – the SPD has discovered social justice. “Hartz IV” was yesterday. With more left-wing politics party leader Nahles wants to pilot the SPD from the basement. From Berlin, Sabine Kinkartz.

You want to put an exclamation mark and a liberation for the social Democrats, but also for himself, to initiate: as of Sunday, the ailing SPD leader Andrea Nahles with your party Board will discuss the concept of “social state 2025” and decide. A Reform in the SPD to bundle their new left politics. With the help of the social balance in the society, and secure want to organize. The focus of the party, especially the needy. Where there is not enough money to be able to keep up: low wage earners, pensioners, the unemployed.

17 pages and includes the concept, that would cost the state several billion euros. Thus, among other things, to increase the minimum wage to twelve dollars per hour, and for children’s own basic security. Companies that adhere to collective agreements, are tax favored. The unemployment allowance is to be paid for longer and who has, after three years, still no new Job, not have to consume in the future, be assets in a smaller apartment, in order to be more financially state-supported. Where are the sanctions that will apply in future bonus schemes, incentives and encouragements.

Away with Hartz IV

With your social a concept of state wants to adopt the SPD of its “Agenda 2010”. Those labor market and welfare state reform, which was introduced in 2003 by the former SPD-Chancellor Gerhard Schröder and is until today disputed. Some are of the opinion that the long-term economy would not have been a recovery without the Agenda. The other, and most of the SPD are now Enjoyed, to make the Agenda, however, decisive for the decline of social democracy responsible. Especially your core, the “Hartz IV” is called the basic security for the long-term unemployed, which is associated with strict conditions.

“Away with Hartz IV” – many Enjoyed advertise for a long time

Between 14 and 15 percent at the Federal level – such as in concrete cast in the survey, the value of the SPD remains for months at a historic low. In Saxony, Thuringia and Brandenburg, where in the autumn parliamentary elections are pending, the values with ten, twelve and 21 percent. In Brandenburg, the SPD government is a party, and had at the last election, just 32 percent. The polls for the European elections in may, predictions for the SPD is currently 15 percent. That would be a halving in comparison to 2014.

Nothing works

No matter what have taken have so far Enjoyed, to inspire more citizens to their party: and Nothing has provided the results of the survey are on the rise. Most of the laws that have been brought by the Federal government since the summer of 2018 on the way to objectives, more social balance in the society, and that is a clearly social-democratic handwriting.

Are tags also, so that every citizen understands that in order for something Positive causes: The “Strong families act”, the “Good-Kita-law” and the “rent brake”, for example. Currently, the SPD is pushing for a “respect-pension” for all who have worked for more than 35 years, their pension but can’t live.

No applause, nowhere

The social Democrats will bring closer to the citizens. You want to explain the Actions of the state, but especially politics, the people understand. A simpler language should help, and more optimism and new beginnings. “Who occupied the terms, occupied the minds”, – said in a 107-page analysis of the SPD to the mistakes in the parliamentary election in 2017.

The shadow in the Background: Ex-party chief and critic of Sigmar Gabriel

Much has been discussed since then on the renewal of the SPD. With the concept of “social state 2025” should now be followed by deeds. With a significantly left politicians want to separate the SPD from the CDU and the CSU. Thus, conflicts in the Grand coalition, however, are inevitable. Because the Union is unlikely to be due to the fact that the social state concept of the SPD with.

How long the Grand coalition still holds?

Especially since the CDU and CSU have their own political plans, which will cost money. Among other things, they want to abolish the solidarity surcharge, so the tax payments to be lowered. In the light of the future budgetary situation, the Federal Finance Minister, Olaf Scholz, the words describes, “the fat years” are over, narrow financial margins for the coalition in sight.

Finance Minister and SPD Vice-Olaf Scholz in favour of the social state concept

But SPD Leader Andrea Nahles knows that the success of the welfare state concept also depends on their own political destiny. There are rumblings in the party, dissatisfaction with Nahles is high. The Wind is always harsh, blowing, in particular, from our own ranks in the face. Nahles will not be personally made responsible for ensuring that the survey values from the cellar.

Broad side from the party friend

So far the hardest attack to reach the SPD Chairman at the beginning of February, as former Chancellor Gerhard Schröder also praised her “Amateur error”. In a newspaper interview, he spoke to her in addition to Chancellor. An essential requirement for candidacy and a possible chancellorship of agricultural property, is the mind. On the question of whether Nahles own, replied Schroeder, “I think that would not claim to be pretty.”

This is the revenge for Nahles Plan to break with Hartz IV and the Agenda 2010 is now final? Assistance gets Schröder in time for the SPD Executive Board meeting by the former SPD leader and German foreign Minister, Sigmar Gabriel. Not only the Agenda was, in retrospect, necessary. The SPD should also not on social issues, but must also keep the economic prosperity of the country. To grab a “billions and billions in social programs that will move people to choose us.”