Bayer in the Bosz-mode


Leverkusen decomposed Mainz with an outstanding Offensive performance. This has been seen at the team of Trainer Peter Bosz also in the past, but in the case of Leverkusen, the coach seems to have put his priorities wiser now.

Not a controversial referee decision, not a Last-Minute goal, no game-changing injuries – if one is inferior to the opponent in all aspects of the Interview after the game, often surprisingly easy on the lips. “Leverkusen made it simply outstanding,” said the Mainz Daniel Brosinski of the 1:5 home defeat of his team.

More accurately, you could describe the game. Leverkusen showed a very strong idea, it is, however, looking at the with 24 shots on goal, chances at one-minute intervals, two aluminum goals, the four of Leverkusen’s matches by Wendell (5.), Havertz (20.), Brandt (30.) and Bellarabi (43.) and a total of five goals the highest-scoring game in the first half of the season so far, is the final close: This was the outstanding half-time.

A Sombre Reminder Of Dortmund

Peter Bosz have won three of their four Bundesliga matches, with Bayer

Purely offensively, you was considered the. However you look at the Dortmund office of Leverkusen’s coach Peter Bosz back, then the questions: “Can ignite the low countries at the time of his second Bundesliga-Station more than just a flash in the pan, as then in Dortmund?” And: “Can Bosz with Leverkusen sustainable success?”, then you come to the conclusion: The superior half was the Second. Because the evidence suggests that the answer to these questions is “Yes”.

Although only a goal, the 5:1 by Brandt (63 fell.), however, the second passage for the Dutch Offensive means-lover and his new Team to progress and not just a spectacle. Exciting Attacking football, and an initial run of Peter Bosz from his time at Borussia Dortmund, with whom he will play 2017/18 with six Wins from the first nine duty to a good Start, had settled. But so steep is the curve showed at the beginning of his term of office up so rapidly, the price suddenly fell. As the opponent in the League had adjusted to the Bosz-style and recognized that the unconditional Offensive had made the BVB under him, not only intoxicating, but slightly vulnerable, it was not because of the “Bosz-effect” very quickly.

“Something may not happen”

This time also, the appearance reminded a little of it. For all the Offensive excitement, the Bosz’ Team in Mainz ignited: In the first pass, the defense had multiple in a dreadful state of confusion. There he was again: The old “Bosz-Defensive routine”. However, in contrast to his time at BVB, as Bosz with his Team at some point every week in the same case, ran and his conclusion had to complete according to the Play almost every time with a “something must not happen,” referred to the “something must happen” on Eurosport-a micro in terms of individual situations in the first half. They are happening still, but this Time, Bosz and his Team have found the answers.

Matriculation certificate in the second half

Bosz’ and his new team showed that they can make their game different, albeit against a beaten opponent, maybe not as a true indicator worthless. However, Leverkusen was good, acted from a controlled, Defensive, and searched with the guide in the back of the head of his salvation in the Offensive time and again, but always selectively. You knew when BVB under the low-countries is also different.

“The way we played, I liked it very much. We have shown two different half-times. In the first we played offensively very strong, in the second, we have designed especially the position game well and have quietly played,” the coach said in his analysis on Eurosport after the game. And again one is reminded of the weekly Interviews after defeats with the BVB, in which Bosz, a is not allowed to happen time and time again to be “something” as an overall conclusion, it had to strive.

On the right path

Julian Brandt is one of the strongest players under the new coach

It seems that the coach has learned from his mistakes and the bitter experiences in Dortmund a lot. He has not thrown his concept of despair over Board, he has extended to defensive, tactical Thinking, and to variants of the game guide. Peter Bosz seems to be since he was in Dortmund to be as many line him for all the times, as a coach, matured. Now it is for the Dutch to confirm this impression permanently.

“We all know that our coach is a little perfectionist,” said the with two goals and two assists outstanding man of the Evening, Julian Brandt after the game. The national player grinned over the whole face. In terms of content and mimic, he had been seen in Dortmund rarely a player so, as the Trainer called Peter Bosz. One wishes the low countries, that his success is this Time of a longer shelf life. For the Moment Bayer Leverkusen are in the Bosz-fashion. And for the Moment, should be all in the club especially the coach.