Podcast medicine & health: Alzheimer’s – spectre of the 21st century. Century


We all forget something, we might forget a birthday. But that has to do with Alzheimer’s. It gets serious when it comes to real memory loss.

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Alzheimer’s bogeyman of the 21st century. Century







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Medicine & health: Alzheimer’s – spectre of the 21st century. Century

Alzheimer’s is a Form of dementia, is a specter of our days. The neurodegenerative disease appears usually after the age of 65. Since the age of. Cure Alzheimer’s is not. About the course and about how the disease arises, there is any amount of research, many scientific investigations and studies – The one or the other theory seems a bit far-fetched. (Author: Florian Falzeder)

Japan – insurance against the cost of dementia

Insure against Alzheimer’s, no one can, but the cost caused by the disease can, at least in Japan. The Japanese health Ministry estimates that in the year 2025, seven millions of Japanese and Japan in dementia will suffer. That would be one out of every five in the pension age. Many people with dementia in the Asian country to live in supervised groups. And quite apart from the cost of the disease in itself is already bad enough. (Author: Jürgen Hanefeldt)

Argentina – music for sick souls in Argentina

Alzheimer’s patients and people with other memory disorders usually lose their entire past. The memory of music, or the ability to play an Instrument, as there is often an exception. Music seems to have healing powers. But many of them have no opportunity to visit such a concert. And because you can’t come to the music, comes the music to you. In Argentina, the musicians bring composers such as Mozart, Bach or Beethoven, for example, in hospices, children’s hospitals, or even in the biggest hospital for psychiatry and addiction disorders in Buenos Aires. (Author: Anne Lord Mountain)