Live Ticker: FSV Mainz – Bayer Leverkusen


Leverkusen celebrate after the Wins against Wolfsburg and Bayern in Mainz in the third League victory in a row. The 05ers, however, are unbeaten in three home Games. The match at the DW live Ticker for this!



36. Minute: Volland has a lot of space and pulls up in the penalty area. His shot to the far corner goes past almost – there was more to it!

34. Minute: Leverkusen now on the left, with the omnipresent Havertz, Wise and Bellarabi. Even if the attack comes to nothing: Bellarabi and Wise are highly active.

30. Minute: GOAL! Bailey served Brandt, the pass to Volland, the soielt the double pass back to JULIAN BRANDT of the free-standing.

29. Minute: Bailey is on the left to the bottom-line, stop the Ball and gives it to the middle. There Havertz, the peeling dust is dry and the Ball under the crossbar – there is a crash, but the Ball was not in it.

28. Minute: What was that? Brandt remains after a throw and allows the Ball to remove it. Then Quaison is in the front suddenly puts in a cross that Mateta, the not caught the Ball but right and warp.

25. Minute: Boetius space is not really attacked, but Mainz can not decide, is dancing back and forth until the Ball is then cleared.

24. Minute: The shot ratio at the previous Offensive spectacle: Leverkusen nine, Mainz six.

20. Minute: There is the gate! Brandt goes with a lot of space on the left side and in the middle of KAI HAVERTZ, just a lot of space, and from 12 metres in a considered and controlled post – nothing to keep.

17. Minute: Havertz sends a strong Ball-winner in midfield immediately Bailey. The pulls again after his Sprint immediately sets the Ball but a good piece next to the gate.

16. Minute: Leverkusen is clearly in charge. Brandt pulls dry of the penalty area. His shot misses but almost on the bar.

14. Minute: Volland dissolves with a lightning quick turn in the penalty area from the opponent and pulls off – but imprecise.

13. Minute: Bailey brings the free-kick in, the Mainz Keeper Müller miscalculated, so that Bender to the Ball, but head on over.

11. Minute: Ten minutes played, two goals, a football-heart what more do you want?

9. Minute: GOAL , to balance! Corner Mainz: Hack the train brings the Ball towards the goal, where ROBIN QUAISON easy game, and as Wendell on the other hand, only insertion.

5. Minute: GOAL – the first of The Leverkusen attack, Volland looks to Bellarabi on the right place and by sliding in pure. There is WENDELL in the right place and dusted from a very short distance.

3. Minute: Back Mateta in the direction of Leverkusen’s goal, but this Time the Frenchman Offside.

2. Minute: Mateta goes alone on goal and fails to Hradecky! This must actually be the 1:0.


20:15 clock: The output location – Leverkusen won the last twice in a row (against Wolfsburg and Bayern), flew under the week in the Cup at the second-tier Heidenheim out. Mainz had to go to the last round after four matches without a defeat in Augsburg, once again as a loser from the square. Overall, the League speaks were-the balance sheet just for the guests (twelve wins, four draws, ten defeats). The last meeting in Mainz in September 2017, however, the 05 with 3:1.

20:15 P.m.: The Lineups – Mainz: 22 Florian Muller – 18 Brosinski, 19 Niakhate, 16 Bell, 42 Alexander Hack, 3 Martin – 14 Customer – 35 Barreiro Martins, 5 Boetius – 9 Mateta, 7 Quaison

Leverkusen: 1 Hradecky – 23 Wise 4 Tah, 5, Sven Bender, 18 Wendell – 20 Aranguiz – 29 Havertz, 10 Brandt – 38 Bellarabi, 31 Volland, 9 Bailey

20:15 clock: welcome to the DW-live Ticker!