Mann+Hummel: Fine-Vacuum Cleaner


Already for a long time, the limit values for fine dust and nitrogen dioxide in Germany in many cities ripped. The company Mann+Hummel works, how to filter such pollutants from the air.

At Neckartor in Stuttgart, seven the fine dust Filter from Mann+Hummel dust from the air fine

It’s just the weather conditions must be unfavorable, and sinking everywhere in the world, mega-cities raking in the murky fog. Worldwide, approximately seven million people die a year because they breathe in dirty air, the world health organization. One of the major contributors to the thick air traffic is. So many countries are relying on a shift in Transportation to electric mobility, as the healing solution. Because E-cars have a manifold, from which nitrogen oxides, particulate matter and other toxic emissions sources.

But that is precisely the Problem of fine dust with Streamers don’t get a grip. “Regardless of the engine type of a vehicle, a vehicle always produces lots of fine dust,” explains Jan-Eric Raschke. He is head of the fine dust Filtration at Mann+Hummel. “The powertrain with the combustion engine such as gasoline or Diesel contributes less than ten percent for particulate emissions.” First and foremost, vehicles would generate the fine dust on their tyres, brakes, Asphalt abrasion, and then kicking up, Raschke.

In the company’s own test facilities the various Filter load tests are exposed to

Fine-dust Filter should be a new line of business

Mann+Hummel a world market leader for filtration systems. So far, the family-owned company makes 93 percent of its revenue from a total of almost four billion euros with the automotive industry. Statistically one will find in any Car in the world, a Filter of Mann+Hummel. The range of air filters, fuel filters, oil Filters, and filters that improve the air in the car.

In the future, the issue of clean air to be important for the company, so the aim of Werner Lieberherr, since a little more than four months, managing Director at Mann+Hummel. He no longer sees in the field is also potential for new growth, after it ran last year so round. “We build the field of Life Science and Environment at the time,” dear Lord, and, “because we want to continue to grow.” This was founded approximately one and a half years, an internal Startup that’s been busy, as fine dust from the air can be filtered.

The Swiss Werner Lieberherr since the autumn of 2018, managing Director of Mann+Hummel

The first emissions-neutral vehicle

In the back, under the electric delivery truck, where sitting in other cars, the exhaust that was fitted to the so-called fine-dust eater from Mann+Hummel. He is sieving about the amount of fine dust from the air, which is caused by the so-called street scooter during the driving. This inconspicuous green box makes the E-vans of the Deutsche Post for the first emissions-neutral vehicle in the world.

The fine-dust filter under the Streetscooter of Deutsche Post captures so much fine dust from the air, such as the e-Auto generated

Filter columns to fine dust from the air seven

In addition to mobile fine filters Mann+Hummel has also developed filters, which are built on the streets: Three stacked white cubes with a side length of one Meter. Fine dust expert Raschke explains the internal structure: “We have multi-stage filters, which means a pre-filter, the coarse particles from the air filters. Then we have a very large main filter that is specifically designed to catch as energetically optimally small particles.”

The fan behind the Filters ensure that the air is sucked in through the Filter around 10,000 cubic meters each hour. This corresponds to approximately the amount of air that can fit into two meters height on a football field. 17 prototypes of the filter columns was already at the Neckartor, a very busy street in Stuttgart. Here are limits for oxides of nitrogen and fine dust are always exceeded. In the coming weeks, the data of the fine dust filter can be evaluated to see how successful you were at Cleaning the air.

“We have also built in the Indian city of Bangalore already pilots,” says Raschke. “We will do the Same in Delhi and are just in the planning for China, Korea, Singapore, the United States, Mexico, and also in the direction of Colombia.”

In the Indian city of Bangalore first fine are dust-filters from Mann+Hummel

Parallel to the fine-dust filter, you have various technologies in development, which will filter nitrogen dioxide from the air, Raschke. The goal is to provide them with systems that filter both pollutants from the air.

With research work on the Chinese market

Not only in this new business area, fine dust filter, plans to the managing Director, Mr growth, but also in other Filters for the car industry. In doing so, he is looking in the same direction as the car maker after China. The company was established in the United States very well, explains the managing Director. There, Mann+Hummel is connected with major car manufacturers very well. But In China, you have catching up to do, dear Lord. “For us, this is clearly a difficult topic.”

And the competition? China does not want to involve high-tech products only from abroad, but prefer to develop. In order to assert itself however, the research and development Department of the company for the Mann+Hummel keeps the nose in front. This is the company each year, approximately four percent of the sales value. Of the approximately 20,000 employees and more than 1000 researchers and developers.

An employee of Mann+Hummel in the construction of a test facility

Proud of Thomas Haubold leads the way through the testing facilities of the group in the Headquarters in Ludwigsburg. White neon light illuminates the boxes in which the filters are tested. In some of the rooms, it smells strictly according to the burnt Oils. In the test systems, the filters are tested on heart and kidney, as they should, for example, work under compressed air, at very low and very high temperatures or in motion.

Especially thanks to the high quality claim of Mann+Hummel in 77 years on the market. However, you should take into account in the future regional differences, writes the boss of the company dear Mr. “The German quality is very good, but in the Chinese market is not paid. As we need to adjust ourselves accordingly so that we are competitive there.”

In a company’s own clean room can be also carried out Tests

Filters are independent of the engine type used

Customize the company must also bring, if the traffic turning more and more E-cars on the road. Because that is the area that brings most money – the business with the conventional auto industry completely turned upside down. Head of the company, Mr optimistic. The internal combustion engine will still grow until 2025, he says. After that, Mann+Hummel wants to be set up so that you can offer to Filter for the E-vehicles. “We do not expect a decline in sales,” dear Lord.

Because of future technical innovations in the automotive would clean operating fluids need clean air or clean water, says Gunnar-Marcel Klein. He directs the development of the filter elements. Without such a clean operating fluids, no fuel cell, no modern gear would work, not a technical component. “For all of these products, we can supply new Filter”, so Small.

The corporate headquarters of Mann+Hummel in Ludwigsburg