Bavaria, a close but deserved win in the quarter-finals


Bayern Munich has a Cup-Broke with difficulty, and after extra time in the quarter-finals trembled. Against Berlin, Bayern had to in the extension. At Schalke, the mourning went to Assauer in jubilation.

HERTHA – BAYERN 2:3 n. V. (1:1, 2:2)


Kingsley Coman has redeemed Bayern Munich in extra time, and the record winner in the quarter-finals of the DFB-Pokal beheaded. The Frenchman scored in the 98. Minute the decisive goal to 3:2 (2:2, 1:1) the German football record champion with Hertha BSC. Bayern moved it for the twelfth Time in a row, in the round of the best Eight. Much less effort had Schalke 04, which was 4:1 (1:0) against Fortuna Düsseldorf. After the sad news of the death of Rudi Assauer, the Fans celebrated, especially your long-time Manager – in addition, the company is retained with a convincing performance, your Chance to win the European Cup to enter the Cup.
Marriage Coman redeemed, the Bavaria, in Berlin, had a severe need to establish the Team coach Niko Kovac once again, working. Serge Gnabry (7., 49.) caused by double-pack for the hit of Munich, by Maximilian Mittelstädt (3.) early in the residue were to fall. After a fatal mistake from Mats Hummels, the Ball freely on the goalscorer Davie Selke (67.) headed home, came to Hertha 2:2-compensation. In the extension Coman from a short distance provided for by the decision.

Also Leipzig and Augsburg in the next round

In Gelsenkirchen, the grief was Assauer in celebration of: Ahmed Kutucu (30.), Salif Sane (48., 87.) and Mark Uth (52.) shot the five-time European Cup winners to victory. The düsseldorf, for the Rouwen Hennings (71.) only shortened, came to the 16. Times in a row is not beyond the round. Assauer had died on Wednesday at the age of 74 years. Both Teams played with black armbands, and before the start of the game a minute’s silence was held

In the early evening already, the Bundesliga club FC Augsburg and RB Leipzig had reached the round of the last Eight. Leipzig won with 1:0 against VfL Wolfsburg. The hit Matheus Cunha scored in the tenth Minute. Also with 1:0, FC Augsburg have won rather happy at the second division side Holstein Kiel. Michael Gregoritsch scored in the 85. Minute of the match.

The next round will be drawn next Sunday of football national player Fabian Böhm. The national coach Martina Voss-Tecklenburg takes over in the German football Museum in Dortmund the role of the draw-head. The quarter final games at the 2. and 3. April held.

You have missed the game in Berlin? Then you can read here the most important scenes in the live Ticker.


Bayern are in the quarter-finals.

The final WHISTLE

122. Minute: Get Berlin a last Chance? It is the last few seconds to run

121. Minute: Müller comes on for the final scenes in the game. Coman comes from the field.

119. Minute: Bayern switch. Martinez comes in for James.

117. Minute: Hertha is now on the front at the man and tried to early the opponent to disturb the the Bayern the opportunity to counter.

115. Minute: Lewandowski’s free-kick lands in the opposing wall.

113. Minute: Now it is again loud in the stadium, because the Hertha a corner. But the corner is of no use and, in turn, counter-attacking Bayern and Ribery can only be by a Foul stopped. There is a free-kick for Bayern from 17 meters.

110. Minute: Hertha changes: Torunarigha comes, Duda.

109. Minute: Bayern remain in possession of the ball and force again in a corner. From a distance, and Thiago gets in a shot but blocked.

106. Minute: And again the Bayern immediately on the Offensive and to come to (almost) to a good Chance and then a corner. Which brings nothing, but you keep the Berlin far away from the own goal.

Kick-off 2. Half of the extension

Short Pause, then it goes into the last 15 minutes…

The final WHISTLE 1. Half of the extension

106. Minute: huge chance for Hummels, after a fine assist by Ribery.

103. Minute: Now he may also finally out. For him new in the game: Fabian Lustenberger.

101. Minute: So an extension is for every player extremely exhausting. Now Herthas Skjelbred indicates that he can. He wants to be replaced.

98. Minute: GOAL for Bayern. Coman comes after a very strong assist by Lewandowski, with the head to the Ball, also because he can jump higher than all of his opponents.

97. Minute: Berlin can now something free, comes to a corner, and then something to the Ball to claim. The brings time.

95. Minute: Ribery can be two, three defenders, but his Pass comes not to the man.

93. Minute: Bayern take over directly the command, come early to a corner. But the Berliner, so far, very well back there.

Kick-off of the 1. Half of the extension

It is in the extension…

The final WHISTLE of the 2. Half of the game

90. Minute +2: Still is not final. The Bavarians are once again on the attack.

90. Minute +1: A corner of Bavaria is to kick for Hertha clarified. This was the last Chance?

90. Minute: Bayern want to make the decision and scurry in the Berlin penalty area around. At the end of Hertha can clarify.

89. Minute: the man of The match leaves the field: Gnabry, Ribery.

85. Minute: The sold-out stadium can be so slow on the extension set. Much more than five minutes for the teams to lead here but still in the regular season, the decision to induce

82. Minute: Berlin: Klünter comes in for Kalou.

80. Minute: Ten minutes. And suddenly a nearly a hundred percent Chance for Bavaria’s James. Alaba crosses (after a cream pass from Hummels) from the left to the completely free-standing with James, he is not really on the Ball. Because he could have more of it, or even need to.

77. Minute: coach Kovac is now probably respond: Müller and Ribery do on the side line warm. Are you sure two players that can put forward new ideas.

74. Minute: The Bavarians have been here from the 7. Minute fully the situation, but suddenly, through the blunder of Hummels in this game everything is possible.

70. Minute: And the winner of Selke was the very first touch of the ball from him, Yes, just getting into the game was. And now for the Bock of Hummels: wants to play the leather with a header back to his goalkeeper Ulreich, but the return is much too weak. Selke, in between, injected, umkurvt the Bayern Keeper, and pushes the completely surprising balance! What a goat of the otherwise mellow Bayern defender.

68. Minute: something seen otherwise only in the district League. From world Champions are rather rare.

66. Minute: “Hummel’s sake” … GOAL ⚽ for the Hertha by Joker Davie Selke after a Mega-blunder by Mats Hummels.

64. Minute: exchange with Hertha BSC: Davie Selke for Vedad Ibisevic

57. Minute: Back to Coman, the one on the left clever to Alaba by. The Berlin defence can clear for a corner, as a result of Gnabry from the second row just POPs. The Ball is blocked, but the shows: Much wider than in these minutes, the chest of the double could goalscorer hardly be.

54. Minute: Bayern play more briskly to the front. Coman this time on the left, but his Effort to fit the Ball in the middle is still prevented in a timely manner.

50. Minute: the second half begins with a very early goal. Only this time it is Bayern, the net so early.

49. Min: beautiful goal ⚽ of Bavaria by Gnabry. And that was extremely nice and played out. Süle fits on Lewandowski, the releases sent out of the defensive composite, and allows the Ball to bounce more James. James is in the Hertha penalty area straight to Gnabry and completes the attack in a free-standing flat on Jarstein over to the 2:1 into the goal.

48. Minute: Both teams will play unchanged and have not changed.

Kick-off 2. Half of the game

The first half started extremely rapidly – with a very early goal by means of town for Hertha in the 3. Minute and the balancing of the Munich Gnabrys in Minute seven. After that, it was something ruhigher. Bayern dominated the Events – a mandatory goal-scoring opportunity or even a opening goal they did not make.

The final WHISTLE of the 1. Half of the game

44. Minute: a well played action in Munich, but the shot goes rather in the direction of the Berlin night sky, as on the opponent’s goal.

42. Minute: Almost every decision of the Impartial is no longer discussed. This is of course disturbing the flow of the game.

40. Minute: But still: 70 per cent possession of the ball talking, at the moment a clear language in favor of the guests from Munich. There has to come more from the Berliners.

38. Minute: Kuddelmuddel in the penalty area of Berlin. But Bayern don’t manage to shoot on goal.

35. Minute: Now is it dangerous for the home team. A free-kick for Bayern about 20 meters. But the shot is weak and goes over all the heads. It’s still 1:1.

33. Minute: After a longer period of time to discharge for the Hertha, the centre-line the free-kick. Ibisevic comes on the back of the Ball, but Bayern still disturbed, before he can shoot on goal.

28. Min: The Bayern match, the Ball is now in their own ranks. Berlin is thereby pushed further and further back, and can also start a liberation attack. If this continues, it will not take long until the guests take the lead.

24. Minute: Hertha started strong as a bear, loses, in the meantime, faster and faster, the balls and the front, no accents more.

20. Minute: Good Chance for Gnabry, the Plattenhardt dizzy plays and also at the conclusion. But Jarstein is on the Post and clears for a corner, which brings nothing. Gnabry is so far (of course, by its gate), the most prominent player in the Bayern.

18. Minute: Bayern has now more of the game (around 75 percent possession of the ball) and controlled the action. Berlin’s out currently out of their own half.

14. Minute: Here is more fire and pace in the game. Both Teams run aggressive two fights and fight for every Zentimter room for profit. So it can go.

12. Minute: To quickly taken corner from the right flank Gnabry inside. There Lewandowski who touched the Ball but at least with the vertex still minimal, and Hummels will miss just barely.

9. Minute: both teams seem to be yesterday the game for Dortmund against Bremen looked at to have – here it goes blow for blow and there are not even ten minutes played.

7. Minute: GOAL for Bayern by Gnabry. And initiates its goal with a Pass to the right side of the line to Kimmich. The young midfielder crosses into the penalty area where Lewandowski throws in the Ball, but the ball can only bounce off and not controlled. But Gnbary smelled the Rebound and the leather via a Drop-Kick to the 1:1 compensation in the mesh.

5. Minute: To the emergence of: rejection by the Berlin penalty area, the Ball goes far in the half for Bayern, at the end of the Ball to Kalou, fits to small and Medium-sized. At once he is free in the penalty area of Bayern and sunk the Ball at Ulreich over to the Bayern-goal.

4. Minute: What is going on here? The game is four minutes of young and the record master is already with the score 0:1 behind. The favorites are going to die in the Cup today, in the next round?

Jubilant Hertha players after the early 1:0 by Mittelstädt

3. Minute: GOAL ⚽ for the Hertha by Maximilian Mittelstädt.

2. Minute: Bavaria Goretzka comes in the opposing penalty area and gets not penalty, but a yellow card for a Schwalbe.


20:44 PM: Shortly before the kickoff, a minute’s silence for the now-deceased Ex-Schalke Manager Rudi Assauer.

20:41 PM: oops, we can see Bayern play without their regular Keeper Manuel Neuer. The 32-Year-old had travelled, despite his finger injury, according to Berlin, on the lineup sheet an hour before the game in sold-out Olympic stadium, his Name was missing, however. Sven Ulreich represents New and already last in the League, on the bench, the 19-year-old Christian Früchtl place.

20:40 PM: In the Grand Finale in the city were the Herthaner only twice – and lost narrowly: in 1977, in the repetition game in Hannover with 0:1 against 1. FC Cologne (the first batch had confessed to after extra time 1:1 penalty shootout in the Cup was not introduced until the following season), and in 1979, again in Hannover, 0:1 after extra time against Fortuna Düsseldorf. Pal Dardai is also expected for tonight with a tight outcome of the game. The coach predicted with a Grin on your face extension and a penalty shoot-out: “We practice that, not extra.” If that is the right way to end the Cup curse of Hertha?

20:38 PM: If the second round is equal to the starting whistle, the bitter 1:3-defeat of Bayern in the Bundesliga with Bayer 04 Leverkusen just four days back – a setback for Munich, the leaders Borussia Dortmund in the chase. “Now you have lost once. This does not mean that you are bad,” stacks Hertha coach Dardai deep. “If you have a good day, it quick 0:3.” In exceptional cases, the statistics could, however, change is not Bayern, but their opponents courage: For September 2016, the Hertha has lost a competitive game against Munich.

At 20:34: However, Hertha could be a lot of hearts happy today. “You can feel anywhere in the city, that all have this dream,” said Hertha coach Pal Dardai already before the semi-finals in 2016 against Borussia Dortmund. “I don’t live far away from the Olympic stadium. My family and I have a Tradition had in the past few years: Together – my wife, my three sons and I – we are walking every year to walk to the Olympic stadium, the DFB-Pokal final. Again and again we are running, but never Hertha BSC. For real Herthaner this has been very frustrating.”

20:30: Finally, could the FC Bayern rivals Borussia Dortmund in this season, at least in a national competition to surpass. To the surprise Of the BVB in the second round of the DFB Cup against Werder Bremen, the Münchnermit want to develop a win at Hertha BSC your Cup series and for the eleventh Time in succession to the quarter-finals to move in.

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