The issue of Europe to help the EU-critical AfD


Criticism of the European Union, is populist and what is popular. This has now also discovered the AfD. However, not only for the European elections in may, so a good choice of result is to be retracted.

The German right-wing populists of the “Alternative for Germany” (AfD) are launched in a tension-filled new year. Because still is not decided whether the protection of the Constitution wants to watch the party. And: In surveys, the AfD remains at about 15 percent. New bourgeois layers will feel different than hoped for, yet not addressed. Important elections are.

The party leadership has, therefore, concentrated for 2019 – free – the Maxim “moderation” is output. The first important election of the year, the elections to the EU Parliament in may. “It’s finally about to reach new voters,” said Francisco von Storch, a member of the party Executive, the AfD’s European election party conference in Riesa, near the Saxon capital of Dresden. Bourgeois voters must be signalled, “we are realists and not utopian”. A new realism will also have to call the party Chairman Alexander Gauland and Jörg Meuthen (photo).

If some of them go in the AfD, with this course do not agree, voluntarily, as was recently the case, Andre Poggenburg shows, after howling to the public, no one shed a tear.

AfD wants to emphasise the European Parliament, without replacement

However, the AfD has a self-conscious Mittelbau. The approximately 500 delegates to the party day, made it to the leadership is not quite as simple as that, your new smooth course. In the adopted choice of program’s a lot in there now, what the party leadership wanted.

So it should, in future, no EU Parliament to give more and differently than Meuthen, the top candidate for the European elections, wanted is also not a replacement Assembly with 100 delegates. As a justification it is said in the AfD: laws should only be in national parliaments adopted. Since it will need no Parliament at EU level. EU-the Council and the Commission should, however, remain.

According to surveys, 15 AfD members could feed into the EU-Parliament, twice as many as in the last election in 2014

But the AfD on two party days – five whole days has been used, a list of candidates for the EU Parliament, allows a conclusion: in Spite of all the enemy’s rhetoric, the AfD seems to take the EU quite seriously.

First no Dexit

Other pre-medial threatened Bang was not a majority. The AfD calls for now, but that Germany should not leak after a term from the EU – so the EU is reformed fundamentally. The AfD programme Commission had written actually into the choice program.

Party leader Alexander Gauland warned of a Dexit

Before the vote, but Gauland took the floor and warned: There is a need for a “bourgeois rational European policy, and no escapism”. The Brexit is not a model for a Dexit. Also because of German exceptionalism was the neighbors have always been “scary”.

The Option “Dexit” is still not quite off the table, but stands as an improbable Option, and without the time window in the program. However, the party leadership has nothing. Political pressure, Yes, but just no voters to scare them. In addition, a 15-percent-party such as the AfD would not have the political Power, a Dexit enforce. Also, because 70 to 80 percent of the German and the EU continue to be positive about.

With the Euro, the AfD held remains, as in other programs already on a war footing. The Euro is a failed design. Therefore, national currencies would have to be introduced again, however, parallel to the Euro.

Unlike party days before the discussions were rather quiet

AfD has nevertheless a Vision of Europe

A red thread runs through the European policy of the AfD: Europe is a Club of Nations and to economic cooperation. EU taxes, EU-army, Frontex, assistance for structurally weak countries or EU laws for food and, above all, a distribution of refugees, there will be no more.

There is even a hope, which connects the AfD with Europe. Maybe find allies that there is not among the parties in Germany so far in Brussels. However, Meuthen do not anticipate that the currently three EU-critical groups in the EU Parliament, is a large joint friends club forging.

As a potential Partner, the Lega Nord, the freedom party, Orban and the PIS will apply. “Simple however, not going to,” said Meuthen. Finally, there is, for example, in relation to Russia, or in the refugee policies of various interests.

Elections: After the spring, the autumn comes

50 pages, a lot of program – not only for the EU election

The EU-election campaign paper, the AfD is 50 pages thick and wide. It even rules for non-medical practitioners, family includes policy and foreign cultural policy. The common Image of being a One-issue party, focused on migration policy, to be corrected.

The EU offers. Finally, the criticism of the Euro rescue policy of the EU founding theme of the AfD in the year 2013. The EU-scepticism belongs to the party’s DNA.

But the program still wants more. It is in its width, which goes in Parts beyond the EU, also for the other important elections of the year 2019 written.

In the autumn will be chosen in three Eastern German States, now AfD strongholds, new countries and parliaments. The AfD could there be even the strongest force. That would be a turning point, even if no coalition will partner with the AfD could rule.

Mood before important elections

Boy AfD-politician from the Region, with family and Job and “normal” as you say, to tell, on the edge of the party day as much as they hope in this election. In the meantime, there is not a policy field, it works really well. The out-migration from the Region is still high, the mood in the Dagebliebenen bad. The media were one-sided reports. So much pessimism among young people can explain why the AfD is in the old East Germany so strong.

Sadness on the banks of the Elbe river between the cities Meißen and Riesa in Saxony

Away from the urban centers, life is drab, there are many, even in Riesa, on the beautiful river Elbe, the site of the European election Assembly, where Dresden is actually not far away. You can see it in some areas, outright, that you are AfD-high castles.