Beckedahl: “I’ve got something to hide”


The digital expert Markus Beckedahl calls for a more conscious handling of personal data. Most people are aware of the dangers of the Internet are not sufficiently aware of. There is a need for an education initiative.

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Markus Beckedahl: “I have to hide clear what to”







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Beckedahl: “I’ve got something to hide”

Ridiculous Germany in the scandal of hacked private data of well-known politicians have not just made, says Markus Beckedahl, comparable cases, there is, finally, also in other countries. New to the current data Theft, he says in a DW Interview of the week, however, is this: “We have now received for the first Time on a prominent level in many cases to see. This has now sparked a debate in society about whether we are well-equipped in terms of IT security.”

He is editor-in-chief of the blog “” and is regarded as one of the leading digital experts in Germany. And, in terms of the quality of data security in Germany, he is sceptical, If it would not be suspected of a twenty-year-old single perpetrator, but a professional Hacker, then they could – such as with espionage software – very much larger damage. In which case, op would have also looked like the authorities are in much worse shape than it already is.

The investigating authorities in the criticism, to be much too late to View each of the Victims of the Hackers followed up: “We are surprised that different stakeholders have turned, apparently, already in December to the authorities and these Bodies were not able to detect a pattern in the data leaks.” Only as many data in the Internet course, would have begun the investigation. However, the investigators had tracked down the alleged perpetrators within days.

In this determination the course of Beckedahl sees his criticism confirmed that he exercises regularly, if the German security authorities are calling for more powers to preventative measures: “Why does anyone need so much more surveillance options, if you just do his work and then also with the current possibilities?”

“The Internet has somehow fallen from the sky”

The recent data scandal on the ceiling is a fundamental Problem, says Beckedahl: namely the rather limited media competence of German – of the average citizen, as well as the politicians. “For most of us the Internet has fallen somehow from the sky. We are not become so large.” It is not rich, with the own mobile phone. “Rather, we need to really understand the responsibilities involved in the Post – the issues surrounding data security, privacy, IT security. And who teaches us this? No one.”

Excitement to data Theft: meeting of the interior Committee, January 2019

Instead of Monitoring calls Beckedahl from the state of enlightenment and is called the traffic education as an example, it has been around since the 1970s in Germany. “Where are those efforts to different target groups today, these aspects almost? Where are the large national programs, for example, on the flat country, in libraries, in people’s universities in the Generation of my parents, this armor give?” There is a lack of appropriate initiatives, complained Beckedahl, and the likely foreseeable consequences. “If we assume that everyone must put yourself with IT security issues apart, we will see many more cases like the last week. After all, who has time and the appropriate leisure?”

However, the op sees not alone the policy in the duty, but talking to the people themselves to the Conscience: “Among the population there is a high awareness for privacy is there, but in order to save a few cents, the price of each of his data at the gas station.”

Understanding of Habecks Twitter-farewell

Momentum In the debate around the digital media came erase this week by the announcement by Greens leader Robert Habeck, its Twitter Account and Facebook withdraw. In the Thuringia state election campaign, he had shared on Twitter a Video in which many met with: “We try to make everything in order that Thuringia is an open, free, liberal, democratic country, an ecological country”, it said. Not only Thuringian asked a short time after that: What the state is, so far, if not free and democratic?

It Habecks was the second faux pas on Twitter, after he had previously welcomed the weak performance of the CSU in the Bavarian Landtag elections as a return of the democracy in the state.

Digital awareness: Green-chief Robert Habeck

Network expert Beckedahl understand Habecks decision. “I can imagine that it is a big burden for many policy-makers, in a discussion and debate of culture constantly also hate delivered.” Whether the decision was wise, suggests Beckedahl, is a different question. “Because at the Moment can be reached via Facebook and Twitter a lot of people.” In addition, politicians would like Robert Habeck, a Team among themselves: “who can hunt their own messages through its own party channels out and among the people.”

“Everything can be used against me”

For its withdrawal from Facebook and Twitter, the Green-head was but a further reason: Habeck was one of the politicians whose personal data the hackers stole and published. The case we show the importance of a consciousness for the dangers of the reckless disclosure of information in the network. Because you can protect yourself from such crimes quite extensively, Beckedahl to understand. Above all, good passwords are important, certain programs called password managers that could help.

He find the memory locations for his data Wisely and think very carefully to whom he entrust what information: “I try to be as little private data as possible from me in the network, for me is always aware of: That can later be used everything against me. I have to always hide what and my privacy.”

The conversation Thomas Spahn.

Editorial Summary: Kersten Knipp.