The AfD threatens a schism?


The right-wing populists want to clean up on the ultra-right edge. One of them went himself, and founded a new party. The current AfD party Congress is not to disturb the. But there is a question mark.

Once again has chosen a group of politicians of the “Alternative for Germany” (AfD) to leave the party and form a new party. The latest spin-off has been nonetheless a novelty, a party is founded, which is situated still further to the right of the AfD.

The two spin-offs before, were reactions to a, as it was called, increased legal course of the party and understood as representations of moderate votes. 2016 Alfa “was founded” by the party chief Bernd Lucke. 2017 Amtsnachfolgerin Frauke Petry followed with the “Blue”. Both forks are now politically irrelevant. But it also lost power were always fights in the party – a content was absent of a new beginning. Nevertheless, a struggle between Radicals and Moderates has been raging since the AfD-party 2013. The result is division within the party.

First fork to the right

Now a Radical has drawn a line. Andre Poggenburg was up to his now been declared a party, a representative of the “piano exit”, as the Radical call of the AfD. He had made a steep career in the party until the AfD chief in the state of Saxony-Anhalt. However, after a racist ash Wednesday speech, he lost a lot of party friends. After he was stripped of his Offices.

Now he has founded a new party “on the move of German patriots” (AdP) and want to compete in the important state elections in the autumn in the three East German Federal States of Saxony, Brandenburg and Thuringia. He hoped that the Five-percent hurdle to skip, which determines the catchment in a Parliament.

AfD wants to moderate the civil code of the Image

The AfD threatens to be the protection of the Constitution observed. A lot of national associations try to spread a civic Image, to use layers of voters. It is in this context Poggenburg had become a danger.

According to facilitate many of the representatives of the Moderate, reacted to the beginning of a four-day party Congress of the AfD in the Federal state of Saxony. Two AfD-country chiefs said it was good for the AfD. The hope was that a few others followed him. Even in the “wings” easier to have a troublemaker less. A voluntary departure is always better. Because a party exclusion procedure, which is part of the German party law, much more difficult.

See no negative consequences for the party – Jörg Meuthen and Alexander Gauland, AfD-Chairman

The two AfD party chief Jörg Meuthen and Alexander Gauland were similar. Negative consequences for the party, both don’t see. The opportunities for Poggenburgs new party of his “hopeless”.

How many follow the name validly published?

The experience teaches that these are just slogans. That a significant number Poggenburg will follow, is unlikely. Finally, many was aware of, so it is on the outskirts of the party rally, that you could make a career only in, and not in addition to the AfD. What would not have managed two former party leaders, would not get the name validly published well.

Frauke Petry is hoping for a reboot with “the Blue”

Reminder: Self-Frauke Petry, and it had managed to split the parliamentary group. Just another politician followed her to the Blue party – now both are sitting in the plenary of the Bundestag in the very rear of the last courses. Petry now in the state of Saxony for the European and local elections in may and then to the state election in the autumn. Surveys, you can see that, although at 0.5 percent approval – but it is not excluded, that it still gets a mandate.

The name validly published is not known to have a large private network in the AfD, and might follow him now. And it is too early, make predictions, how many politicians will follow him.

It would have to be a politician in the States where elections are scheduled soon. Poggenburg was as yet little known. In his home state of Saxony-Anhalt, where you get to know him, instead of find state elections in the spring of 2021. This is, politically, a very long period of time.

The Congress of the AfD wants to adopt in addition to its candidate list for the European elections is also a program. There are voices calling for a withdrawal of Germany from the EU. The discussion could be a danger for the cohesion of the AfD more than the Causa Poggenburg.