Maduro: a Long way, controversial life’s work


Nicolás Maduro has been President for the first Time, because Hugo Chávez had chosen him as successor. Undemocratic elections enabled his second term, leading Venezuela in increasing Isolation. A Portrait.

As Hugo Chávez in 1998 was elected President of Venezuela, was Nicolás Maduro, already one of his closest Confidants. As a trade Union representative of the workers of the Caracas Metro visited Maduro “the commander” in the prison in which he served his sentence for the coup attempt, the he on 4. February had let 1992 mitveran. There, he met Cilia Flores, at the time, Hugo Chávez’s lawyer, eventually became his partner and one of the most influential figures of the “Bolivarian Revolution”.

Maduro made his debut in 1998 as a member of Chávez’s party and put on a fast-paced career. He was the speaker of the national Assembly and then Minister of foreign Affairs. As Chávez in 2012, learned that he was suffering from a serious illness, he asked his unconditional supporters, Maduro, then Vice-President continue with his work, if he should die.

Hugo Chávez, the predecessor of Nicolás Maduro to the presidency, in Venezuela is still omnipresent

The “Dolphin” Chávez

After Chávez’s death on 5. In March 2013, and after he defeated the leader of the opposition, Henrique Capriles Radonski in contested elections with less than two percent of the Vote, took over Maduro in 2013, the government. The struggle since then has been from crisis to crisis. Problems, the inherited part, and partly a result of his wrong decisions, have exacerbated the situation in the country on several fronts. Today, the population suffers from an unprecedented humanitarian crisis which is driving millions of people for several years out of the country.

Without Chávez’s Charisma, but with the same authoritarian style, away, Maduro finally, many of those who had supported him and paved the way for his own defeat. In the parliamentary elections in December 2015 – the last clean elections in the country – won seats, the Opposition of the majority of the Parliament. Since then, Maduro and the state institutions oriented on the line of the ruling Partido Socialista Unido de Venezuela (PSUV), which leads Venezuela in the insulation.

Dishonorable Legitimacy

More and more countries openly condemning the socialist Regime. To refused at the beginning of his second term in office, the organization of American States (OAS) him the recognition as the legitimate President of Paraguay from even broke diplomatic relations and imposed a ban on entry for Maduro.

He refers to the Constitution of his country, but in political practice it embodies: Nicolás Maduro

Venezuela’s President was not a traditional coup to stay in Power. He used other ways: ended the separation of powers in Venezuela, filled the prisons with political prisoners, disqualified its opponents and manipulated the electoral processes of The presidential elections of 20. May 2018 “won” it, but neither the European Union (EU) to recognize four of the ten States of the American continent this result.

Maduro is accused of, he knew that several of the Chavez-election campaigns with drug money had been financed and that high-ranking officials of the Establishment were involved in drug transactions. But so far the international sanctions limit against him on his involvement in the violent suppression of mass demonstrations in defense of the Constitution and other human rights violations.