Elbphilharmonie: the story of success is entering its third year


Two years young and not a bit boring: Hamburg’s new landmark is the world-known concert tickets for the Elbphilharmonie, still in hot demand.

Somehow, the “Elphi”, as the people of Hamburg call their famous concert hall on the river Elbe, loving seems to be in Hamburg omnipresent: whether as a four-Meter-high replica of the Museum for Hamburg history. Whether as a reproduction in miniature Wonderland, the world’s largest model railway system. Or in the Original: Spectacular is the building with the curved glass facade stands on the Pedestal of the former Kaispeicher on the Western tip of the port city. The construction of the Swiss architects Herzog & de Meuron is now in one breath with the famous Opera house in Sydney. And is a magnet for the tourists.

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#Daily Drone: Elbphilharmonie

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#Daily Drone: Elbphilharmonie

Since its opening on 11. January of 2017, the Elbphilharmonie, the whole city of Hamburg in the Top Rankings of the guide are on the rise. The house should be from the beginning an elite temple of the muses, but “A house for all”. The bill seems to have risen: The concerts have visited in the past two years, around 1.8 million people. Classical music stars such as Anne-Sophie mutter, Hélène Grimaud, Jonas Kaufmann and Daniel Barenboim occurred, but also Underground greats such as the Band “einstürzende Neubauten” or the Indie-Rock-Stars of “The National”. The Elbjazz Festival brought visitors here for the swing. The Great hall had in the past two years, an occupancy rate of around 99 percent. And, as before, is it hard to concert tickets get.

Everyday work on both sides of the glass walls: horn player Claudia Strenkert and window cleaner

Concert Highlights In 2019

Alone at the International music festival (27. April – 29. May) play with musicians from all over the world, over 50 concerts in the “Elphi”. A focus on the works of the Austro-Hungarian composer György Ligeti.

The Easter Festival (17. to 23. April), moves this time the city of Venice musically into the field of view – works by Antonio Vivaldi, and Claudio Monteverdi. Also, the Reeperbahn festival (18. to 21. September) cooperates in 2019, again with the Hamburg Philharmonic hall. And of course there is a reunion with Anne-Sophie mutter and other classic stars.

“Who was there, obviously wants to come again and again,” said Hamburg’s Senator for Culture about the musical flagship of the city. And this applies not only to the artist. In the heart of the visitors and Hamburg, the Elbphilharmonie has conquered a firm place. The Elbphilharmonie will also increase happy times on the roof, as the latest Figures of the Hamburg cultural authority documents.

The Plaza in the lofty heights of 37 meters with a wide view over the harbour

Then have visited since the opening of the Plaza to 8.5 million people, the public viewing platform in a height of 37 metres. On popular days like new year’s eve or the port’s birthday, it is there so that the visitors can see the passing ships in the harbour, hardly – although the access is regulated via Tickets.

  • Ten reasons to Hamburg

    Always in the river

    On the river Elbe, the ships travel day and night from the North sea to the port. Their Hooting, and the cries of Seagulls deliver the Sound to the morning run-through of resistant, light-coloured Sand at the water’s hem. 70 nautical miles to the sea to Cuxhaven. For new giant ships of the fairway will be dredged in the river Elbe, deeper and wider. Conservationists protest.

  • Ten reasons to Hamburg

    Music Cathedral

    Hamburg has a new landmark. Like a gigantic ship’s prow, the Elbphilharmonie is pushed into the Skyline. On the brick base of a former store cocoa in a glass structure 110 Meter swings into the sky. In January 2017, the concert hall has been opened.

  • Ten reasons to Hamburg


    To get from the North Bank of the Elbe faster in the southern port areas, was built in Hamburg, the first river tunnel on the European continent. Since 1911, it comes with driving baskets at the landing bridges in the depths. Two tiled tubes, 426.5 meters long, passing under the river Elbe. To costs on foot or by bike there is nothing. Just a little Overcome.

  • Ten reasons to Hamburg

    Everything in sight

    In the HafenCity, the largest inner-city development project in Europe, reinventing the old Hanseatic city. By 2025, here are ten of thousands of hamburgers live. From the ViewPoint in the Baakenhafen, the construction progress is to track in a 360-degree Panorama. The orange metal tower is inspired in its construction of the port cranes and the all-round view of a nautical Periscope.

  • Ten reasons to Hamburg

    Bridge capital

    How many bridges in Hamburg your city by rush, nobody knows exactly. The official statistics is one of the 2500 – more bridges than in Venice, Amsterdam or London. After the great fire of 1842, many of the wood had to be replaced bridges. With the growth of the port bridges made of cast iron and steel followed. Via the Elbe and the Alster lake, the channels and canals through the city.

  • Ten reasons to Hamburg

    Plenty Of Storage Space

    In 1888, the German Emperor Wilhelm II opened the store in town. Before Hamburg had agreed to the establishment of a free port. Storage and processing of goods were duty-free. As one of the largest warehouse complex in the world. In the Store it smells still to tea, coffee and spices. In 2015 the city by UNESCO as a world heritage site, was excellent.

  • Ten reasons to Hamburg

    My dear Swan

    Ambassador of spring in Hamburg are over one hundred city-owned swans. For your return from the winter quarters, the Office of the Swan being in 1674, a unique authority with a plan for a Swan father. With the possession of a white water birds, actually, a privilege of kings, demonstrated Hamburg its independence as a Free Hanseatic city.

  • Ten reasons to Hamburg

    Great Freedom

    In the small side street of the famous Reeperbahn, so many a sailor has brought his Heuer in just one night. In the district of St. Pauli Bars, Clubs and establishments of all types of curls. In the 1960s, discovered artists and musicians, the wicked charm of the district. With appearances at the legendary Star Club the Beatles played warm up for their world career.

  • Ten reasons to Hamburg

    Dancing Towers

    On the Reeperbahn no 1, office to dance today, high-rise buildings. The two towers with the kink in the facade of your architect as a Couple in a tango step. A reminiscence of the location in the red light Milieu. In the upper floors there is a Restaurant and a Bar. The roof terrace is accessible. From 105 meters in height, the views of the night-time harbour is great.

  • Ten reasons to Hamburg

    Boy come back soon

    The port as a place of longing no one has sung so poignantly as the singer and actor Freddy Quinn. Stranded in Hamburg, he was discovered in 1954 on the Reeperbahn. The songs from the Musical “homesick for St. Pauli” were Hits, and his records are in every Jukebox in the country. And it was all about Wanderlust, departure and farewell. Goodbye Hamburg!

    Author: Ille, Simon