Bolsonaro staged its own Telenovela


The family Bolsonaro staged their lives in the social media like a Reality Soap. From the Emergency clamp of the election campaign funds, a successful President-Telenovela.

Stage to be the dream couple of Brazilian politics: Jair Bolsonaro and his wife Michelle

On the sixth day of the Messiah rested with bare feet on the Sofa in the President’s residence Granja do Torto. Beside him, the loyal family bitch Beretta woke up. The master, with spectacles on nose, and his cell phone at the ready, poked, meanwhile, is comfortable in his social networks.

Several times a day, Jair Messias Bolsonaro communicates via its networks, or the three in the policy making sons. In the case of Facebook, you have 15 million Followers on Instagram, 16 million. Here, above the Sofa, and was released on scene to Bolsonaros the first weekend in the office. On Twitter, 6 million with read.

He had submit to Twitter “extra” to talk about Bolsonaro, confesses to Afonso Benites, a Journalist of “El País”, in an interview with DW. “This government is not to be missed.” Already the successful election campaign ran on the networks. Now its official communication as President.

According To Trumps Model

Similar to US President Donald Trump. But has it spread not necessary, his private life via social networks. The media for decades for him. The family Bolsonaro is, however, to the extent that Benites even speaks of the “tropical Kardashians”.

“A lot of people say that you have chosen him, because he is such a simple personality. As human as we are, they say. While it may seem simple, but everything is very well thought out, each step calculated,” said Benites. And to comes. “I believe that the Brazilians, the traditional, normal politician, I would.”

Of course, curiosity is in the game. “We Brazilians find it great to gain an insight into the private life of the Powerful. And when it comes to politics, it is even more exciting, because usually you get such insights never”, the political scientist Marco Aurélio Nogueira, compared to DW.

“But Bolsonaro shows thanks to its exuberant personality, just everything. He knows no Limits, distinguishes between the Private and the Public. And says what comes to him in the head.”

The perfect constellation

In addition, his life has all the necessary ingredients: three sons from previous marriages, faithful knights at his side. The young, beautiful wife, Michelle, publicly in love with the elderly President-husband. With the inauguration of the Protocol break, to hold a speech in sign language.

“A great cast for a class of Novela you,” says Nogueira. “Because the Prince with his Princess, and the three crazy Kids, one must always to order. And with Michelle, the government has to receive a humane and generous face. These are all messages that are sent to the Public.”

Bolsonaro functioning as an Influencer as well, because he is his followers are so similar: an average man, the journalist Eliane Brum, compared to the DW. “We all know people like Bolsonaro in our environment,” he adds, “neighbours, friends and relatives – everywhere there are Bolsonaros. And thanks to the Internet we have met this Person, right now, without any brake.”

Bolsonaro is in the modern world, powerless feeling, mostly white and male, people who feel deprived of feminism and the politically Correct of his freedoms. You look at his inaugural speech, he wanted to extricate “Brazil from the politically correct discourse that is an important statement, which explains why he was chosen. Bolsonaro is the in the corner pressed Brazilians,” says Brum. Wants to fight back and liberate.

Caricature of the Alpha male

In the social networks, the Bolsonaros present themselves as a tight-knit men’s community, where decorum and etiquette is regardless of the stand with weapons at the shooting range, and like Comic book super heroes stage. At the same time, but also at home at the Breakfast table full of coffee stains and bread are high-level emissaries from all over the world crumbs receive.

You stage your everyday life as subversive Rebelliousness, broadcast live on the social networks. And so the crowd at his inauguration chanted in addition to the well-known “Mito, mito” (the myth, the myth) “WhatsApp! Facebook!”.

One must understand that Bolsonaro put on the Internet, finally, he had neither great restraint in the organised civil society, even in traditional media, explains political scientist Ricardo Ismael in an interview with DW. “To win a presidential election in Brazil with such a phenomenal performance. Just like the voluntary support, which he learned in the social networks. That was extraordinary.”

Rival of TV-Globo

Now Bolsonaro write the sequel, the script of his presidency. “The script of this Telenovela is from him, is unusual and often a little oblique. As if he eats bread with sweetened condensed milk. But the people like that, because that’s original,” says Ishmael.

Especially Bolsonaros relationship with wife Michelle to get on well. “It is not an intellectual, but many women identify with her. And brings you to the feminists to a white heat,” says Ishmael. In addition, Bolsonaro show not subservient to the traditional media as the market leader TV Globo. “This is not a Telenovela from Globo, but a Telenovela from Bolsonaro. And not Globo determines what to do Bolsonaro. But Bolsonaro is determined, what Globo is allowed to report,” said Ishmael.