“Then there’s holding time, no salad”


Jachenau in the South of Bavaria is just difficult to reach. Trees at the entrance threatening to collapse under the snow load, therefore: passage forbidden! Inn operator Markus Schwaab looks in the Interview I pretty much left.

Only on this forest road Jachenau is in the urgent case, yet accessible

Deutsche Welle: When you look out the window of your Inn, how it looks outside right now?

Markus Schwaab: It is a beautiful winter landscape, from snow-plow driver pushed snow mountains – estimated to be three meters high.

Snow this time of year is not unusual. What is the Situation?

Normally, the snow is not a Problem. The main road is blocked, because trees fall over. If this were not the heavy trees, would be cleared and the road is also quite normal. For us, the winter service comes through better than in any city. The is not stopped by a parked car.

The quantity of snow in itself is not for Jachenau the Problem

Since Saturday is the place to Jachenau, in principle, snowed in because of the heavy, wet snow weighing on the trees. What limitations you’ll have to come to the Inn just right?

The guests can come or go. The street needs to be secured and trees must be cleared away so that nothing can happen when cars drive past. This is not currently given.

The weekly delivery for the village shop was launched on Wednesday by the fire Department. What is it with the supply at the Inn?

We have a couple of cool houses and our warehouse have previously been fully. This is not a Problem. Such things as salads go out now, but then there is the holding time. We do not have any fear. In addition, the last Christmas goose is not digested. We come for the weekend, and in case of emergency, you can organize something.

It is mainly the weight of the snow, which can be problematic…

What kind of support you get in the place?

If there are emergencies, the fire Department there. Then you call the mayor and organized. In the Jachenau, there is a great cohesion.

You still have guests that are not more got away?

Two are still there, their official departure, but would also be in the morning. And until morning, the world looks maybe a little different.

…once he’s down, he makes to work

How is the mood among the travelers?

The composure, because you have no time pressure. In the meantime, people were already there, the leave had to. We still have this emergency connection on the Walchensee. The open was in a time corridor, the guests really had to get out, get out came.

They had Monday and Tuesday to rest, you can enjoy the winter weather?

If you have worked 14 days in the Christmas business, then you are happy when you can relax on the Couch a bit. Skiing or the long-run, because no cross-country trails are groomed, because it is also for the trails rider too dangerous, if he had to drive with the device through the forest.

In many places the avalanche danger in the Alpine area in the Berchtesgaden country, this road was blocked

What are the weather prospects?

It snows and snows with us at the moment. We have had between 23 o’clock in the night and Thursday morning 6 am again 22 inches of new snow. This is not a light, fine powder snow, the hurts now.

Markus Schwaab leads with his wife Petra the Gasthof Jachenau. We have shown, as usual, our interview partner in the picture. Since a six-hour power outage on Sunday the Server, however, makes problems.

The Interview was conducted by Uta stone Weir.