Podcast medicine and health: The Addiction to food, alcohol and coffee


The Germans are too thick. But also around the globe, obesity is a Problem. Obesity often begins in childhood. It is difficult, the pounds that accumulate over the years, to get rid of.

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The Addiction to food, alcohol and coffee







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Medicine and health: The Addiction to food, alcohol and coffee

About half of the adults in Germany is overweight, and almost a quarter is obese, so morbidly obese. In children and adolescents is approximately 15 percent, which weigh a lot too much, and six percent are obese. The diagnosis is usually late, as well as the appropriate treatment. The should start as early as possible. A study in the USA has now come to the conclusion that the risk for obesity on the oral flora to recognize. The aim of the study was to find out what is the influence of the oral flora of the mother has on the child or on the development of the Multiple-that is, the bacteria in the gut. (Author: Birgit Magiera)

A bomb of Calories, which goes directly to the hips

The past holidays were for a lot of not good for the weight. Most of us have pretty much feasted, and perhaps a few pounds. To blame: the one or the other calorie bomb that is about to come to the table. In France, this is traditionally a Dessert with the name “Les Bùche”. For centuries, this sweet glory, is the crowning glory of every Christmas dinner. Up all the calories are reduced again, it will take probably a long time. (Author: Marcel Wagner)

Rethinking alcohol therapy

Holidays will not usually eaten too much, but often drank too much. Some people do not however limit your alcohol consumption on holidays or festivals. You are without alcohol, are dependent, you are an alcoholic. Who wants to get away from the alcohol, can’t drink anymore, not a drop of absolute abstinence as a top priority. But it is the only valid therapy no longer seems to be the form, and perhaps more alcoholics are ready to make a therapy, when the rules are so strict. (Author Jeanne Turczynski)

Sweden is the Vice world champion in coffee consumption

That coffee can be addictive, many of us know. Germany, however, is not the record holder in coffee consumption – Finland is closely followed by neighbours Sweden. Each Swede drinks about 160 to 170 liters of coffee in a year – in black, of course – of milk adulterated, according to the coffee purists the real taste. And Sweden without coffee is unthinkable! (Author: Carsten Schmiester)