Fraud in the Pro-according to betting Tennis


The Spanish police arrested a large group of suspects. A criminal gang of corrupters to Chen numerous tennis professionals best. Be manipulated matches at smaller tournaments.

In the case of a large-scale RAID, fraud in Spain a total of 15 people on suspicion of betting and match-fixing in professional Tennis has been arrested. According to a communication from the European police authority, Europol, have been ensured in the framework of the Spanish Guardia Civil carried out the action with eleven house searches, among other things, a total of 167,000 euros in cash and Computer, credit cards and vehicles.

In the scandal including 28 tennis professionals, one of whom participated in last year’s US Open should be involved according to Europol figures, a total of 83 persons. The investigation had been taken up to 2017, on the Initiative of the Anti-corruption Organisation of TIU. The game has to do with manipulation have occurred, especially in the case of lots of second-rate Tour series ITF Futures and Challenger.

Main responsible for the fraud scheme, according to authorities, a group of Armenians, who had apparently stretched a Europe-wide network, the Match-control arrangements in person and to be able to bet on different places to place. As liaison to the players, a tennis Pro acted.

asz/jst (sid, dpa)