Positive signals between China and the United States


The trade dispute between the great powers is not just a matter between Washington and Beijing. He has an impact on the world economy as a whole. Therefore, attention is paid to every Nuance. Also now in Beijing.

The US and China have made progress in talks on ending their dispute. After three days, the negotiators of the two sides ended their talks in Beijing. The round was surprisingly, it has been extended by one day, what was seen as a sign of how seriously both sides are working on a solution. Since the months of ongoing conflict dampens the mood on the financial markets and in the economy, however, drew investors in view of the conversation history in Beijing, some new courage.

Reassurance by the President

“If there are good results, it would not only be good for China and the United States. It is also good news for the world economy would be,” said China’s foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang after the conclusion of the meeting. Apparently in order to calm the markets, had U.S. President Donald Trump the day before, already announced, the negotiations were going “very well”. The United States complain of a lack of market access, product piracy, and forced technology transfer and government subsidies of China in the race for global leadership.

The US trade representative, Jeffrey D. Gerrish, when Leaving his hotel in Beijing

During the discussions, Chinese concessions, and the question of how to ensure that the Commitments are complied with. Chinese experts pointed out that the leadership in Beijing will remain especially in the case of required structural Changes in the state-run economic model of their country hard.

What the US wants

The United States also want to prevent foreign companies can be forced to transfer against their will of technology to China. In addition to the additional imports of American Goods to reduce the trade deficit with China. The USA also call for more access to the services business in China, for example, for banks, insurance companies or securities houses.

US President Trump, China’s state and party chief Xi Jinping had on 1. December temporary after the summit of the major economic powers (G20) in Buenos Aires on a kind of “truce” agreed. The United States put China in a period of up to 1. March, to show. Until then, an announcement of a further increase in the US is exposed to special duties on Chinese imports to the value of $ 200 billion from the current 10 to 25 percent.

ml/mak (rtr, dpa)