Human rights activist Ojub Titijew: A year behind bars


Ojub Titijew of the Russian human rights group Memorial, was taken in Chechnya, for alleged drug possession. His colleagues believe the case for constructed. Stock.

Ojub Titijew, a former teacher and Boxing coach, took over the management of the representation of the renowned Russian human rights organization Memorial in Chechnya in 2009. Shortly before the senior colleague, Natalia Estemirova, kidnapped and murdered.

Titijew made strong for investigations into abductions, torture and killings, the Chechen security have been accused of authorities. Also investigations of war crimes in both Wars in Chechnya were part of his focus. Finally, Titijew engaged in humanitarian matters, for example, for the reconstruction of schools in the mountain regions of the Caucasus Republic.

The defense describes his case as follows: Titijew was on the Morning of the 9. January of 2018, first of all by police officers of the village Kurtschaloj in Chechnya have been kidnapped. The police officers would have placed him in a area to compose without a Protocol of detention. There you should have tried to force him to confess that he had transported drugs. As Titijew refused, have you brought him back on a country road and an arrest staged by the road police, who then allegedly found a packet of marijuana in his car under the driver’s seat.

Memorial offices and burned out

17. January 2018 burned Unknown, the office of Memorial in the neighboring Russian Republic of Ingushetia. 19. In January, the office in the Chechen capital, Grozny, was searched, were found, where, allegedly, two marijuana cigarettes. The office got a text message with a threat and the call to close. Most of the employees of Memorial in Chechnya were forced to leave the Republic.

Burned out: the office of the human rights organization Memorial in Ingushetia

The lawyers believe that the accusation against the human rights activists, was roughly constructed. Titijew, a former athlete and a devout Muslim, was known for his opposition to drugs and alcohol. The case contains many inconsistencies, said lawyer Ilya Novikov, the DW. So all the video cameras in the police station and in police cars, to hold on to had a first arrest of Titijew and the later drugs Fund, broken. Also, all of the video cameras to be passed down to pharmacies, banks and shops in the village Kurtschaloj along the Route, the Titijew and the police. The car Titijews had been broken into in the Parking lot of the police station. A video camera, which records the journey, and a GPS Sensor had been developed. The list could continue, so Novikov.

Police officers suffer from mass-amnesia

In the process, police staff have denied that the rapid reaction Force to exist, the Titijew originally had taken. The photos in social media in an appropriate Uniform. The police insured to court, you all would have 9. January 2018 at a amnesia suffered: they were not able to remember the color of your Uniform, the car brands and its own deck name. The defence found out that there are also photos in police uniform by some of the witnesses who were the alleged drug Fund. One of the witnesses explained, these photos were a joke: His girlfriend had asked him to wear the police uniform.

Don’t want the human rights activists in Chechnya: the Chechen commander-in-chief Ramzan Kadyrov

“We see dozens of witnesses, the repeat either one after the other, a trained lie – and one sees how unpleasant it is for you. Or you can invent your own lie, something to replace the truth in this process,” said Alexander Cherkasov, Chairman of Memorial human rights centre, to the DW.

Chechnya – a No-Go Area for human rights activists?

The Chechen ruler Ramzan Kadyrov said at a Meeting with the leadership of the Ministry of interior of the Republic in August of 2018, who worked in Chechnya for human rights, was a Persona non grata, so it is undesirable. “I can’t travel to Europe and the West, so I’ll explain: human rights activists have no right to enter my territory,” said Kadyrov, who is on the sanctions lists of the EU and the USA. He had launched against such individuals “sanctions”, to be effective after the end of the process against Titijew. “I tell the human rights activists officially: After the end of the process in Chechnya is forbidden territory, as well as for terrorists and extremists”, – quotes Kadyrov, the Moscow “Novaya Gazeta”.

The process against Titijew now has beaten international high waves. The OSCE has begun an investigation of cases in which Titijew has worked. Russia was recommended to investigate the actions of the Chechen authorities. If this is not done, it threatens an international investigation. The EU Parliament has awarded in October 2018 Titijew with the Vaclav Havel prize. And the governments of Germany and France, have awarded to him in December for a common prize “For human rights and the rule of law”. The process against Titijew in Chechnya goes on.

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Russia: Ruthless against unwelcome critics

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Russia: Ruthlessly against critics