Taliban of conference diplomacy unimpressed


The variety of regional conferences for the solution of the Afghanistan conflict stands in contrast to concrete progress. The Taliban’s wait and see no reason to negotiate with the government in Kabul.

While all parties are still puzzling over how concrete the plans of US President Trump, for the deduction of a large portion of the American troops from Afghanistan, the conference diplomacy to resolve the conflict – even if so far without tangible result. Representatives of the United States and the Taliban, according to media reports, at least three times towards the end of last year. The government in Kabul was offside, because the Taliban refuse to talk to Kabul as long as US troops are in the country.

So it was at a Meeting in Abu Dhabi in mid-December, with the participation of Saudi Arabia. The Plan is to bring the Taliban and the Kabul government did not go on again: The representatives of the latter had to make it into the hotel’s lobby, outside the conference hall, comfortable. The episode, which was scheduled for next week in Riyadh, want to hold to meet the Taliban in Qatar, where their unofficial political representation. This again is a Signal that the Taliban of the Saudi efforts to move to direct talks with Kabul, holding nothing.

Pakistan Prime Imran Khan and the Turkish President Erdogan in Ankara

Erdogan is inviting you to a conference on Afghanistan in Turkey

Now it has turned on Turkey: The Turkish President Erdogan and Pakistan’s new Prime Minister Imran Khan agreed on the weekend during the inaugural visit Khan at a conference on Afghanistan with the participation of Kabul, to be held in March in Turkey.

Whether such a meeting can bring a new momentum in the peace efforts is questionable. Immorality and Mujahid, a member of the Afghan peace Council with long-standing contacts with the Taliban, said to DW: “Turkey is an important country in the Region that could affect regional issues positive. Both the Afghan government and the Islamic movement of the Taliban have good friendly relations with Turkey.”

Other observers do not expect much from the Turkish-Pakistani Initiative. Latif Arasch, political Analyst from Kabul, looks due to the likely Non-participation of the USA and Taliban as the best possible outcome of the meeting, if appropriate, the reduction of tensions between Afghanistan and Pakistan. And the Central Asia expert at the Afghan center for strategic studies, Bismillah Randschbar, says in a DW interview that “uncoordinated and hasty conferences” could not resolve the conflict in Afghanistan. “We can only hope for peace in Afghanistan, if these efforts are coordinated and in a direction to run.”

Tehran: Deputy foreign Minister Abbas Araghchi will travel in January to Afghanistan

Rapprochement between the Taliban and Iran

The Taliban have, meanwhile, not necessary to make pressure on concessions. While you control in Afghanistan, approximately half of the 407 districts, you will be courted by all sides in the talks. So their political representatives can sit in their office in Qatar or in various Pakistani cities, the best Deal out of it. The open rapprochement between the (Sunni) Taliban and the (Shiite) Iran fits. Both sides have confirmed at the beginning of the year, two rounds of talks between them, according to the Taliban, to the “post-occupation” of Afghanistan.