Car maker: In China, the music plays


Electric mobility and IT services penetrate more and more into the traditional auto industry. And from China to new competition, also built with German assistance have been threatened.

Newcomers and Startups are the long-established car sizes hot on the verses, and to give more and more of the clock, in the place of deer mitspringen. The jumps of the electric mobility provide the breakthrough, many experts are convinced. For this future-the young see themselves better equipped than the old one.

Even if you see vehicles of Tesla in Germany on the road – the American group still belongs to the new Market entrants. A functioning Routine in the production, there is not yet really, but Tesla himself dashes forward in a traditional Autoland Germany huge. “We believe that Tesla in 2019, Germany will be the clear market leader in the field of E-cars,” says Ferdinand Dudenhöffer of the University of Duisburg-Essen.

In America, the second-largest market in the world, have Tesla sold in the last three months, 25 percent more than the entire Audi brand, so Dudenhöffer in an interview with DW. “In the spring of 2019, the Model 3 is coming to Europe and then will be in Germany the Hype about Tesla new fired.”

Elon Musk at the laying of the Foundation stone for a new Tesla factory in Shanghai

Anyone who has success in China, has won

Much more important is the Chinese market, where it has invested is for Tesla. On Monday Tesla-founder Elon Musk personally laid the Foundation stone for a new Gigafactory in Shanghai. Where Tesla plans to manufacture not only the vehicles but also the necessary batteries. The end of the year there cars from Model type 3, which Musk the breakthrough on the world’s largest car market.

Chinese Startup from the German founded

Another Startup, which should have the German car maker in the eye, is the Chinese company Byton. It was founded by a former BMW Manager. There are still only prototypes, but the end of 2019 to start the series production of the electric SUV in China first for the Chinese market. The plant in Nanjing, China was almost done, said Byton-Chef Carsten Breitfeld in the “Handelsblatt” (Monday edition). Since last may, already test vehicles will be produced.

Carsten Breitfeld at CES in Las Vegas

An impression of the vehicles, to then, in the third quarter of 2020 in the U.S. and in some European markets to penetrate, you can get on the technology fair CES in Las Vegas. In the last year, Byton, had introduced a prototype of its electric SUV, the M-Byte (article image). Now the company is showing the production-ready interior of the model. The exterior Design is still not final.

Software and services instead of just sheet metal and engines

“Cars are build and sell, this is a maturing business model,” said wide field in Las Vegas. You’ll instead use – similar as in the Smartphone business – the car Hardware as a platform, to sell to the customer digital services and driving services. “This is the actual business model of the future, and we have built up the company,” said wide field of view.

For this change in Byton as a Startup see themselves better positioned as an established car companies: “A company with 150,000 or 250,000 employees, will do an extremely difficult business model to rebuild,” he believes.

A view into the Interior of the SUVs of Byton

Business in China is a matter for the boss at VW

And the Old one? Also, the traditional car manufacturers want to expand electric mobility and services, and compete accordingly in Las Vegas to attract attention. The once-in consumer electronics-oriented CES has become in recent years, more and more to an auto show. Traditionally, the focus in Las Vegas on connected cars and Autonomous Driving. In this year, including Audi, Daimler and Ford are at it again.

  • Great electric car plans from Daimler, VW and co.

    Daimler’s electric future is EQC

    The first good piece of the future product family of pure electric cars, Daimler is now presented in Stockholm. The first serve of the Stuttgart-based car manufacturer of the EQC, an electric SUV variant. Him in the coming years, with more to follow: from compact cars to luxury car. For this, billions have been invested.

  • Great electric car plans from Daimler, VW and co.

    An E-Bus from Daimler

    As the first pure electric car, the Stuttgart-based automaker brought with it the end of 2014 a B-class model on the market. It is now being produced. The first completely battery powered urban bus from Mercedes-Benz, the eCitaro (image), the end of the year at the factory in Mannheim in series.

  • Great electric car plans from Daimler, VW and co.

    Small, but electrically

    Consistently, Daimler is pushing its Smart division in the direction of electro-mobility. From 2020 onwards, only E is to be sold in Germany and Western Europe cars of the brand. The other markets to quickly follow. In the United States, Canada, and Norway will be offered for 2017, only e-Smarts. Background: Because of the Smart weighs so little, burdened he as a gas the CO2 balance sheet of the group.

  • Great electric car plans from Daimler, VW and co.

    Daimler close on the heels of

    Five days after the Daimler-presentation, arch-rival BMW for its iNext. Because we are not a newspaper, we have now only this small pencil sketch. The iNext to have a range of 700 kilometers and Autonomous driving. But only starting in 2021.

  • Great electric car plans from Daimler, VW and co.

    BMW started as a small

    The Bavarians had at least the courage, early on, an E-car to create a model number. Since the autumn of 2013 is produced of the i3 (pictured), a year later, the i8 at the Start. But it is more than that. In 2020, a battery electric car, a SAV (Sports Activity Vehicle), to come to the market. Also versions of the i8 coupe and Roadster are planned.

  • Great electric car plans from Daimler, VW and co.

    Volkswagen is already electrically

    The major competitor Volkswagen has the E-Golf and E-Up pure electric vehicles in the tender – the small E-Up car since the end of 2013, the E-Golf since the beginning of 2014. Under the pure electric Car the E-Golf is the best-selling electric car in Germany. And the future?

  • Great electric car plans from Daimler, VW and co.

    The electric VW family

    Volkswagen is currently expanding its plant in Zwickau (Saxony), there is a stand-alone electric platform is to be produced starting next year, the so-called I. D. family. In addition to a Golf-like vehicle with the Bully is to be resurrected, to then hot but I. D. Buzz.

  • Great electric car plans from Daimler, VW and co.

    Also Audi, Daimler and BMW’s electric-competition

    Just days after Daimler and BMW, Audi shows at the 17. September its electrical premium cars: an SUV. The e-tron (concept study) is Audi’s first all-electric vehicle. By 2020, an electric SUV, Coupé, a sports car and a compact car. From 2025, Audi plans to sell annually at least 800,000 electric cars and Plug-in Hybrids.

  • Great electric car plans from Daimler, VW and co.

    The epitome of the German sports car – soon electrically

    Also, Porsche is currently billions in electric mobility. The first pure electric Porsche is expected to 2020. Name: Taycan. The name comes from the Turkish. Tay is called a foal, Can stand for life or soul. Porsche translated in the “vibrant, young horse” – to match the Logo of the car manufacturer.

  • Great electric car plans from Daimler, VW and co.

    Opel wants to end between solution soon

    Opel Fans will be able to drive since 2012, electric: with the Ampera. But he is only an interim solution, because it is based on a General Motors model. Opel will have to import the car, for the EU conversion and high license fees to GM. Therefore, the new Opel owner, PSA will focus in the future on a self-developed Stromer. For 2020, a Corsa with electric drive is planned until 2022, the four e-model series.

  • Great electric car plans from Daimler, VW and co.

    Start-Ups are active on the market for electric cars

    Not only the long-established car maker with a mix of electric mobility. Only in 2015, was founded in Aachen, the e. GO Mobile AG. In March 2017, the young company presented its first serial model, e. GO Life. It was supposed to be delivered from the end of 2018 – from just 15,000 euros. The Start-up company is a spin-off of the RWTH Aachen University.

  • Great electric car plans from Daimler, VW and co.

    Deutsche Post is building E-Transporter itself

    Because of the established manufacturers have not been able to supply electric vans in large numbers, seized the German Post-the Initiative. In 2014, she took over the manufacturer StreetScooter, and developed the eponymous electric van for their own needs. Over 6000 of curves for the Post by the Republic.

  • Great electric car plans from Daimler, VW and co.

    Great German plans not met

    Well-17.200 electric vehicles were registered in the first half of 2018 in Germany, just to 16,700 Hybrid cars. This makes an increase of 51 percent compared to the previous year and a market share of 1.8 percent. Compared to China, or Norway, this is little. And the original goal to reach by 2020 a Million electric vehicles on Germany’s roads: in the distance!

  • Great electric car plans from Daimler, VW and co.

    Market breakthrough in Germany, will come

    While in China, E-cars are already widely used a lot more, experts have calculated that for Germany until 2020 with a significant increase in the market dynamics. A reason for the more stringent CO2 limit values of the EU, the need to adhere to the car maker then.

    Author: Insa Wrede

Volkswagen keeps this time away from the CES. This builders connected cars and Autonomous driving are also in the biggest German car to Drive as well as electro-mobility topics.

In China wants to compete in the Volkswagen. In order for this to work, has been made the business in the far East for the absolute-in-chief thing. On Monday, VW’s chief Executive, Herbert Diess himself took over the leadership of the China operations of the group. “The future of Volkswagen, will decide on the Chinese market,” said Diess on Monday in Beijing. Over many years of international car manufacturers have brought their technology from the outside to the Chinese market. But now, Innovation games directly more and more in China, where skills in the E-mobility or in the case of self-driving cars are already “developed,” says Diess.

With subsidies for E-cars and restrictions for internal combustion engines, the Chinese want to
Government will achieve that by 2020 at least five million cars with electric drive on China’s roads. In the past year were sold, according to estimates, around one Million cars with electric drive in China.

The air is thinner

VW has sold about 40 percent of its Cars in China. This year, the business is more difficult, because the Chinese government is car committed farmer now, a quota for the sales of electric cars to comply with. If a manufacturer is too little E-sold cars, or Hybrid, threaten him with penalties.

Also, the cake is smaller, because the growth in China is weakening. This will heighten the fight with the New the industry market share. And as for E-cars, are not established by the German manufacturer so far, so good.

A prototype of Volkswagen’s I. D. he should run from the end of 2019 in the factory in Zwickau of the tapes.

In November 2018, Volkswagen had, therefore, announced that from now on, every third Euro in the E-mobility. In the next five years, Volkswagen intends to invest 44 billion euros in electric mobility, Autonomous Driving, mobility services and digitization. The goal: electric cars by 2025 a fifth of the West European production. VW currently produces six models with battery-drive, should it be by 2025 more than 50.

Volkswagen itself was in November, still optimistic. “We will be cheaper than Tesla and we have the large economies of scale,” said group chief Herbert Diess at the time, the industry newspaper Automotive News. The platform is booked “already for 50 million electric cars, and we have procured batteries for 50 million electric cars”. Even today, when Internet companies were the most valuable company in the world, so This “my forecast is that it will be in ten or 20 years ago a car company.” Because in the end, the people would have to spend for mobility, more money than for communication. The only question is: Who of the vehicle, farmers has made until then, the race?