BVB wants to continue streak of success against Schalke


As a sovereign leader, with the best striker of the Bundesliga, Borussia Dortmund is actually a favorite in the prestigious Ruhr Derby at FC Schalke 04. But a Derby is not a game like any other.

A Derby is a Derby is a Derby. What is the table interested? “We want to try by all means to Dortmund’s first defeat to teach,” said Schalke sports Director Christian Heidel in front of the 153. Duty game-the Derby match on Saturday (kick-off 15.30 CET, DW-live Ticker from 15.15) in this Bundesliga season is still unbeaten Borussia Dortmund. The Royal Blues have as a table on the twelfth place, 19 points behind, so the distance between the two arch-rivals in front of a first half of the duel was never. “I think, in such a game, the table plays no role,” says Heidel. “The Derby is something very Special.” The the Dortmund will be similar. “Schalke has the option of using a game is very much the right move,” said BVB sporting Director Michael Zorc in front of it, underestimate the opponent. However, this risk does not exist. “Schalke could be in the 2. League play, then it would still be a difficult game,” said Dortmund midfielder Thomas Delaney.

For the past three years, no Derby victory of the BVB

Schalke’s coach, Domenico Tedesco is considering, once again, the Video from the memorable first half of the season worthy of wearing a duel out of both Teams in the last season – as an additional motivation to help, it should require this at a Derby at all: On 25. November 2017 were back to the Schalke in Dortmund at half-time with 0:4, but in the end, a 4:4 brought. The second season of Derby in Gelsenkirchen, Germany had decided the Royal blue with 2:0. “We know that we have not made it in the last season well, and want to show that we can do it better,” promises the BVB defense chief Manuel Akanji the Dortmund Fans, who for the past three years to a Derby victory for the black and yellow wait.

Last April, the Schalke coach Tedesco (2, celebrated.v.r.) the 2:0 Derby win with the Fans

Many of the failures at Schalke

Akanji, the need to suspend had in a 2:0 home win last weekend against SC Freiburg because of knee problems, is fit again. Also, the last embattled Christian Pulisic, Marcel Schmelzer and Marius Wolf reported back in time for the Derby healthy and well again, so coach Lucien Favre to the Fullest. On the other hand, it looks different. Schalke Coach Tedesco has to plan without his offensive player Mark Uth, Breel Embolo, Franco Di Santo and Cedric Teuchert. Whether the striker Guido Burgstaller (pain in tendon of Achilles) and Steven Skrzybski (hematoma in the pectoral muscle) can play, is still open.

Dortmund goal machine is running like oiled

Accurate Duo: Alcacer (left) and Reus

There is the question of who is to decide the Derby in favor of this season anyway, not particularly accurate, secure Schalke. Just 14 goals, has brought the Tedesco Team in the first 13 Games the state, including five in the last home match two weeks ago against the 1. FC Nürnberg. The Dortmund goal machine is running like oiled. With 35 goals in the Dortmund-based the is currently by far the best Offensive of the League. Alone precious Joker Paco Alcacer (10 goal of the season) and captain Marco Reus (9) together have five goals more than the entire Schalke Eleven.

Even in defeat, Dortmund’s top riders would be

No question, the Borussia is the role of the favorites. A victory on Saturday would bring the game to the early autumn championship is a giant step closer. And even in the case of the first defeat of the season, Dortmund standings, a whopping seven points would be the black and yellow in front of pursuers Borussia Mönchengladbach. But a Derby match is not a League game like any other. “It is special,” says BVB’s coach Favre, who celebrates his Derby debut. “It will be a very tough game, of course.” Defender Schmelzer, since 2008, is washed with all the Derby waters and brings the success formula to the point: “The Derby win is the team that wants it more.”

  • The mother of all derbies: Schalke against BVB

    Fog Derby

    Despite the thick fog, referee, Gerd Henning to be the referee of the Derby match, in Dortmund, in November 1966. “I’m always, when the Ball was shot in the fog, but in all honesty,” says the whistling man later. “That was exhausting, but okay.” The BVB has the better views and won 6:2. Three hits at controls Lothar Emmerich, to today’s Derby record in a game.

  • The mother of all derbies: Schalke against BVB

    Dog bite

    The Derby in Dortmund in September 1969, provides for one of the most curious scenes in the history of the Bundesliga: A dog of the security service bites the Schalke player Friedel Rausch in the most. Dortmund’s Timo who says later to the noise: “I will always be the first Bundesliga goal. And you’re the one with the dog.”

  • The mother of all derbies: Schalke against BVB

    Head to the ball to the Keepers

    Jens Lehmann (4.v.l.) a Last-Minute goal of a special kind. In the final minute in December 1997 in Dortmund, the forward rushed to the scene the goalkeeper of Schalke equalizes with a header to make it 2:2. Lehmann is one of the players that have played in derbies for both clubs: eleven for Schalke, nine for Dortmund. Record Changer between the arch-rivals.

  • The mother of all derbies: Schalke against BVB

    Penalty killer

    Frank Rost is the man of the Derby in January, 2004 in Dortmund, Germany. The Schalke goalkeeper parried two penalty kicks, a foul penalty from Jan Koller, then a hand-a penalty by Torsten Frings. Rust is preparing the ground for the 1:0 victory of the guests, the low tide Sand with his goal just before the end.

  • The mother of all derbies: Schalke against BVB

    Longest Series

    Also the Derby in December 2004 in Dortmund will be decided by a single Schalke hit, this time by Ailton (R). For the twelfth Time in a row, the king will remain blue in the Bundesliga duels against Borussia Dortmund unbeaten – the longest Derby success series.

  • The mother of all derbies: Schalke against BVB


    A bitter day, the black experience in may 2007. On the penultimate round, you lose the possible championship – ironically, at the Derby in Dortmund. Alexander Frei and Ebi Smolarek (2.v.r.) meeting for the BVB. The Schalke Christian Pander (l) and Fabian Ernst (2.v.l.) are supported.

  • The mother of all derbies: Schalke against BVB

    Catching up

    Everything seems clear at the Derby in September 2008 in Dortmund. After an hour, Schalke leads with 3:0 and hardly anyone thinks is possible, then what follows: After the connection hit of the BVB two Schalke the space to fly within five minutes. Then the 2:3 and finally, even the 3:3 compensation: thanks to a penalty goal from Alexander Frei (centre) in the penultimate Minute.

  • The mother of all derbies: Schalke against BVB

    High-risk games

    Always get violence to each other ready to followers of both clubs in the Derby. In October 2012, in Dortmund, and also a year later, in Gelsenkirchen, Germany, in serious riots. Both clubs are threatening to play in the future of Derby in front of the empty guest-curves. So far, it does not come then, however.

  • The mother of all derbies: Schalke against BVB

    Batman and Robin

    Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (l.) brings the BVB duel in February 2015 in Dortmund with 1:0 in leadership. After the goal, he turns into Batman, Marco Reus, Robin. The scoring with a mask, have come up with the two two days before the Derby. “We always try to be a bit of fun. It’s good for you”, told Reus. Dortmund win 3:0.

  • The mother of all derbies: Schalke against BVB

    Red is for the referee

    Schalke mascot “Erwin” shows referee Felix Zwayer after the last Derby, in April 2017 in Gelsenkirchen, Germany the Red card. Zwayer has denied in injury time the scarf is a hand penalty. Schalke’s protest coach Markus Weinzierl (3.v.r.) must be on the platform. The game ends 1:1. “Erwin” comes with an admonition by the DFB.

  • The mother of all derbies: Schalke against BVB

    Hot duel after the final whistle

    The 91. Derby has a lot to offer: After 4:0-halftime lead the BVB starts in the injury time of the 4:4-compensation. The Schalke celebrate this perceived victory, then, does not fit the BVB veteran Nuri Sahin (R.). It comes to bad words and a scuffle. Even though the game is already finished, see Sahin and Schalke goalkeeper Ralf Fährmann (2.v.r.) yet the Yellow card.

  • The mother of all derbies: Schalke against BVB

    Derby balance is almost balanced

    In front of the 93. Duel in the League are Schalke and Dortmund in the balance sheet is almost equal. 31-the Royal blue, 32 have so far won-once won, the Black-and-Yellow, 29 times it was a draw. Overall, it is the 153. Duty game Derby between the neighbours since 1925. In the overall balance of the Schalke: 59 S04-Siegen 51 down to 42 draw were against BVB.

    Author: Stefan Nestler