Christmas imperfect


The advent time has started – as the preparations for Christmas are already running at full speed. Finally, Yes, everything should be perfect.


“A wedding Ceremony when all goes well, the you forget. But if something goes wrong, because all the talk for decades about it later“, calms the Catholic priest, the bride and groom. You a Catholic, he a Protestant, both very young, want to make the wedding Ceremony everything right. You get married in a Catholic Church with a priest and a Protestant pastor, will preach the sermon. Both families with their different denominations are satisfied. Now they are sitting together here with the priest and the pastor of the Traugespräch. And everything want to plan to the smallest Detail. Thus, it is an absolutely perfect wedding Ceremony. The pastor and the priest smile, and blink. He is clear: Here is a little bit of pressure needs to be taken out. And so the priest refers to the fact that the Glitches weddings are often much more entertaining than a perfect ceremony. And his Evangelical colleague, a true. Both begin to tell the story of the little mishaps and funny glitches that you have experienced, and how the families and friends of the bride and groom have to smile. With these mishaps, the Festival is unique, not a poor imitation of a stage of Mature production. Can’t plan to get to the funny stories now. But it is also not bad, if you happen to.


The Christmas story – a Story full of glitches

So how to get out of family events, where something is wrong, even years later, speaks, speaks about Christmas, especially today, because it is at the core of a completely unperfektes event. What is true for this big day in a couple’s life, also applies to Christmas. Since everything is planned, should be perfect. The Sauerbraten like grandma’s resting for days in Laurel, vinegar and juniper berries. The goose with red cabbage is supposed to taste like aunt Martha. The Apple fritter is perfectly cooked to be with, knobs of Butter and a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Round and beautiful, what you buy now extra a scoop of ice cream shapers.