Mafia expert: “Mafia skilful as Arab Clans”


The police in Germany and a number of other countries has led to a comprehensive strike against the ‘Ndragheta. The Mafia expert, Petra Reski explains why the battle was so little successful.

DW: Ms. Reski, how big is the Problem of the Mafia is in Germany?

Reski: The Problem is massive, and have been for 40 years. I am only surprised that you’re lost in Germany in a deep sleep, from which one awakes in a cold only from time to time, when, once again, a great blow to the Mafia, but otherwise, to the legal gaps through which the Mafia slips, nothing changes.

Why choose the Mafia just Germany?

The Mafia likes to go where the economy works best, and Germany is almost the only country in Europe where the economy is humming properly. Therefore, Germany is for the Mafia very interesting. Large-scale public construction projects, for example, in Italy, there are almost no more. But in Germany, and as it is.

What is this dark business?

We take the Baumafia, there is a letter-box entity, because there are illegal workers, using inferior materials. In Germany, but is not referred to the Mafia as the Mafia, but as a company that works with illegal means.

That is, you believe that in Germany much of the Mafia is not infiltrated, what is not known?

Clearly. This is not my personal conjecture, but the identification documents.

Reski: Germany is in deep sleep

The police has now hit in different countries. Like here the Mafia Connections?

The ‘Ndrangheta has the organisational advantage, you can form Clans. It is distributed worldwide, there is practically no country in the world, where the ‘Ndrangheta is present.

And the runs over the family clan?

Yes and no. It’s not like that in the Clans only members of the family will be included, but the ‘Ndrangheta is based largely on ties of blood. This has the great advantage, that of blood relatives is not so easy and mutually betrayed.

What can you do to put the Mafia?

You have to make sensible laws, and must not turn a blind eye, but that is exactly what has been done in Germany for 40 years. I have not heard any German politician would have ever taken the word Mafia in the mouth, unless he had simultaneously referred to the word “retreat”. That should tell you the Deutschan then, in Germany, the mafia, and came to rest only by their deeds but found nothing. This has, however, voted never. I wish for a political commitment against the Mafia, but I have seen it in Germany, never in any party.

Of which laws apply to you, you would have to change speak?

I speak particularly of the laws against money laundering. The biggest Problem for the German investigators, the lack of reversal of burden of proof, and this is despite a recent amendment of the law is. Unlike in Italy, where the Investor must prove that his money comes from clean sources, you must prove in Germany the police officer that the money comes from unclean sources. In addition, the occasion of independent investigations. That is, the policeman must have been from the state’s attorney’s permission, that he can detect. The mere suspicion is not enough. This is, of course, a letter of invitation. Also, each Italian Anti-Mafia Prosecutor says.

The police in Germany is now increasingly against Arab Clans. There are Parallels to the Italian Mafia?

In the case of the Arab Clans, the difference lies in the fact that they violence are massive and visually present, and the concern in a logical way, the average German citizen. As the politician has an interest, to take action to distinguish himself as someone who is against such Clans. Whereas the Italian Mafia, which has a much longer experience, not so stupid, with acts of violence, such as blown-up cars to blend in, but you make it much more skillful and therefore cope with the politics much better.

Have you been living many years in Italy. It is there with the Mafia better?

In Italy, at least, the consciousness has become better. This is the big difference to Germany. This also has to do with the lack of Information about the Mafia in Germany. Every Journalist who reported on the Mafia in Germany, and also names to be called, was sued every Time and each time lost in the process. I’m one of them. And then the editors lose the desire to report on such things, and then the citizens know nothing about the Mafia in his country. It is different in Italy. In Italy, the one who wants to learn something about the Mafia can know really something.


The German journalist and writer Petra Reski has written several non-fiction books and novels about the Mafia. She lives in Italy.