German car maker praise Meeting with Trump


After a meeting of representatives of three major German car companies in the White house optimism that U.S. auto tariffs to the EU-countries can be avoided. BMW and Daimler-rated the Meeting positively.

Volkswagen chief Diess after the Meeting with Trump information

“We made a big step forward in order to avoid the car duties,” said the Chairman of the Board of Volkswagen AG, Herbert Diess, after the conversation in Washington. Diess, Daimler CEO Dieter Zetsche and BMW’s chief financial officer, Nicolas Peter spoke separately with representatives of the US Administration. Then there was a common, about a half-hour session with President Donald Trump, the Ambassador of Germany in Washington, Emily Haber also took part.

Diess spoke of a “compelling investment program” that can produce the Volkswagen in the United States. “The President has a point, if he wants to convince us to invest more and we are willing to invest more,” said Diess. Also, Zetsche said, Trump have responded positively to the concepts presented by Daimler. This stressed that the construction of a new Volkswagen plant, as well as collaborations with the US car maker Ford, which together, among other things, the Pick-Ups should be built, and the software giant Microsoft. “I think it’s to much, there are many jobs in question, if the President would really impose 25 percent duties”, – said Diess.

BMW wants to create 1000 Jobs

BMW announced to invest from 2018 to 2021, a further 600 million dollars in the production facility in Spartanburg in state of South Carolina. This would have created another 1000 jobs. Overall, safe BMW almost 70,000 jobs in the United States. As previously announced, check BMW also the development of a further site to drive manufacturing in the United States.

The White house said only, Trump had stated at the Meeting his “Vision”, that “all the car should produce farmer in the United States.” The participation of Trumps in the discussions with the managers of BMW, Daimler and Volkswagen had been in the short term, announced by the White house. Originally only talks with trade Minister Wilbur Ross, the trade of goods, according to information from well-informed circles, Robert Lighthizer, as well as Trumps economic officer recognized Advisor Larry Kudlow.

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Audience of German car bosses in the White house

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Audience of German car bosses in the White house

Ross wants to strengthen domestic production

US trade Minister Wilbur Ross had called on the German car maker previously to more production in the United States. The goal is to reduce the US trade deficit with Germany in the case of cars and car parts, said Ross. The associated “hopefully, with increased production in the United States.” It is important to get a big part of the future electric car production in the States, according to the Minister.

Trump the high volume of German car imports in the United States is a thorn in the eye, as they are the main factor for the high deficit of his country in trade with Germany. Its threat of punitive tariffs on EU car imports is aimed so especially against the German manufacturer. The threat is in spite of the ongoing trade talks between the US and the EU are far from the table. The visit of the US government is a tightrope walk, as the three German auto companies are not authorized to operate trade policy. Formally, the negotiation of sovereignty over the issue of trade at the EU Commission.

Observers evaluated the reception of the German car maker in the White house as an attempt by trump to drive a wedge between the company and the responsible for trade policy of the EU institutions. The Chairman of the transport Committee in the Bundestag, Cem Özdemir (Green party), warned the company in the “Passauer Neue Presse” against the US President “as a gap mushroom use”.

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