“Africa Positive”: A German-African voices celebrates birthday


“Africa Positive” is not only a magazine, but required reading for many Africans and Africa interested in Germany. Now, she is 20 years old – also a special Moment for your founder of Veye Tatah.

20 years ago, Veye founded Tatah “Africa Positive”

You can’t help it, says Veye Tatah: the Problem wants you to solve it. A setting of “Africa Positive” owes its existence to. 19-Tatah-for-computer-science-course of study moved to Germany. It went to Africa, were the images on the television always the same: starving children, armed rebels. “I was shocked when I saw the negative images of Africa in the media. I asked myself immediately, what can I do to show the German Public that Africa has a lot of other pages,” says the 48-year-old in the DW-Interview.

“Africa Positive” is intended to convey a different image of Africa. Until today, the editorial staff works on a voluntary basis. Every three months a new edition appears, some 10,000 copies will be printed. “Africa Positive” is supposed to be a bridge, says Tatah: “We want to bring the positive values of Africa and the positive values of Germany and the people on both sides to clarify about it”. Accordingly, the selection of topics: from current African policy, on Portraits of African hopefuls to fashion and culture. The project has long been an Institution in the African Community.

“Africa Positive” to show a balanced image of Africa

Until today, Africa Positive is not””, and its headquarters is in a metropolis such as Berlin, Hamburg or Munich. The magazine is still in Dortmund, a former mining town in the Ruhr area: about 600,000 inhabitants, more than 12,000 of them are from Africa or have African roots. “Africa Positive” is an integral part of African life in the city, not only as a magazine.

The best of two worlds

The Association of the same Name, operates a variety of projects, including women and youth groups. Wele Matuke, 16 years old, for five years in the case of “Africa Positive”. Their parents come from Cameroon, for 11 years in Dortmund at home. “I think that’s a great thing, because I can learn my culture, my continent in a positive light. Many of my classmates have foreign roots, but don’t know their cultures at all,” she says to DW.

The own culture, the know own home and appreciate – for Veye Tatah is the one side of the Integration. But it is also a second part for you: “to live In Germany is, to do many things such as the Germans, when you find friends or want to understand how this country works.”

Wele Ndeme Matuke is for five years in honorary capacity

‘You have to start with yourself’

With her mixture of charm and tenacity has developed Tatah long been a leader of the African Community, the listening, even the Federal President. In 2010, she received the Federal cross of merit. “The goal of all our activities is that people are strengthened, that you develop a Vision of where you want to go on with their lives,” says Tatah. “If you want to change a life, you must begin with ourselves and not wait that someone comes and the for a does. This is the message of ‘Africa Positive'”. In order to convey to you, the invites, the Association, for example, a successful German immigrant who explain to the young people of your club the secret of their career.

The instinct for Trends is all she has left after 20 years. The latest part of your club, the “Africa-Institute for media, Migration and development”. Thus, Africa has a Positive wants to explore”,” together with its partners, the Migration from Africa to Germany, but also potential migrants to enlighten. “We want to share our experiences with people in Africa. It comes, to build bridges,” says Tatah. Build bridges, cultures, solve problems – there it is again, your life theme and the Vision of “Africa Positive”.

Staff: Thomas Mösch