Way of St. James reports again pilgrims record


The Spanish Camino de Santiago again reports a record number of pilgrims. By the end of November, more than 317.000 Incoming received on the alleged tomb of the Apostle James in Santiago de Compostela, your document.

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Pilgrims on the Camino de Santiago

Already from the previous record figures from 2017 (301.036), 2016 (278.041) and James, 2010 (272.417) considerably exceeded. At the end of December, the total number is expected to reach, according to estimates of 330,000, it said. The James of the year is when the feast day of the Apostle, of the 25. July, falls on a Sunday.

The strongest inflow prevailed, therefore, in August, when on average each day, nearly 3,000 pilgrims, the borders of the North-West passed through Spanish town. A prerequisite for the preservation of the pilgrim’s certificate is to be able to by the stamp in your pilgrim’s passport to prove that at least the last 100 kilometers to Santiago on foot or to have the final 200 kilometers of the bike completed.

Classic routes is the “French way” from the Pyrenees via Burgos and Leon, but the rise of the “Northern route”, the broadly parallel to the Spanish Atlantic coast, and from Portugal, the “Portuguese way”.

The new record year 2018 once more the reputation of the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage route as probably the most famous Christian pilgrimage in the world the route solidified. Currently, the eyes are already on the next James year 2021. At least then there is likely to be the next huge thrust.

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  • A small story of the pilgrimage

    More and more want to be away

    The pilgrimage is not booming, it is only since the book “I’m off” of the comedian, author and actor Hape Kerkeling. In it, he documented in 2006, his pilgrimage on the Camino de Santiago to Santiago de Compostela. No, experts say that since the 1970s, the willingness of the spirit has being on the move in the Christian Tradition in many countries increased significantly.

  • A small story of the pilgrimage

    Beyond the Ackers go

    The word pilgrim goes back to the Latin term “Peregrinus”. The in turn is comprised of “per” (through, by) and “ager” (field). Accordingly, a peregrine/pilgrim is someone who makes his way “across the field” (ager), or the field, or across the country. The word pilgrimage (“peregrinari”) stands for “Hiking”, “on the road“ or “the Stranger”.

  • A small story of the pilgrimage

    Pilgrims are Strangers

    Who let the familiar domestic plaice behind, was a Stranger, and his pilgrimage a Trip into the Strange and thus into the Unknown. Thus, the pilgrimage is already a long Tradition. Already Abraham, the progenitor of Israel, and the Arabs, should be withdrawn before the estimated four millennia, with his family, in the Stranger, so it is reported, for example, the Old Testament of the Bible.

  • A small story of the pilgrimage

    Pilgrim Magnet Holy Land

    From about the year 325, a great Christian pilgrimage boom to the Holy Land and to Jerusalem to walk in the footsteps of Jesus. The discovery of the alleged cross on which Jesus died, was firing the initial, that people wanted to operate in this way, a kind of follow – up, in a sense, praying with the feet. Here is the Church of the Holy sepulchre in Jerusalem.

  • A small story of the pilgrimage

    Aimless Pilgrimage Routes

    Some of the early Christian monks but they are not on a pilgrimage, to reach a certain place. Wall monks, the desert fathers in the late 3rd Century are unique to the Middle East, went into the distance, to go the distance. It was not important to them, somewhere to arrive, but to be on the road. Until today, there are pilgrimage routes, which are pure around way.

  • A small story of the pilgrimage

    Effort against sin, forgiveness

    Up to the middle ages, the shape of the pilgrimage varied several times. So the pilgrimage was not only a journey into the Strange, rather, believers in certain places visited, such as Jerusalem, Rome, or the tomb of St. James in Santiago de Compostela. One of the main motivations was to get the drain of Sins. This aspect plays in today’s pilgrims barely more of a role.

  • A small story of the pilgrimage

    Pilgrims a “fool’s work”

    After the Reformation (1517) went back to the pilgrims. For Martin Luther, the founder of the Protestant faith, was can earn the pilgrims a “fool’s work”, by the no one soul’s salvation. The enlightenment and an increasing rationalism did the Rest. In pietism, but the pilgrims spirit was often, by understanding the way of life of the Christians as a kind of pilgrimage to salvation.

  • A small story of the pilgrimage

    Wall instead of pilgrims

    It was popular then, the pilgrimage in the sense of a Pilgrimage, to learn in a particular place, particular healing, or even healing. The concepts of pilgrims and Pilgrimage are often mixed up and don’t disconnect. In the Evangelical Church, is meant by the pilgrims in the district of pilgrims to the objectives of the old Pilgrims. Wall driving means, rather, a “Holy” place in the vicinity.

  • A small story of the pilgrimage

    Support and advice

    In Germany and Europe, the pilgrimage routes are still marked by Christian culture. There used to be, according to the corresponding stages of monasteries in which the pilgrims could rest. There you have to know also prayer and the assistance of the monks. Today, there is a trained pilgrims ‘ companion, the advise people in questions that take you on the often arduous path.

  • A small story of the pilgrimage


    Today’s pilgrims specialists say: The pilgrimage begins on our own doorstep. Successful he was, when the pilgrims go on his way and the normal of the horizon in excess. This is not only the spatial, but also the spiritual horizons, which had to be exceeded. In order to reach a clarification in the heart and in the soul, whether the Release is important.

  • A small story of the pilgrimage

    Running relaxes the thoughts

    It is clear that the pilgrims exerts a great fascination on, more and more people, the religious are unbound. One reason the interviews may be on-the-go. Talking while walking is not confrontational, but one has to say a common goal, a common direction of view and a lot of fans in the brain, when the feet are moving, pilgrim.

  • A small story of the pilgrimage

    Target Experience

    Whoever sets out on a pilgrimage, must the want. The Camino de Santiago, Europe route most pilgrims, offers on its stages by many countries, and numerous opportunities for Reflection, encounter and relaxation. And who arrives from the sign of the scallop shell navigated, the destination of Santiago de Compostela, for the troubles and hardships of the trail come soon in the Background.

    Author: Klaus Krämer