Live Ticker: Frankfurt – Wolfsburg


Entertaining, the first game in this First Advent. And the second? Eintracht have won ten of their last eleven games, with an incredible goal difference. The opponent today: Wolfsburg. Our Live Ticker For This!



HALF – Wolfsburg’s coach Labbadia seems to have his Team very well on the harmony set to have. The Frankfurter have made incredible pressure, but the VfL has remained quiet and has one of his very few opportunities in Person from Mehmedi.

40. Minute: Frankfurt is difficult, the gap in Wolfsburg’s defence to find. Wolfsburg plays very mellow and quiet.

34. Minute – YELLOW CARD: Quite heated, with the game currently. After a two-fight (Hasebe pushes Weghorst in Kostic) will be Wolfsburg’s substitute goalkeeper PERVAND louder and sees the card.

31. Minute GOAL: This is something of a surprise. The guests go in the lead thanks to a goal from MEHMEDI. Ginczek with the pass and the Swiss shoots from the left into the far corner for the third goal of the season.

28. Minute – YELLOW CARD Which sees Wolfsburg WEGHORST for a Foul on Hasebe.

25. Minute: Weghorst with the Chance. He pulls in the left penalty area and hits the crossbar. Because he has good the players are. Shortly before Frankfurt came on the right side. But the head ball of Joviv misses to the left of the goal.


Cross from the right. Jovic gets his head to the ball eleven yards in front of the goal. Left over.

24. Minute: Time an offensive action of the guests – But the flat bills is not precise enough. Since there is only a throw-in.

19. Minute: Wolfsburg comes out of their own half out. From the Standards of the harmony to be. All goal-scoring opportunities from the game.

13. Minute: Kostic from the left with a good pass. But both Haller as well as Jovic room to miss on five metres of the Ball. Shortly after, it is back to Kostic, the beginning of a good scoring chance. But de Guzmann doesn’t hit the Ball properly. Post.

10. Minute – YELLOW CARDS: Because he be in the penalty-Yes-or-no-decision is introduced, it is Wolfsburg’s players BROOKS shown a yellow card. shortly afterwards, see also FERNANDES Yellow, because he’s back in Roussillon clean sliding tackle.

9. Minute: Penalty? Haller extended with the hoe on Rebic. Wants to take the Ball with the chest, but Willam is a leg there. The Croat is a bit of a theatrical fall. Referee Stegemann has radio contact with the Video wizard. And there is a free kick to the penalty area border. The advantage of the hosts, however, are not.

7. Minute: Frankfurt here as expected the pressure, but Wolfsburg is so far back very well. Corner for the hosts, but also clarifies the VfL.

3. Minute: the first completion of the game: Kostic draws from the left-hand side, the Ball goes over the goal.


At 17:54: Haller, and Jovic each nine Bundesliga goals in the process. And Rebic shoots slowly warm.
Frankfurt: Trapp – Russ, Hasebe, Ndicka – de Guzman, Fernandes da Costa, Kostic – Rebic – Haller, Jovic.

VfL-coach Labbadia does not want to focus alone on the 3 attacking players: “We know what awaits us. You do really well, you must not reduce it only to the three top-striker.” The List:
Wolfsburg: Casteels – William Knoche, Brooks, Roussillon – Arnold – Gerhardt, Rexhbecaj – Mehmedi – Ginczek, Weghorst.

17:48 PM: The harmony is impressive through the group stage of the Europa League stormed and as a group the first knockout round reached. Self-confidence is big for the hosts.

At 17:45: Currently, Eintracht Frankfurt table to fifth, but with a win due to better goal difference to Mönchengladbach over on court two. In focus again: The three torhungrigen offensive player Jovic, Rebic, and Haller. The VfL Wolfsburg is ten.


RB Leipzig the Bundesliga match against Borussia Mönchengladbach 2:0 (2:0). The lawn ball sports club, thanks to the Heimsiegs only a point behind second-placed Gladbachern. Man of the day, football player Timo Werner. The 22-Year-old scored in the 3. Minute and the injury time of the first half of the two goals for the hosts. The Leipzig finished the game, so your small result crisis of the last two duty-defeats. Gladbach have after the third season defeat already seven points behind League leaders Borussia Dortmund.

The final WHISTLE

90.+1 Minute, CHANGE: a Big round of applause for the double goal scorer Werner. CUNHA is now for the national players on the lawn. Shortly afterwards, Poulsen over curls the Ball just wide of the BVB goal.

90. Minute: In the pouring rain trying Mönchengladbach again and again, but it looks not so from, as if Borussia still have a goal to succeed. A symbol of this: The corner of the Gladbach, ends up in the.

85. Minute: Also Dortmund’s former playmaker Raffael is not a lot of. Five minutes of regular time.

81. Minute: mönchengladbach striker helps Leipzig’s goalkeeper Gulácis, because he with his big goalie gloves its open Shoe tie. The Frenchman helps out. It’s the home Fans ‘ applause. Shortly afterwards a long Ball on the Plea, of the shoots but only the fast-approaching Guláci. Previously had the Chance on the other hand, Sabitzer, but the Ball was not placed enough so that the summer could hold on to the Ball.

79. Minute: Leipzig is defending well here and leaves hardly anything to the imagination. The guests would have to play with more pace, but today it’s not working apparently.

77. Minute – EXCHANGE: Long and Wendt have to get out, CUISANCE , and RAPHAEL is now for momentum.

76. Minute: Long Ball to Plea, but Konaté is quick and pushes the Gladbacher. Whether or not this was legal?

74. Minute – YELLOW CARD: UPAMECANO keeps the foot as Stindl shoot wants.

73. Minute: free kick to Leipzig from the Central Position, but the shot goes right into the gallery wall. Phew, now Mönchengladbach, but real action.

69. Minute CHANGE: this Time, in Leipzig. LAIMER replaces Bruma.

68. Min: Hazard attempts a shot from the penalty area, but goalkeeper Gulacsi can parry. Faster counter of the Leipzig, but the cross from the right and the summer brings. Mönchengladbach has lost no ideas in the attacking game and light balls. So you can rotate of course, no game.

65. Minute: Now is Mönchengladbach again, a little stronger, but the guests must now, more to come, if you still have the Chance to, here is a point to take home. But so far, the Borussia in attack and unlucky, and in the passing game is not as strong as usual.

60. Minute CHANGE: the first of The match, and takes on Gladbach’s coach Hecking. He sends TRAORÉ on the lawn. Neuhaus goes down.

56. Minute: Free Kick Leipzig. Sabitzer takes the and goalkeeper in the summer, do not need to stretch so that the Ball goes into the left corner. Currently, the lawn ball sports club once again dominated the game.

53. Min: Bruma sends neck tenberg, gets to the Ball just before the Off and whips him in. But Sabitzer is detained in the penalty area the middle of on the financial statements.

51. Minute: Plea tunnels a against player to the left of the corner flag and fits on Hazard. The tried it myself, but the angle is very acute, and the Ball wriggles only in the external network.

49. Minute: Long Ball on Sabitzer on the right, shoots from a tight angle, but the Ball is no Problem for goalkeeper summer. Leipzig starts to perk up again. The question is: Mönchengladbach ran again?


Mid – term What for a fast-paced and entertaining game with chances on both sides. The hosts, however, are much more consistent in the financial statements. We look forward to the second half.

45.+1 Minute – GOAL ⚽: Mönchengladbach under now run in the offensive efforts, far too many errors. A long Ball defeats the mönchengladbach defence, Poulsen plays around the onrushing goalkeeper in the summer, stumbles, so does WERNER, kicking the Ball into the empty goal pushes.

Double pack of the national player. Here, Werner (R.) pushes into the empty goal

44. Minute: Werner Tempo on the left and hangs Long and Jantschke. Because he is not a play station, he pulls in from a tight angle. Goalkeeper summer is on the spot. The corner is dangerous, ultimately, Sabitzer but a little too far to the left.

41. Minute: Because of Werner, but pretty much alone in the penalty area. He places the Ball on the volley and want to pull it off. Strobl goes in between. That was a dangerous Situation. Shortly thereafter, Sabitzer takes the opposing penalty area the Ball badly, otherwise it would probably have been the second goal of the hosts. Then: A long Ball from goalkeeper to Wendt on the left-hand side. The crosses in, but there is a Leipzig toe before Plea on the Ball.

37. Minute: Huih – there had to be goalkeeper in the summer to watch out for. Sabitzer shoots from the right-hand side and aims at the near post. But the Austrians hits the side netting. Shortly thereafter, a dangerous edge of Leipzig, the final man disarmed.

35. Minute – YELLOW CARD: this Time she sees a mönchengladbach, the captain: STINDL. But here, too, the referee Schmidt pulls out much too fast. Demme is theatrical on the ground.

31. Minute: Now Leipzig withdrawn, the guests leave the Ball in their own ranks to circulate. Cross from the right and Wendt and in the penalty area the middle comes Stindl to head to the ball. Goalkeeper Gulácsi can parry, the rebound wants to use Hazard, but Konaté throw in the Ball and blocks it.

27. Minute – YELLOW CARD: The looks of Leipzig DEMME, is a little exaggerated, he has Hazard only easy on the feet touched. A free-kick for Mönchengladbach from the right side. Wendt takes over the. The Swede plays a high Ball straight into the arms of the city of Leipzig goalkeeper Gulácsi.

21. Minute: Stindl with the Chance. A long Ball from Hazard in the penalty area, the midfielder plays towards the approaching goalkeeper Gulácsi but directly in the legs. The guests play out now more opportunities, are not clarified yet, as in the past Games.

17. Min: Beautiful Lupfer on Hazard, but Leipzig’s goalkeeper Gulácsi fits. on. It is a lively game is now. At the gate, it remains to be determined.Shortly after that, Leipzig has a Chance, as Werner from the left side of the penalty area to fit, and the Keeper of the summer, can save the Ball just with the Finger in front of the in skidding Poulsen.

14. Min: a great Tackle from Elvedi – the Swiss makes on the Defensive very well so far.

12. Minute: Slow may Mönchengladbach free and comes by Zakaria and Neuhaus after all – even if harmless – to the financial statements.

9. Minute: The lawn ball sport is the Ball well in their own ranks to run. Elvedi is defined against Werner in the last second in the penalty area – good sliding tackle. The corner not be able to use the host, but Mönchengladbach looks at the defense, very haphazard. At all it is in the Hecking-Eleven currently: Haupstache get the Ball from the own penalty area out.

6. Minute: Leipzig the right pressure. Mönchengladbach is not yet in your game.

3. Minute GOAL ⚽: Yes, a Tradition, an early goal at Borussia. This time, it takes at least two minutes and five seconds. Werner Sabitzer in the double-pass and WERNER shoots the Ball in the bottom left into the far corner.

1. Minute: Loud whistles concert, from the visitors ‘ block, so that their Protest against the lawn ball sports expressions, and against the Monday games.


15:25 PM: The weather is typically wet and cold. Who of the two Top Teams slips today?

At 15:21: Leipzig was on Thursday from the Europa League eliminated and may now be completely on the League to focus on. Goalkeeper Gulácis has played in this season, already six Times to Zero – this is the best League value. Whether that works against the offensive-friendly guests today? In case of a victory of Leipzig would come to a point at the mönchengladbach-based approach.

At 15:18: orbital and maxillary fracture – diagnostic at Gladbach defender Ginter. In the last game against Hannover, the national team player was hit with a players together, and take some time. The List:
Borussia: Summer. Long. Strobl. Zakaria. Hazard. Sindl. Plea. . Jantschke. Elvedi. Neuhaus.

In their own stadium, the lawn ball sport is still unbeaten (Four wins, two draws). Coach Hasenhüttl familiar today, these eleven professionals:
Leipzig: Gulácsi. Upamecano. Konaté. Sabitzer. Poulsen. Werner. Monastery man. Bruma. Neck tenberg. Demme, Kampl.

At 15:16: Two attractive lots are available today at: The lawn ball sport Leipzig, currently tables-Fifth expected the Second, Borussia Mönchengladbach – in the case of the two offensive joyful Teams we hope for many goals. Then later still has Eintracht Frankfurt have the Chance to pull at least a draw against Wolfsburg to the German record champion Bayern Munich.

At 15:15: welcome to the DW-live Ticker!