Lukebakio alone is not enough


Fortuna Düsseldorf missed it, after the highly acclaimed point of Munich against Mainz to set. In the first half, the Fortunen dominate – also thanks to Dodi Lukebakio. But that is not enough.

Rouwen Hennings delivered to the microphone of the “Eurosport” is the perfect summary: “The Bayern game is forgotten, but we have maintained the momentum,” said the disappointed düsseldorf striker after the unlucky 0:1 against Mainz. Previously, the düsseldorf audience had seen a game that Hennings and his comrades may well have won, in the face of a relegation fight would actually have to win.

Coach Friedhelm Funkel has said about the TV stations a “completely unnecessary defeat.” Absolutely true, you have to say. Such unnecessary failures provide is commonly more annoyance than those in which it is the opponent, so as the Fortuna weeks, clearly inferior. However, if the grudge has been placed in the Trainer and the Team, will remain the realization that it can work in the Bundesliga, but next Time better need to (keyword: chances).

Sense world the other way: Today, the Brand Team needed to make the game to use instead of bidding space, and failed to take it. However, not miserably, but unnecessarily, more to himself than to the opponent. In football, the Team was able to confirm, namely, at least in the first half, the recent Trend is clear. The focus here was on top of the Dodi Lukebakio.

Funkels Move

Because hand-in-hand with the previous Successes of the Fortuna is a measure of coach Friedhelm Funkel, who had ordered the 4:1 home victory against Hertha Lukebakio in the top of the table. And since then, you see a completely different, more confident and more powerful in düsseldorf offensive game. Against Berlin Sparkle on bot the Belgians, had also shown previously by no means weak performances, for the first time in the top of the table. Since then, the Leistungskuve goes up Four points, and 7:4 goals from the two Games before, to beech.

This was a major part of Lukebakio was also against Mainz in the first round is always playable, and the focal point of the düsseldorf – based offensive game. This Time, however, with a lack of chances and partially inaccurate final balls. And yet: “The hope of Fortuna from the fall that had collected between the end of September and beginning of November, a whole six defeats in the League and to stagger some of them are helpless in the direction of descent seemed to loose the case” despite the bitter defeat, for the Moment, history felt.

Lukebakio replaced

After his three goals in Munich, düsseldorf, Lukebakio against Mainz brought only part of a result to be able

A good first half with more defensive stability, vibrancy of the offensive game, and a highly active Lukebakio was not beautiful to look at, enough for the Team ultimately. Because neither Lukebakio, in the 68. Minute was replaced, nor anyone else in the Team could initiate in the second pass, some impact to the front. You can say the same for Mainz even over long distances.

But the guests, temporarily on a table of eight, were on the spot, as the Chance offered. Düsseldorf on the other hand neither Hennings, 88, was in none of his many opportunities to. from a short distance, the 1:1 on the foot, and had on shiny saved the Robin Zentner Karaman, headed wide in injury time after a corner just wide, yet the Hero of Munich, Dodi Lukebakio failed.

The fight goes on

Although the hoped-for point of yield against fahrige Mainz was not available today, so this appearance of Fortuna was one of those who is likely to make for the tasks ahead in the League of courage. “That was absolutely unnecessary. But we have lost and at the end of the bottom line,” said an acidified Friedhelm Funkel, knowing that this Team is able to make more of his opportunities. This has looked like in the autumn, over weeks and after some hearty bankruptcies never an acidified düsseldorf coach.