“Why is Putin and I’m not allowed to?”


The reactions to the ban on entry for Russian men between 16 and 60 years in the Ukraine, ranging from despair to outrage to mockery of gender discrimination. From Moscow Mandlmeier.

Luck, Vladimir! Russia’s head of state, Putin is 66 too old to be from the ban on entry to be affected

The message from the ban on entry for Russian men between sixteen and sixty years, a hit in the neighboring country of Russia like a bomb. There is hardly a sector of society, from the no reaction would be. The Tenor: it was the biggest blow to the Ukrainian-Russian relations, with far-reaching consequences.

Mockery of a “puffed-up” conflict

“We are friends, this whole conflict is totally inflated and only the state relates to the leadership,” upset Vadim Danilin. The DJ from Moscow just wanted to visit his friend in Kiev for my birthday. Nothing will come of it. The 38 describes-year-old as a “normal liberal thinking in Moscow”, loves the Ukrainian capital city of Kiev and the people of the Ukraine like: “I was in the summer in Kiev. Out of ten people with whom I have spoken, languages, nine to be with me on Russian. I do not understand, to whom this conflict now uses, Putin or Poroshenko. I’m really confused.”

“Male, between the ages of 16 and 60 years?” – should be from now on, the question before the entry to Ukraine

“Why Putin is allowed to go and Navalny isn’t it?” kids a Twitter user, referring to the age difference of the Russian President (66) and the prominent Kremlin critic (42). DW-columnist Ivan Preobrazhenskij added in his Twitter Account: “The state leadership of Ukraine does not believe in the fighting spirit of the Russian women. What a strange gender discrimination.” Another Twitter User connects this step of Ukraine with the Russian domestic policy and the recently raised the pension age in Russia: “Ukraine has not recognised the new retirement age in Russia.”

Russian Counter-Reactions?

Maria Zakharova, spokeswoman of the Russian foreign Ministry assured on your press conference in Moscow that their authority planned to respond with a similar “mirrored” measure, that is to say: to prohibit the Ukrainian men travel to Russia. All of the conversations about it would be “terrible,” Zakharova: “If one would try to Anm, the Same (from our side. the Red.) to repeat, it would lead to madness. On the national level, the a would mean collapse.”

The Ukrainian-Russian border: Ukrainians should continue to be allowed to enter Russia promises Moscow

Vladimir Woroch, Professor of the Russian University for the state management in the measure, “the political step.” The year-long employees of the Russian migration authority is shown in an interview with DW convinced: “This will have no effect. The Argument that they (the Ukrainians, Anm. the editors) want to strengthen the defence capability of your country, is a myth. We know that all, the need to travel, however, will be there. Decent people, however, who want to travel to cultural or business purposes in the country, will have a hard time.”

Many Russians fear that they could not see their families in the Ukraine and their Relatives so quickly. “The only consolation” was that the ban applied only to the time of the so-called “martial law” in the Ukraine, sighs, Vadim Danilin, the so to 26. December: “Then I can celebrate at least new year’s eve with my friends in Kiev. Maybe.”