IOC provides cold Amateurbox world governing body AIBA


The IOC Executive Committee sets because of a dispute with the AIBA, the planning for the Olympic Boxing tournament 2020 on ice. But this does not mean the final Olympia-From the fist-fighter for Tokyo.

The pressure of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) on the controversial Amateurbox world Association AIBA is on the rise. The IOC put the planning for the Olympic Boxing tournament in 2020 in Tokyo, on ice and under the AIBA said until further notice, any and all official contacts with the organizers of the summer games in Tokyo. The IOC Executive Committee in addition, at its meeting in Tokyo, a Commission of inquiry to review the Boxing Commission.

Contacts with the Mafia in Uzbekistan

The procedure could lead to the AIBA is deprived of the recognition, said IOC spokesman Mark Adams. The AIBA had submitted a report to Association leadership and financial management, as Adams, it is a serious concern, particularly in the area of Finance and Association management was, however, still. The AIBA had recently chosen the Uzbeks Gafur Rakhimov with a clear majority, as their President. The businessman is accused of playing a significant role in the organised crime of Uzbekistan.

Mask: “slap in the face for the entire Sport”

Henry mask was 1988 Olympic champion

The IOC stressed that enterprises, irrespective of the action against the Amateurbox world Association of all efforts to protect the athletes and to ensure that there will be a Boxing tournament at the Games in Tokyo.

The former Olympic and professional Boxing champion Henry Maske was referred to in the DW-Interview a potential Olympic for the boxes because of a dispute with the AIBA as a “poverty certificate” for the IOC, and as an “outrageous slap in the face for the entire Sport”: “It can’t be, that’s carrying on the shoulders of the athletes.”

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