Craftsmanship award: blue print new heritage


Anyone who travels to other countries, met there the old customs and traditions, such as the blue print. Since this Wednesday it is a cultural heritage.

The arts and crafts of the blue pressure is now on the UNESCO list of the Intangible cultural heritage of humanity. Germany, Austria, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Slovakia had applied for the nomination for the list together.

Only a few farms maintain the old craft art

The blue print is a craft to fabric finishing. Today, according to UNESCO, the twelve companies in Germany and 15 in other European countries, the care of this art. The blue print will be printed with a print model pattern with an ink-repellent compound on a white cloth. After the dye bath in a typical Indigo blue and white patterns, flowers and ornaments tendrils are visible.

Different printing model printer workshop are provided in Blue in Saxony

Travellers of the Dutch East India company brought this technology to the fabric finishing along with the Indigo-dyers plant in the 17th century. Century to Europe. In the 18th century. And 19. Century, were of linen or cotton fabrics using the blue pressure decorated. Currently, the craft is experiencing a Renaissance, about the Dirndl-production.

Young designers have discovered the fabric for the back

In Germany, the finished fabrics will cover as a table, aprons, scarves and lavender bags to regional markets between lower Saxony and upper Lusatia sold.

Since Monday, the world culture organization decides to UNESCO on the island of Mauritius on new recordings in the coveted list of the Intangible cultural heritage, the little sister of the UNESCO world heritage list. While on the last-mentioned selected buildings, monuments and natural landscapes, presents the list of the Intangible cultural heritage, vibrant customs and traditions.