Stephen Hawking’s estate auctioned


Approximately one Million Euro have introduced the first wheelchair of the physicist Stephen Hawking and his Dissertation. The auction at Christie’s took place in the framework of the Online-auction “On the shoulders of travel”.

“Properties of expanding universes” is the name of the doctoral work of the Astrophysicist Stephen Hawking. The 1965 published work was an unknown bidder almost 670.000 euros. The first wheelchair of the popular scientist came for the equivalent of 320,000 euros under the Hammer. This is the auction house Christie’s said on its Website.

Stephen Hawking was ill, he was in a wheelchair and voice using a computer

Money for the research

The proceeds of the auction of the estate is to probably to make for the purposes of the Hawking Foundation and the Motor Neurone Disease Association, an organization for the study of motor neuron disease. Hawking himself had found this disease in the early years, was with him, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (als). The physicist died in March of this year.

In the case of the Online-auction “On the shoulders of giants” has sold at auction at Christie s already Memorabilia of Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton and Charles Darwin. A total proceeds of around € 2.1 million.

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  • Stephen Hawking: Star of the pop culture

    ‘A brief history of time’ (1991)

    Bestseller inspired by Hawking’s “A brief history of time” (1988), in which a scientist presents his theories on Cosmology, portrays the eponymous documentary by Director Errol Morris, especially the life of the well-known Astro-physicist. The Film includes the music of minimalist composer Philip Glass.

  • Stephen Hawking: Star of the pop culture

    ‘Hawking’ (2004)

    Benedict Cumberbatch was the first actor to play the role of the famous physicist. His appearance in the BBC television film “Hawking” over the years as a doctoral student led to his first nomination for the BAFTA Award for best actor. The photo shows Hawking and Cumberbatch, at a reception in support of the Motor Neurone Disease Association at Buckingham Palace in 2015.

  • Stephen Hawking: Star of the pop culture

    ‘The discovery of infinity’ (2014)

    Eddie Redmayne won the Oscar as best actor for his portrayal of Hawking in “The discovery of infinity”. James March constructed his Film from the memoirs of Hawking’s Ex-wife, Jane Hawking. In “My life with Stephen Hawking: The love eleven dimensions,” she describes life with him, his early success in physics, and his diagnosis.

  • Stephen Hawking: Star of the pop culture

    ‘Stephen Hawking’s universe’ (2010)

    The six-part documentary series from the Discovery Channel explores the Vision of the great scientist. Together with other experts Hawking presents his current views on the big Bang, the origins of the universe or time travel, and Aliens.

  • Stephen Hawking: Star of the pop culture

    ‘The Simpsons’

    The popular Cartoon series is well-known for her guest appearances by Stars of popular culture; Hawking appeared in several episodes. In the episode “They Saved Lisa’s Brain” he saves Lisa with a special wheelchair, which is so equipped that he can fly. At the end of the episode Homer asks his daughter: “Did you have fun with your robot friend?”

  • Stephen Hawking: Star of the pop culture


    Also, in the animated sci-Fi Comedy series “Futurama” has appeared Hawking several times and gave his character to his voice. In this Episode, his head (on the left), in discussion with the brains of other Intellectuals at a scientific meeting over a crack in the universe.

  • Stephen Hawking: Star of the pop culture

    ‘Space ship Enterprise – The next century’ (1993)

    In the TV series, which ran from 1987 to 1994, appeared to be Hawking it as his own hologram in an Episode of the sixth season, and played Poker with holograms of Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein. The star physicist was the only guest in the Star Trek series, played himself.

  • Stephen Hawking: Star of the pop culture

    ‘Superhero movie’ (2008)

    The parody film about the superhero Genre includes a parody of Hawking himself. His character, played by actor Robert Joy arrives at the science fair, a High School, looks pretty superficial – it behaves unexpectedly rude and shocked everyone in the school. He is even beaten, because he is so vulgar, it stops at the end, but a heartfelt speech.

  • Stephen Hawking: Star of the pop culture

    ‘Monty Python Live (Mostly)’ (2014)

    Hawking also had an appearance in the Reunion Show of the British Comedy group Monty Python, a guest. For the “Galaxy Song”, he was shown in a pre-recorded Video in his wheelchair and sang the song after he had a star physicist, Brian Cox, hit. After that, he travels through space.

  • Stephen Hawking: Star of the pop culture

    Pink Floyd’s ‘Division Bell’ (1994)

    The English Rock Band Pink Floyd, kriwet sampled Hawking’s distinctive mechanical voice in several Songs. For the first Time you picked up the voice of the physicist in 1994 in the Song “Keep Talking” from the Album “The Division Bell”. Ten years later, you can hear Hawking then again in the Song “Talkin’ Hawking” from the Album “The Endless River”.

  • Stephen Hawking: Star of the pop culture

    The Radio Version of ‘hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy’ (2018)

    The computer generated voice of Hawking was picked up over the years by many different media – from advertising to video games. In the new BBC Radio 4 series “the hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy”, which will be broadcast in March, gave it the character of The Guide Mark II to his voice.

    Author: Melina Grundmann