Criticism of the shooting star of the Democrats – is Ilhan Omar, Israel is the enemy?


Ilhan Omar as one of the first two Muslim women after the Midterm elections to the U.S. house of representatives. But since months there is criticism: Omar Israel of being hostile and anti-Semitic.

The catchment of the Democrat, Ilhan Omar, to the U.S. house of representatives is celebrated by its supporters as a success for democracy, and more diversity. But in particular, right-wing conservative circles in the United States before throwing in Somalia grown up members of an anti-Semitic attitude.

Ilhan Omar, himself, has rejected these accusations propagated and sees this as part of a hate campaign against her Person. Ilhan Omar fled as a child with her family from Somalia, and lived for four years in a refugee camp in Kenya before she came to the USA in 1995. Omar was twelve years old. Finally, the Muslim was sitting as the first Somali-American in the house of representatives from Minnesota. You will be the first Congressman in the U.S. house of representatives, wearing a Hijab.

Triggered the debate on anti-Semitism by a Tweet from 2012:

“Israel has hypnotized the world, may God raise people up and help them to see the evil deeds of Israel.” The Tweet was likely a response to Israeli air strikes on the Gaza strip, which the military then reacted to Hamas rocket attacks. The right-wing columnist John Gilmore replied in may 2018 on this Tweet and brought to the debate. He throws Omar to be a “proud Jew-hater”. Omar’s response: “On the Apartheid to make the Regime of Israel, it may not be with hatred of Jews.”


Also during her tenure in the house of representatives of Minnesota, Omar refers to Israel’s position. In February 2017, the Federal government adopted a draft law, the state prohibits contracts with partners, the Israel boycott. Omar agreed to at the time, against this draft. Your statement: “I would have liked to have voted for a bill that […] stands against all kind of discrimination. I don’t want to be part of a vote, the human limits, to fight for justice and peace.”

Last Omar of Boycott movements like BDS (Boycott, divestments and sanctions) of Israel want economically, culturally and politically isolate distanced himself. In addition, it is in favour of public a two-state solution. At a campaign event in a synagogue in August 2018, Kong said sabgeordnete: “It is important that the rightful place of Israel in the Middle East and of the Jewish people in this Region recognize.” The BDS movement is not helpful on the way to a peaceful two-state solution.

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL), which campaigns in the US against discrimination of Jewish people, says in a Statement to Deutsche Welle: “While Ilhan Omar’s past Tweets about Israel were disturbing, the recent rejection of the BDS movement and their support for a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, is encouraging. We hope that you will use as members of Congress continue to these views, and the people in her district, which also includes Jews and many others who support Israel fully supports.”

At various public appearances, Omar has made repeatedly clear that they will not tolerate any form of discrimination and is convinced that Jews and Muslims were allied in the fight against bigotry like anti-Semitism and Islamophobia.

As in October, eleven people in a synagogue in Pittsburgh to be shot, Omar upset. On Twitter she writes: “Our hearts are with the families of the victims, but praying is not enough. We must act to stop the toxic anti-Semitism and hatred that leads to violence like this.” A few days later, she takes part in a prayer service in a synagogue.

Despite these recent developments, Ilhan Omar is accused, in particular, on Twitter-Israel hostility. The democratic party did not want to comment on the demand of the German wave to the accusations against Ilhan Omar.

Rashida Tlaib in front of the Capitol in Lansing, Michigan

Your colleague, Rashida Tlaib, who moves in as the second Muslim woman next to Omar for the Democrats in the Congress, harvests in the United States, less criticism. The daughter of Palestinian parents and has as much attack surface, however, Packed in less bold statements.

In contrast to Omar for a one-state-solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. “A State. It must be a state,” she says to the magazine “In These Times”. In the same Interview, she also says: “I am standing to the Right of the people to support BDS.” And on the question of a reporter of Channel 4, whether it would reduce American support for the Israeli military, she responds with Yes. Tlaib comes out with these views but only to Inquiries from journalists and not spread this on Twitter. Unlike Omar, you had opponents in the congressional elections last Tuesday also no Republican. They stood as the only candidate in their constituency. Their victory was sure. You may made the to a less interesting target for the right-conservative circles.

Criticism of Israel or anti-Semitic statements by members of Congress in the United States there were in the past – both from Republicans as well as Democrats.