Web Summit in Lisbon: Digitized democracy


EU competition Commissioner Vestager as a Web-Summit-Star, a lot of Startups, debating the end of the robot and the cell phone-buying tips for Christmas: At the Web Summit in Lisbon, there was something for everyone.

Hard to believe, but true: of all things, Margrethe Vestager (article image) , the EU competition Commissioner, is a Geek Superstar, and was at the Web Summit celebrated! You talk about how a fairer digital economy, was applauded on the second day of the conference in the Portuguese capital of Lisbon, particularly according to one of the most viewers. Robot discussed about artificial intelligence. And – what a surprise – most of the Startups that present themselves, are enthusiastic about the Web Summit in 2018.

The Danish Vestager, the was already for the second Time as a speaker on the main stage in the process of developing a Web-Summit-icon. The Commissioner has already referred to Google, Apple and other Internet giants in their place, stated that the EU will continue in the digital area for open, fair competition. “If a few companies control too many data, is that bad for the competition,” said Vestager. You could not see, therefore, idly, if companies like Google to exclude your competitors. An innovative world need open markets and responsible handling of sensitive data.

Rules also apply in the digital area

“Democracy digitized,” said the combative Commissioner, bring a lot of Power and many dangers. Just in the recent past, Internet companies have lost by their careless and unsafe dealing with the data of your customers a lot of confidence. The EU will do everything to bring these risks under control. “We have to our core values and the privacy of citizens to protect”, said Vestager, has promised that the Commission would do everything to protect the upcoming European elections in front of influence: “The technology needs to serve us and we must not exploit it.”

Vasile Tamas and Lucian Cramba from Romania

Less clear words were not heard by many at the Web Summit, the participating Startups: “We are not yet sure whether it’s really worth it to be here,” Vasile Tamas of Beez from Romania. With his colleague Lucian Cramba he has developed a kind of a digital saving bill, want to bring the two of your Stand to the man and the woman: While Internet shopping via your App, there are discounts that will be credited to an account. At the same time, the user can transfer on a monthly basis in advance certain amounts of his credit card on this account and so money for planned major purchases save. The two want as quickly as possible on the world market, are looking for partners and investors. Although you have already spoken with many people, Concrete doesn’t have, however, also arise. Nevertheless, it is good to be represented, says Tamas: “Many discussions, many ideas, great.”

Salomé Azevedo and Rita Torrão Portugal at the Web Summit

Mixed to positive reactions

“It’s worth it, I have met many potential customers,” says Serkan IP of Datapare from Turkey. His Startup is a type of data to spy, looking for information on the competition sites and the customer. However, the 1000 euros he had to pay, in order to be be a lot of money for Turkish conditions. “We have to see what comes out at the end,” says Salomé Azevedo from Portugal. With her colleague Rita Torrão representing Patient Innovation, a company that is trying to make a kind of non-profit oriented Facebook with tips and methods of healing as well as medication for the patients: “After all, we have spoken with many people that are interested in the project.”

Serkan Uz from Turkey

On the main stage, there was meanwhile, and as usual, a bit for every taste: cell phone critics discussed new Smartphones, Tony Blair, the British Ex-Prime Minister, mused about the American Midterm elections; Ben Goertzel, from Hanson Robotics, engines, Small Talk with his robots, Sophia, and Han, and announced for the coming year a KI network, according to the Motto ‘robots and artificial intelligences of all countries, unite’; various Directors various Internet companies chatted, where you will create to 2019 maybe your money.

The Web Summit, and around 70,000 visitors, ends this Thursday and for the next ten years will take place in Lisbon. The capital and the country of Portugal will spend for the necessary Expansion of the exhibition grounds and for the improvement of infrastructure of around 100 million euros. In return, Paddy Cosgrave, the founder and head of the Internet conference has already promised, 2019, the one hundred thousand visitor mark.