Ryanair sued for price manipulation


The ruthless Regime, the Aviator leads the Irish cheap against its own employees, since the Europe-wide strikes, no longer a secret. And this is precisely what investors see in the USA is a punishable Offence.

Ryanair and its boss Michael O’leary will have to answer in the USA, possibly in court. A pension Fund of Alabama, filed in New York, complaints about price manipulation. He accuses the largest European airline, to have their relations with the staff, fined, and thus deceived investors. The truth had come to light as the company have approved, under the pressure of the workforce in the past year, for the first time, trade unions, and this summer’s strike.

The conflicts with pilots and other employees would have had led to significant price losses on the stock market, – stated in the notice of appeal. “Unrecognized by investors of the profit of the company in the past was based on a hidden and non-sustainable Foundation of the exploitation of employees and turnover.” Ryanair had on 1. October its forecast lowered, and this is based on fighting. The share price fell markedly.

“The claim is doomed to Failure”

O’leary, who leads the company since 1994, wants to settle the dispute before Christmas. Officially, the Irish rejected the cheap flyer, all of the accusations. In a statement, Ryanair announced it was vigorously against the “doomed” suit for the military.

The pension Fund wants compensation for suffered losses and want to promote the procedure as a class action, which could join other investors. However, it remains to be seen whether the court will allow the litigation at all.

A strike Ryanair-staff in Brussels (archive)

After photo-Protest fired

Also on Wednesday, Ryanair has released six Portugal-based members of the Crew because of the provided photos. The image that had circulated in October in social media and making headlines, shows the women and men in uniform, during a storm in the airport of Malaga on the ground. Previously, Ryanair had released recordings of a surveillance camera, which show that the Crew had placed only briefly on the ground.

The photo was a kind of Protest, because 24 flight attendants and pilots were forced to spend much of the night in a room with only eight chairs, said the Head of the Portuguese trade Union SNPVAC, Luicana Passo.

Ryanair said it was a “irreparable loss of confidence”. The Crew have done more to harm the Airline.

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