Lacklustre Bayern beat AEK Athens


The rehearsal prior to the Bundesliga summit, Borussia Dortmund has succeeded. But in spite of the victory of the Bayern in the Champions League against AEK Athens, many question marks remain.


In the Champions League it runs for FC Bayern thanks to striker Robert Lewandowski according to Plan. The 2:0 (1:0) against the Black-and-Yellow-runners of the Team of AEK Athens brought to the Ensemble of the move on the Coach Niko Kovac on Wednesday evening, but only a little momentum for the League summit against Borussia Dortmund. In his 100. European Cup game turned Lewandowski in the 31. Minute by him successfully provoked a penalty to leadership. After the break, the poles put on assisted by Joshua Kimmich (71.). Both goals were scored after set pieces and stemmed neither a fine combination football. Bayern are top of group E with ten points, ahead of Ajax Amsterdam.

The final WHISTLE

91. Minute: double scorer Lewandowski leaves the field, for it comes to Wagner.

90. Minute: Except for the Change to happen here is not much. Now Wagner will come, the waiting, the Ball finally goes into the. Three minutes of added time will be played.

87. Minute: Sanchez comes on for Gnabry.

84. Min: Rafinha comes on for Ribéry.

83. Minute: well played attack of the Munich-based from the very back to the front. Lewandowski comes to the conclusion – but his shot is blocked.

80. Minute: The FCB plays merrily to the front and is quite willing even 3:0 increase.

78. Minute: This would be a bizarre own goal. After a corner of Athens ‘ goalkeeper just gets worse the Ball to the back of the head of his defender. The Ball bounces on the crossbar and can only then be clarified.

77. Minute: Still makes Niko Kovac is no sign of new staff to the field to send. If he wants to leave the Eleven on the pitch to play through? In order for the Dortmund game comes next Saturday more coordination in the structure?

75. Minute: And prompt is Gnabry, the almost the 3:0. But the AEK ‘ Keeper parried the shot again.

74. Minute: now back here with really nothing more to burn, could the Bavarians, of course, something to refuel self-confidence. And what is more self-confidence than goals?

71. Minute: Double Pack Lewandowski. Following a corner, the Pole is really long, and fished the Ball artistically with his Slippers from the air, and gets him somehow into the goal.

71. Minute: GOAL for Bayern.

70. Minute: 20 minutes plus stoppage time. The leadership of Bavaria, although almost – but you’ve had so far in half never the feeling, that because of the AEK yet what might come.

67. Minute: The game is for a few minutes, because Goretzka is on the floor. Lampropoulos gets the yellow card for that. Goretzka but can make more.

64. Minute: free kick from the penalty area limit for the Bavarians. Weak shot! The Ball goes right into the arms of Barkas.

63. Minute: Now that would be 2:0 for Bayern is more than worthy of AEK is to the front, nothing more to see.

61. Minute: Martinez with a class Pass to Lewandowski, who only the opposing goalkeeper. But the Athenians Keeper seems to grow above themselves and parried world-class.

61. Minute: a huge chance for Bayern.

59. Minute: Goretzka in midfield, fouled, previously got Ribery an Arm of gala-nopoulos in the face and slows down just a hair’s breadth even – otherwise he would have here with the Red square sent!

57. Minute: Why not? Gnabry it easy to change from around 18 metres – the Ball goes, but a good Meter on it.

55. Minute: huge Chance for Goretzka! The comes after a super cross from the Kimmich in the penalty area and the Ball moves with a kind of Volley scissor kick on goal. However, Barkas parried great.

52. Minute: Then, it is Miller who, for the first time for a little danger. What had happened? Kimmich was moved to the inside and crosses with his left. Müller would have been to a place, but a Greek, he has his forehead in the flight path. The following corner brings nothing.

50. Minute: The game ripples in the first minutes of the 2. Half. Bayern will try to disrupt the opponent early, previously you could hit but still no Profit from it.

46. Minute: Both coaches have in the break, no change made.

Kick-off 2. Half-time:

Bayern go with a 1:0 lead in the halftime thanks to a penalty goal from Lewandowski after half-an-hour. The home side could not convince but, you have played a few good scoring chances. There’s two much air is in half to the top.


44. Minute: oops, that looked bad. Hult runs as in a full run at Boateng and falls to the ground. The Athens of the shoulder and AEK gets a free kick from a good Position. However, after a subsequent offensive foul this Chance fizzles out quickly.

41. Min: It continues to be the scarce 1:0, because the Bavarians not managed, the momentum from the opening goal with in the next minutes. So, clear conditions may not be the speech.

38. Minute: Boateng is on the ground – felt the 100. Time – must defenders a lot of corners in Munich.

36. Minute: there you go: After a nice combination in the Sechzehnner comes the mill to the final and wins a corner. The a but nothing.

34. Minute: Now are the Bayern Fans in the game have arrived: for the First time halls “Bayern, Bayern!”-Cheers through the stadium.

33. Minute: So Playful is so far rather poor, what the Bavarians since offer: But what counts is the result – and that means 1:0 for the Bundesliga.

31. Min: The GOAL has come at exactly the right time – and could be a real liberation.

30. Minute: of The infraction shoots self – and enforced for the 1:0 for Bayern.

29. Min: Now Ribery to the fives. Be Cannoned to corner cleared and then Lewandowksi of Cosic – there is a penalty for Bayern!

28. Minute: Bayern make it to the opponent, but also very easy, your goal is to defend. Of creativity so far is nothing to see.

25. Minute: It remains the case that The people of Munich do not come through properly. Game interruptions and the two fights to make the FCB life pretty hard. The foreign players in Gnabry and Ribery will not be able to use your pace. The low Greek make dribbling extremely hard.

22. Minute: Just an example: At the midline to wait three Athenians, the play stations behind it are delivered and already know Alaba is not, what to do with the Ball.

20. Minute: AEK’s creating exactly what the Greeks themselves have made: the pace of the game to take.

19. Min: Bayern are more likely to be in their own half as a thought – AEK plays merrily and of course, a lot of time with possession of the ball – for example, in the case of interjections. There must be more Champions to come from the record.

16. Minute: After a quarter of an hour is 1:1 to chances. This can certainly be seen as a partial success for Athens to be interpreted. You get the feeling that Bayern’s something of the rhythm is missing.

14. Minute After Boateng a few minutes to be taken back, runs it for him now, obviously, round. So he can make more.

11. Minute: again, the danger in front of the Munich box: Boateng and New can the Situation defuse, but now is limping Boateng. He had to fight in the past few months, more often with muscular problems.

10. Minute: A Lively Start. Two really good chances in the first ten minutes – so it can continue like that.

7. Minute: In return, then Bayern with a similarly dangerous way. Goretzka was with a class in a Header. Also the pass at the gate.

6. Minute: Mantalos crosses from the right, Vasilis Lampropoulos increases mitig high and comes right unchallenged to head the ball. And – you could say – almost the 0:1!

5. Minute: Athens brings a first corner. And the is not a fire hazard!

3. Minute: Since not much happens in these first few minutes, one at the edge: AEK plays in Yellow-black, because the FCB already mentally for the duel with the Black-and-Yellow in the weekend mood …


At 20:59: AEK is currently in Greece, Fifth in the League like Bayern last weekend just in a draw played.

At 20:57: Champions-League-anthems sounded. Before it is the same just a couple of words to the opponents of Bavaria: AEK Athens wants to move to the 0:2 at home in Munich, at least respectable from the affair. The 0:0 in the city Derby against Panathinaikos Athens has not brought any Confidence. A narrow defeat would be seen by the guests as a success.

20:55 PM: A memorable press conference, an Instagram Post, the internals of the cab – currently with Bayern turbulent. “Personally does not bother me, it’s for three and a half years, so that there is always unrest,” said Kimmich. “I believe that we don’t have to be professional enough that the distract on the court.”

20:52 watch: The pressure for coach Niko Kovac is huge. However, Kovac says, he felt “internally, absolute support”. Also Kimmich emphasized that the team “absolutely” behind the coach. “At the end of the day the coach on the court, but the player is not,” said the 23-Year-old.

At 20:49: Arjen Robben is due to a Blockade in the knee the next Bayern-failure, the use of James Rodríguez is questionable. After all, the Colombian state at the completion of training, which was, rather unusually, held in the morning, on the square. Furthermore, the long-term injured Thiago, Corentin Tolisso and Kingsley Coman are absent. The latter made this week, further steps in the direction of Comeback.

20:47 PM: the perfect start to the season of seven Wins in seven competitive games followed by four games without a win. After that, the Champions struggled to Be four, but the 1:1 against Freiburg on Saturday the next strong mood damper. “The last siege just Work. There were victories, we have shined,” said midfielder Kimmich. “We want to win the game in a sovereign way, to bring us back to self-confidence.”

20:45 PM: The starting position looks like this: After the 2:0 victory in Munich two weeks ago in Athens, everyone expects another success. With a win, Bayern could qualify in advance for the next round, when Benfica loses against Ajax Amsterdam. “We have the opportunity to be with a victory. We need to win,” said Kovac. The Team will travel for the Bundesliga game in Dortmund, because a defeat there would leave the residue on the BVB on the seven points of growth. “Dortmund comes after that,” said Joshua Kimmich.

20:43 PM: A home win in the Champions League against AEK Athens FC Bayern obligation, but the explosive Bundesliga summit, Borussia Dortmund, FC Bayern München and long in the focus. “The game against Athens is important for Saturday, but we need to see the game separately,” said coach Niko Kovac in front of the home appearance against the Greek football champion. “I know, after the game is anyway only talked about Dortmund. The respect that we must give AEK, is important.”

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