Comment: Trumps strategy Sessions-get out of the litter


The US President has not shilly-long: on the day of the Democrats victory in the house of representatives, he urged the justice Minister to resign. A challenge to Democrats and Republicans, writes Michael Knigge.

It has been rumored for a long time that justice Minister Jeff Sessions, would remain the in-between elections in the office. Again and again Donald Trump had slandered him, or made fun of him. That the US President will do this shortly after the result of the mid-term elections – the Democrats will in the future control of the house of representatives – is not a shock for the observers, but at least a little Surprise. It is however, as always.

With the kicking Sessions, Trump opened a new field of battle, to the attention of the elections to distract and, thus, of the loss of power of the Republicans in Congress. The attention of the world not to turn back to him – to be typical for a man who can’t stand it, the focus of the Public. And he fires Sessions, Trump again on the Offensive. A tactic he uses again and again, when he is under pressure.

Michael Knigge, DW correspondent in Washington

Russia-studies in danger

To understand how ruthless Trumps step, you have to know that out of the throwing Sessions was rejected from the key members of the Democrats and the Republicans. As a former Senator Sessions still has a lot of friends in Congress, including the influence of the Republicans and Trump-trailer Lindsay Graham rich. This had no effect, again, to Trump, to fire the Minister of justice. Many of the deputies saw in the Sessions, in spite of many shortcomings – a guarantee that the investigations by the special investigator Robert Mueller to go to possible Russian interference in the presidential election of 2016, without the influence of the White house.

The Sessions had themselves declared in the matter as self-conscious and the responsibility for the investigation, therefore, his / her Deputy, Rod Rosenstein made. He had always made it clear that he will not intervene in the investigation and Rosenstein will fire or discontinuation. This refusal was considered by the President, of course, as a personal Affront, as he musters little interest or patience for the mills of the law. Because Trump sees this as a potential danger, it was always clear that Sessions must eventually go, and that Rosenstein will follow him soon.

But still it is not ready. Of course, it is the good right of a President to dismiss his Minister of justice. Trump knows that. He seems to bet on the fact that the anger from the ranks of the Democrats and Republicans on the withdrawal Sessions is so great that it could be dangerous. So he could have rights. However, it is alarming that Sessions interim successor, Matthew Whittaker, moved even earlier, to Mueller’s studies in a doubt, thinking about how he complicate it or delay. This is probably the reason why Trump Whittaker chose.

A challenge of the Congress

The mind games of the “New” information about the Russian affair, and possible cuts in the budget for Mueller could give an indication of how the strategy of the White house looks like. To fire instead of cooking, and to stop the investigations, which could presumably trigger for impeachment proceedings against the President, pushes Trump Whittaker, the Mueller investigation, a slow bleed – financially and structurally. And he hopes to get away with it.

The Democrats and Republicans cannot allow that to happen. Trump has thrown the members of the day of the gauntlet. For democracy and the rule of law, it is imperative that you respond quickly and decisively.