Chess world Cup: Why Magnus Carlsen against Fabiano Caruana is not the favorite


London is in the next three weeks, the centre of the chess world. There, world champion Magnus Carlsen defends his title against Fabiano Caruana. For voltage is taken care of: Carlsen has a very strong opponent.

“This time, the two Best fight.” The reigning world champion Magnus summarizes Carlsen the starting position. The view on the current world ranking list confirmed this assessment of the 27-year-old Norwegian: Carlsen’s opponent, the US-Italian Fabiano Caruana, has just three dots less than the champion of the world on his account. A long time there was no championship fight, the two opponents were so close together. “50:50” would his chances, as well as Caruana, the sat in March 2018 in the candidates tournament in Berlin, convincing, and since a tournament victory after another scored.

Carlsen emotionally – Caruana cool

Magnus Carlsen: born on 30.11.1990 in Norway

At first glance, two similar players-types in London, to sit as of next Friday. Both of them were Chess prodigies, who decided as a Teenager to become professionals. That’s where the similarities stop. Magnus Carlsen is presented in a self-deprecating Youtube Videos, has worked as a Model for a jeans brand and is acting on the Board rather emotional. Sometimes the title defender is a very bad loser, runs after a defeat, insulting everyone from the tournament room. The restraint Fabiano Caruana (nickname: “Fabi”) is something like this: He has left – even if the situation on the chess Board, even tough it should be. This, incidentally, is in Caruana’s games often to be the case, because the Challenger sets up his or her games is usually very enterprising.

The German chess-Federal trainer Dorian Rogozenco looks Caruana even a slight advantage: “Magnus Carlsen has done it in recent games to reach his best form”, said the grandmaster from Hamburg, “that’s why I would even prefer Caruana as a “favorite” something.” The experts definitely assume that it will this time give less points and more decisive games than in the last world championship Fight.

Fabiano Caruana: born on 30.07.1992 in the United States

Nevertheless, the champion of the world has changed in preparation for his third title defense just a little, reveals to Carlsen’s Manager Espen Agdestein: “We have, since 2013, a proven process that works for Magnus.” This also includes a lot of sports: Carlsen is an avid Basketball and soccer player, and should also watch a Premier League game on television. “Sport and fun during a long, tiring match is important to stay fit,” says his Manager Agdestein.

Chess world hopes for the world Cup without the antics

In the championship Match, the two grandmasters to play until the 26.11.2018 a total of twelve games against each other. The winner of the two fight in London, who reaches 6.5 points. There should be like two years ago – after twelve rounds no winner, both in rapid chess against each other. For the defending champion Carlsen is a clear advantage: With a shorter period of time, the Norwegian is particularly strong.

In addition to the fight on the chess Board in the chess-scene and also the all around in London. In the past few years, the antics of the officials had always overshadowed again the world Cup-two fights. The should this time be different. Since a few weeks, a Russian politician with Arkady Dvorkovich at the top of the world Federation FIDE. Of him, the chess scene in hopes that he can open up the mind sports chess new and above all reliable money sources. In this case, the Internet plays a key role. Because chess is a very good and attractive in the Internet. “We expect 15 million viewers worldwide,” says Ilya Merenzon, the head of the company “World Chess”, that organizes the world Cup.

Live broadcast with lawsuit threats

Whether this audience but to make money, but it is also in this chess world championship is the big question. “World Chess” wants to give the trains of the world championship match only to licensed partners. Without a license, the parts may be published only with a delay. “We will proceed legally against all the websites that respect our rules,” says Merenzon a hard line. Whether or not this will, however, impress the chess scene, it remains to be seen. Because so far the courts have denied a Copyright to the moves of a chess game. Espen Agdestein, the Manager of the world champion, the fight to live more calmly: “You can understand both positions well, but without a clear legal basis, it is difficult to criticise chess websites, the transfer of the trains simply live.” The Carlsen-Manager has a good laugh: The prize Fund in the amount of one million euros is guaranteed, even if the organizers should not have found at the end of a sufficient number of Internet viewers.