“Beat” – New German Amazon series plays in the Techno-environment


The series of Boom stops. Whether Netflix, Sky and Amazon – the large Streaming portals that have been trying to conquer with national tailored formats and international audiences. Current Example: “Beat”.

Thumping bass, young people in ecstatic dance movements, a roaring Techno-Club – no doubt about it, the series “the Beat” keeps what it promises. The camera follows closely on the heels of Robert blow (Jannis Niewöhner), begins the evening as always. A Line of coke, a few pills, the whole with a stiff Drink and flushed it down, and then let’s go. In the subterranean concrete world of the Berlin Clubs – the world of the young Robert.

Beat is the king of the night Techno scene

But Robert beat is no ordinary party-goers. The 28-year-old operates the “Club Sonar” in the heart of Berlin, with his Partner Paul (Hanno Koffler). Paul is for the Business to be responsible, Robert for music, guests and the whole Drum. Actually, it could go on like this, night after night: music, drugs, Sex. And some viewers of the new Amazon series “the Beat” is the probably expect. “Beat that,” says Robert blow of all is called, is the king of the Techno-scene and “Beat” could be that life is a series about the Berlin night, about young people and their music.

Two days before the launch on Amazon, there was in Berlin a cinema-Premiere

However, “Beat” wants more. The series is already in the first episode of a whole bunch of Genre ingredients to flow and increases then more and more. On the first night to be discovered in the “Club Sonar” suddenly, two dead bodies, a decorative gutted and prepared, you hover over the left dancing guests.

Who is behind the cruel crimes? And why the ESI (in the series shows up at Robert, suddenly the abbreviation for a European intelligence organization), and wants to recruit him as a V-Man? Who’s the new companion Philipp Vossberg (Alexander Fehling), the Paul as a third partner of the club and has been involved in, without Robert up to? And, more importantly, Who is that crazy Nerd Jasper (Kostja Ullmann), which recreates Robert – both links seem a long distant past. Has to do Jasper also something to do with the grisly people-Camps, where it is apparently illegal organ trade?

Ingredients from several film genres

“Beat” is a wild Genre Mix of youth studies, Mystery, Thriller and Horror, quickly staged and cut, the music is the clock. Directed Marco kreuzpaintner, and unlike most other international series, in which the Director has today, only an Executive function, Kreuzpaintner responsible for “Beat”. Together with Norbert Eberlein, 1977 in Rosenheim in Bavaria-born Director has written all the books for the seven episodes of “Beat”.

Marco Kreuzpaintner

“We had the right parties! It went to the whole Team to convey a real feeling for the scene. Accordingly, we have brought the right people as extras,” said Kreuzpaintner during a press event in London. The infamous Berlin club scene is characterized as authentically as possible, that was a goal of the “Beat”. The concrete scenery have played an important role, so Kreuzpaintner. “( … ) For the nightlife in Berlin after the reunification: There were all these empty buildings, creating a Moment of freedom. The people had the feeling that the city belongs to! Everywhere there were underground parties.”

The series will be overwhelmed by the many narrative threads

Unfortunately, kreuzpaintner and his Team wanted too much. So many of the scenes have succeeded in and around the techno scene in Berlin, so great most of the actors act (and also Christian Berkel and Karoline Herfurth in roles), and dynamic staging: the “Beat” effect in the Oversubscription of the motifs, in the always stacked in the stands, the different levels of time and the absurd to tell the ends of horror scenarios at some point is hardly credible. The fabric would probably have enough for several seasons. In the density of the strands of the plot mesh that acts overloaded “Beat”.

Scene in the Berlin Techno Club Berghain

Thus, this new German Amazon series confirmed, however, only a Trend. Netflix, Amazon and co. to squint in its expansive, country-specific strategy focused on an international audience. This Action must be, apparently – and again, the same dramatic narrative building blocks, and Genre elements. In the case of other German and international providers produced series such as “You are Wanted”, “Dark” and, most recently, “86”, which in addition to the domestic audience is also always an international claim, was the. Also in the case of “Beat”, the following applies: Less would have been more.