A complaint against the police and the Hertha Manager


The workup of the Fan riots from Dortmund holds the Bundesliga club Hertha BSC said. A Fanhilfe has now filed a complaint against those responsible for the police and Hertha-Manager Michael Preetz.

The workup of the Fan riots from Dortmund holds the Bundesliga club Hertha BSC said. As the Fanhilfe Hertha B. S. C. announced on Wednesday, officer Affected only a Berlin law firm with the filing of criminal charges against those responsible for the police operation. Against Hertha Manager Michael Preetz had been reimbursed for “insult and defamation” display.

In the case of a violent confrontation between Fans in Berlin and the police during the away game of the Hertha at Borussia Dortmund on 27. October 45 people had been injured. According to the Fanhilfe, which is a Department of the support group, Eastern side, have suffered a Person with a comminuted fracture in the elbow, another of the middle hand bone shattered. The display of the two people will probably submitted this week to the public Prosecutor of Dortmund, confirmed by the competent law firm.

Investigation unlikely

In retrospect, it was, according to the Fanhilfe by the management of the Hertha to the “degrading of the hostility and false accusations end come”. More specifically, the allegations were not. The club would not comment at the request of the sports information service, first the facts of the case.

That the state receives advocacy against Preetz investigation, but is rather unlikely. The Fanhilfen of the BVB and Hertha had referred to the measures taken by the police as “excessive use”. The fact Preetz had reacted with incomprehension: “I think it’s adventurous. To justify violence with a potentially disproportionate use of the police, the need to explain to me, nothing more.”

Then Hertha until Further notice, block flags, and other Fan had prohibited items in the Olympic stadium. The Eastern side had reacted to it last Saturday, at the 0:3 defeat against RB Leipzig, with a mood to boycott. Preetz had directly announced after the Leipzig game, the dialogue with the Fans.

Everything you wanted to not like it, but basically, “we have to go to a table. There are things need to be discussed and boundaries are drawn,” had Preetz said. A debate of the two parties on Monday had burst.