Catholic broadcasting Sunday worship services, 11. November 2018, from the parish Church of St. Martinus in Much live in the Germany radio at 10.05 PM


Celebrant and preacher pastor Josef Gerards. The Church’s management Stephan Baur.

The solemn service will be music by the men’s Church choir MGV Cäcilia Much/Marie field. At the organ Martin Blumenthal plays.

Pastor Gerard’s in his sermon, the question is how to probably one of the many donation letters to deal, the land now in the weeks before Christmas abound in the letter boxes. Based on the tale of the donations to victims of the poor widow, which is at the heart of the gospel from this Sunday, remembers pastor Gerards on an Episode from the life of his grandmother.

The municipality Much is 30 km North-East of Bonn and 35 km East of Cologne, close to the border of the oberbergische circle. As one of the oldest municipalities of the Rhein-Sieg-Kreis, Much has grown steadily and today has approximately 15,000 inhabitants.

The Church of St. Martinus in Much was already on the 31. March 1131 in a document of Pope innocent II. 12. and 13. Century was built a three-aisled Romanesque Basilica from the tower and the nave are preserved. In the 15th century. Century were extended to the North side aisle and the Central nave of the late Gothic choir.
In the 18th century. and 19. Century were replaced in the aisles by replaced the small Romanesque round-arched window, as you are still in the upper part of the Central nave is visible, by the current of the larger segmental arch Windows in the Baroque style. At the end of the 19th century. Century, the choir in the South was expanded to include a neo-Gothic part.

One of the most remarkable and impressive work of art, the late Gothic sacrament houses (1500) in the middle, directly above the tabernacle is a medieval depiction of the “Last supper” made of limestone is located.

One can also note a very old, venerable and monumental cross from the end of the 13th century, located in the altar room of the Milk Church.